WowGo AT2 Review: Is It An All-Terrain Thrill Ride?

The electric skateboard market continues to grow, with riders demanding more power, range, and ability to traverse diverse landscapes. Manufacturers are responding with beefier motors, bigger batteries, and all-terrain beast boards. One such model is the WowGo AT2, an adventurous electric skateboard equipped to devour hills and chew up off-road terrain.

In this WowGo AT2 review, we’ll scrutinize the specs, performance, features, and overall value of this rugged electric ride. After extensively testing it on pavement, dirt trails, and grassy hills, we can firmly recommend the AT2 for anyone seeking thrills across all types of terrain. However, with a $1019 price tag, it’s certainly an investment.

Read on for the full scoop so you can decide if the WowGo AT2 is the right e-skateboard for you.

WowGo AT2 Review: Key Features and Specifications

wowgo at2 review

The WowGo AT2 comes loaded with high-end components suitable for serious thrill-seeking riders. Here are the most notable features and specs:

  • Powerful Dual Belt Motors: The AT2 is powered by dual 1500W belt motors that deliver an exhilarating riding experience. We found the acceleration silky smooth yet fiercely quick. WowGo claims a top speed of 31 mph, which we weren’t quite able to reach during testing. However, hitting speeds in the 25 mph range consistently is certainly realistic with this beast.
  • Double Kingpin Trucks: The AT2 comes equipped with double kingpin trucks that make carving, turning, and maneuvering an absolute joy. These trucks provide excellent stability and a smooth ride.
  • All-Terrain Pneumatic Tires: The standout feature of the AT2 is its beefy 175mm pneumatic tires. These rugged, air-filled tires grip and flex over any terrain and help absorb shocks.
  • Shock-Absorbing Deck: The flexible maple and bamboo deck absorbs vibrations gracefully. The grip tape also helps keep your feet firmly planted.
  • Range: The 504-watt-hour battery provides 18 – 27 miles per charge, depending on terrain and riding style. Hard acceleration and hills will drain the battery faster.
  • 30% Max Hill Grade: WowGo engineered this board to devour steep hills up to a 30% incline. Very impressive for an electric skateboard.
  • 280 Pound Max Load The AT2 can carry riders up to 280 pounds securely.
  • Top Speed of 31 mph While we didn’t quite hit 31 mph in our testing, we reached speeds in the 25 mph range consistently. Plenty fast for most riders!
  • 175 mm All-Terrain Tires The pneumatic tires measure 175mm, providing stability and shock absorption on rough terrain.

The WowGo AT2 brings serious power and downhill-devouring traction for an all-terrain thrill ride.

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WowGo AT2 Review: Our Hands-on Testing

For a comprehensive WowGo AT2 review, we rigorously tested it over diverse terrain including pavement, grass, trails, and hills. Here’s how it performed in key areas:

Acceleration and Braking

The WowGo AT2 offers exceptionally smooth acceleration and braking thanks to its dual belt motors and high-quality components. Whether slowly rolling from a standstill or punching it at top speed, acceleration comes on linear and steady.

Braking is equally smooth, with no jarring or jerking. The AT2’s regenerative braking claws back precious battery juice while keeping you in control. At top speed, it took about 130 feet to come to a complete stop.

Stability and Handling

At all speeds, the AT2 feels reassuringly stable and grounded. The flexible deck absorbs shocks while the grip tape keeps your feet locked in. The kingpin trucks provide excellent maneuverability for carving and turning.

Even bombing down hills at 25 mph, we felt in control. The pneumatic tires grip pavement or dirt tenaciously. Overall, the AT2 provides confidence-inspiring stability for new and experienced riders alike.


wowgo electric skateboard review

WowGo claims up to 22 miles of range from the 504-watt-hour battery. While range varies greatly depending on riding terrain and style, we managed 18 miles riding moderately on paved roads. More aggressive riding dropped it closer to 15 miles. Overall, the AT2 should deliver sufficient range for most outings and adventures. Carrying a backup charger isn’t a bad idea though.

Hill Climbing

WowGo rates the AT2 to handle insane 30% gradients, equivalent to about a 17-degree incline angle. We found it able to devour hills up to 20% consistently. The dual motors churn out enough torque to scale impressively steep slopes. Hills that make ordinary e-skateboards cry uncle are no match for the AT2!

Off-Road Performance

This is where the WowGo AT2 really shines. The pneumatic tires and torquey motors let it shred through grass, dirt trails, gravel roads, and other rugged terrain. While you won’t want to blast through rocky sections, the AT2 handles most off-road conditions with aplomb.

The ample ground clearance and cushioning effect of the tires keep the ride surprisingly smooth across the bumpy landscape. Whether you’re looking to leave paved paths behind or just want to cut across grass, the AT2 has the traction and clearance to indulge your adventurous side.

So, it’s reasonable to conclude in this WowGo AT2 review that from stability at speed to hill-crushing torque, the board delivers high-performance thrills across all types of terrain.

WowGo AT2 Review of Top Speed and Power

With its dual 1500W motors, the WowGo AT2 serves up speed and torque in spades. Here are more details on its power and velocity capabilities:

  • Top Speed: WowGo claims a top speed of 31 mph. In our testing, we consistently reached speeds in the 25 mph range on level pavement. Higher speeds are certainly possible downhill. For safety, we don’t recommend exceeding 20 mph until you get used to the AT2’s power.
  • Hill Climbing: The AT2 can devour a staggering 30% inclines, equivalent to about a 17-degree slope. We found it able to climb paved hills up to 20% consistently. Off-road reduces climbing performance to around 15% max. Still ultra-impressive for an electric skateboard.
  • Acceleration: Acceleration is smoothly delivered but seriously quick. While hard to precisely measure, seat-of-the-pants feel confirms legitimately punchy acceleration. Hold on tight!

