WowGo Electric Skateboard Review: A Thorough Look at Features, Performance and Value

Electric skateboards have exploded in popularity in recent years as an exciting eco-friendly transportation option for commuting and recreation. With a roster of high-performing and affordable models, WowGo has emerged as a top contender in the electric skateboard space.

In this in-depth WowGo electric skateboard review, we’ll provide a comprehensive look at the company’s various boards, evaluating their features, capabilities, ride quality, portability, build quality and value for your money. We’ll also offer recommendations on the best WowGo boards based on your riding style and needs.

Overview of WowGo

Founded in 2017, WowGo is a China-based brand that specializes in electric skateboards. They aim to provide top-notch e-skateboards at the most competitive prices.

WowGo has warehouses worldwide, so they can deliver their products globally. The company has brought joy to over 20,000 riders across the world so far.

The WowGo lineup covers a range of riding styles, including longboards, all-terrain boards, and mini shortboards. Some of their latest additions are the WowGo Pioneer series, comprising the Pioneer 4 and Pioneer X4 high-performance boards.

WowGo Electric Skateboard Models

wowgo electric skateboard review

WowGo offers diverse electric skateboard models to suit different riders’ preferences:

WowGo 2S Pro – An affordable and smooth-riding longboard powered by hub motors.

WowGo 2S Max – The Max version offers extended range and higher speeds compared to the 2S Pro.

WowGo 3 – A customer-favorite longboard delivering power and stability at an entry-level price point.

WowGo 3X – An advanced version of the WowGo 3 with upgraded motors and battery for extra torque and range.

WowGo 3E – Designed for newbies and intermediates, this flexible longboard blends affordability, performance, and quality.

WowGo AT2 – An all-terrain electric skateboard ready to tackle rough surfaces with its rugged build.

WowGo Knight – A stiff longboard focused on speed and an exciting ride.

WowGo Mini 2S – An ultra-portable shortboard with impressive power in a compact form factor.

WowGo Mini – An entry-level mini cruiser board great for leisurely rides and short commutes.

With this diverse range of boards, WowGo has an electric skateboard suited for every riding style.

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WowGo Electric Skateboard Review of Key Features and Specs

wowgo electric skateboard review

Now, in this WowGo electric skateboard review, let’s look at some of the vital features and specifications that characterize their electric skateboard lineup:

Motor Type

WowGo boards come equipped with either hub motors or belt drive motors. The WowGo 3E, for instance, uses dual 650W belt motors to deliver smooth acceleration and braking.

Battery Capacity

The battery size affects the range you can achieve on a single charge. The popular WowGo 3E packs a 12s2p 5AH battery with 216WH capacity, while the beefy WowGo AT2 has a 14AH battery for extended range.

Deck Materials

Most WowGo decks incorporate maple, bamboo and fiberglass to provide the ideal flex and vibration dampening. The WowGo 3E features Canadian maple, bamboo and fiberglass.

Wheel Type

Larger wheel sizes like 90mm to 105mm offer a smoother ride, while smaller wheels are more nimble. The WowGo 3E gives you the option to choose between 90mm or 105mm wheels.

Top Speed

WowGo top speeds range from 22 mph to 29 mph depending on the model. The speedy WowGo 3E can hit 28 mph.


WowGo boards deliver an excellent range of up to 20 miles per charge. The WowGo 3E offers 13 miles of range.

Hill Climbing

With its 1500W motors, the rugged WowGo AT2 can power up inclines as steep as 30%.

Remote Control

WowGo remotes allow you to control speed, braking and toggle between different riding modes. Some models have a smart power-on feature.


WowGo electric skateboards can be connected to your smartphone through the Tuya Smart app, available on both iOS and Android.

The app allows you to:

  • View real-time riding data like current speed, battery level, and mileage
  • Switch between different speed and performance modes
  • Update firmware
  • Customize acceleration, braking, and other settings
  • Receive alerts and error notifications
  • Share your riding stats

The app connectivity unlocks the full potential of your WowGo board for an optimized and customized experience.

These specifications work together seamlessly to deliver optimized electric skateboard performance.

WowGo Electric Skateboard Review of Ride Quality and Performance

wowgo electric skateboard review

When it comes to ride quality and handling, WowGo electric skateboards shine thanks to their balanced performance.

Smooth and Stable Ride

Riders praise the smooth acceleration and braking of WowGo boards. The flexible deck of the WowGo 3E with shock-absorbing grip tape absorbs vibrations exceptionally well.

The 3E’s responsive trucks also inspire confidence when carving or riding at higher speeds. Between the flex of the deck and the grip tape, it handles imperfections in the road very well.

Intuitive Speed Control

With the remote control, you can toggle between different speed modes to find a pace you’re comfortable with as a beginner before working up to higher speeds.

Strong Braking

The regenerative braking on the WowGo 3E and other models brings the board to a steady and smooth stop. Reviewers compliment the braking performance across the lineup.


For protection, WowGo boards feature bash guards, grip tape, and quality wheels. The company recommends wearing safety gear for the best protection.

The balanced ride dynamics and intuitive control make WowGo boards a joy to ride for beginners and experts alike.

WowGo Electric Skateboard Review of Portability and Build Quality

WowGo electric skateboards strike an impressive balance between portability and rugged build quality.

Lightweight and Easy to Carry

At around 16.5 lbs, the WowGo 3E is lightweight and easy to pick up using the integrated handle cutout on the deck. The WowGo Mini 2S is an ultra-portable 7 kg.

High-Quality Construction

The trucks, motors, batteries and other components are built to last mile after mile. The bamboo, fiberglass and maple deck makes for a durable yet flexible foundation.


The boards hold up well against splashes of water and other wet conditions but they are not fully waterproof. Just avoid submerging them fully in water.

Part Replacement

Spare parts like wheels, trucks and belts are available for purchase if repairs are needed down the road.

The lightweight portability combined with durable construction ensures WowGo boards go the distance.

WowGo Electric Skateboard Review of Pricing and Value

wowgo electric skateboard review

One of the biggest selling points worth pointing out in this WowGo electric skateboard review is the exceptional value they provide. When you look at the performance, quality and features, the pricing is very reasonable.

Here’s a rundown of prices on some of the most popular models based on the latest information:

  • WowGo 3 – Price not available
  • WowGo 3E — $479.99
  • WowGo 2S Pro — $419.99 to $430
  • WowGo Mini 2S — $599.99

Considering the excellent build quality, smooth and stable ride, innovative features and responsive customer service, WowGo electric skateboards are absolutely worth the investment. The price-to-performance ratio is hard to beat.

Who Are WowGo Boards Best Suited For?

With versatile boards in their lineup, WowGo caters to a wide range of electric skateboarders:

  • Commuters – WowGo boards like the Mini 2S make getting around town fast and fun.
  • College Students – An affordable WowGo board can get you quickly between classes.
  • Beginners – Smooth acceleration and different speed modes make WowGo boards ideal for newbies.
  • Intermediates – Flexible decks provide stability when picking up speed or carving.
  • Experts – Advanced models like the WowGo 3X allow seasoned riders to reach higher speeds.
  • Off-road Enthusiasts – The rugged WowGo AT2 can handle dirt trails and uneven terrain.
  • Teens – WowGo boards provide a cool way for teens to meet up with friends.
  • Thrill Seekers – WowGo performance models supply an adrenaline rush.

WowGo Electric Skateboard Review: What Are The Pros and Cons?

wowgo electric skateboard review

Let’s recap the key advantages and potential limitations in this WowGo electric skateboard review:


  • Smooth acceleration and braking performance
  • Different speed modes for all skill levels
  • Quality construction with flexible decks
  • Competitively priced for the value
  • Helpful customer service staff
  • A model tailored for different riding styles
  • Swappable wheel sizes on some boards
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Mobile app for riding data and customization


  • Less customization options than premium brands
  • Occasional quality control issues
  • Reduced control compared to standard skateboards
  • Requires charging after 10-20 miles

While no electric skateboard is perfect, WowGo models offer excellent performance and value considering their very reasonable price point.

WowGo Electric Skateboard Review: Our Verdict

WowGo delivers high-quality electric skateboards with smooth handling, different speed modes and a comfortable ride quality. Their boards are competitively priced, so you get great components and performance for the money.

While they may not offer the level of customization as premium brands, the combination of value, quality, innovation and customer service makes WowGo boards a compelling choice for an electric skateboard.

Recommended WowGo Models

wowgo electric skateboard review

Based on our in-depth research for this WowGo electric skateboard review, here are the models we recommend most for these riders:

  • For Beginners – WowGo 3E
  • For Commuters – WowGo Mini 2S
  • For College Students – WowGo 3
  • For Experts – WowGo 3X
  • For Off-Road – WowGo AT2


WowGo has made electric skateboarding accessible for all with their lineup of affordable yet high-performing boards. Their flexible decks absorb vibration, the swappable wheels allow customization, and the advanced motors deliver smooth acceleration and braking.

While WowGo boards may not match premium brands in terms of top speed, range and customization, they provide excellent value for money. For eco-conscious commuters, college students or recreational riders, they deliver thrilling performances without breaking the bank.

Since boards sell out quickly, we recommend checking regularly for availability. Use the best WowGo discount codes to get the best deals. After this WowGo electric skateboard review, we can confidently say these skateboards are a worthwhile investment for an exciting riding experience.

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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