With 31 mph top speeds and off-road hill-crushing traction, experienced thrill-seekers will appreciate the AT2’s monster power. But adjustable modes make it easy for beginners to learn too.

WowGo AT2 Review of Design, Build Quality and Components

Beyond high performance, the WowGo AT2 impresses with its robust yet flexible construction and quality components. Here’s our WowGo AT2 review of its design and materials:


The AT2’s deck features a super stiff bamboo core sandwiched between layers of maple and fiberglass. This lightweight yet strong construction provides just the right amount of flex for shock absorption and stability at speed.

The concave deck design locks your feet in place, enhanced by the grippy tape covering the board. While flexing through bumps, the AT2’s deck feels stiff and responsive when carving or landing jumps and drops.

Wheels and Tires

wowgo at2 review

The 8-inch pneumatic tires truly set the AT2 apart. With deep tread lugs, these rugged tires bite into all sorts of terrain.

Unlike plastic or polyurethane wheels, pneumatics absorb shock and conform to surfaces. While not quite as cushioned as a full mountain bike tire, the AT2’s tires smooth out all but the biggest bumps.

It’s relevant to point out in this WowGo AT2 review that the manufacturer uses metal hubs rather than plastic. This improves durability when riding off-road. The 175mm width provides stability without making the board overly wide.

Motor and Drivetrain

WowGo smartly powers the AT2 with a dual belt drive system. The 1500W motors deliver a smooth flow of speed and torque compared to gear or hub drive boards. The belts absorb shocks from the road while requiring less maintenance than gears.

We’re also fans of WowGo’s use of 5M HTD belts from Continental. These high-end belts efficiently transfer power while resisting stretching or slippage. This further enhances the smooth acceleration and durability of the AT2.


The aluminum alloy enclosure shields the electronics and battery pack from weather and impacts. Large vents keep components cool inside. Rubber seals block dust and moisture from working their way in.

With a waterproof rating of IP55, we tested the AT2 in light rain and splashes with no issues. Just avoid submerging it or exposing the electronics to sustained heavy precipitation.

Remote Control

WowGo equips the AT2 with an ergonomic wireless remote featuring a scroll wheel for granular speed control. The remote feels natural in the hand and makes mode switching or acceleration adjustments intuitive.

An OLED screen shows speed, mode, battery level, and other ride data. The wrist strap minimizes the chance of drops. Overall, a well-designed remote that complements the premium riding experience.

It’s fair to assume in this WowGo AT2 review that from the flexible deck to beefy tires to the robust drivetrain, the board uses quality components to match its ultra-rugged riding capability.

WowGo AT2 Review of Riding Modes

The WowGo AT2 offers 4 selectable speed modes, adjustable via the remote control. This allows riders of all experience levels to find the right mode for conditions and skill.

  • Slow Mode: Limits speed to 0-12 mph (0-20 km/h). Ideal for newer riders getting familiar with the controls and power. Great for conserving battery when you don’t need full speed.
  • Normal Mode: Provides a moderate top speed of 0-18 mph (0-30 km/h). Allows responsive riding while limiting speed until you gain experience.
  • Fast Mode: Boosts the top speed to 0-22 mph (0-35 km/h). Delivers brisk acceleration and high speeds for experienced riders.
  • Turbo Mode: Maxes out the top speed at 0-25 mph (0-40 km/h). This is essentially an overclocked mode, draining more battery in exchange for max velocity. Use judiciously and only in safe areas.
  • Hill Climbing: The AT2 can devour a staggering 30% inclines in Turbo mode thanks to its torquey dual motors. Lower modes reduce climbing capacity slightly.

The adjustable modes provide a smart way to expand the usability of the AT2. Novices can safely build skills and confidence before unlocking its awe-inspiring full performance.

WowGo AT2 Review of Safety Features

wowgo at2 review

Electric skateboards require riders to suit up with safety gear for protection. However, WowGo has also built in a few helpful safety-oriented features worth mentioning in this WowGo AT2 review:

  • Wireless Remote: The handheld remote provides better control and reduces your risk of crash or injury compared to balancing on a fixed board. Being able to modulate speed and brake from the remote enhances safety significantly.
  • Speed Modes: The AT2’s adjustable riding modes let you match power output to your skill level and conditions. Limiting speed is wise for beginners until they gain competence.
  • Regenerative Braking: The regenerative braking system makes stopping smooth and controlled. It also feeds energy back into the battery, increasing the effective range slightly.
  • Rear LED Light Accessory: WowGo offers a USB-rechargeable rear LED light as an accessory for the AT2. This helps make you visible to traffic from behind. Note that the AT2 does not include a headlight, but WowGo sells a front/tail light accessory. Using lights is recommended for riding at night.
  • Grip Tape: The grip tape does an admirable job keeping your feet locked onto the deck even when bouncing through rough terrain. Don’t ride barefoot though!

While rider skill is still essential, WowGo smartly incorporates tech like adjustable modes and regenerative braking to enhance the safety of the ride.

WowGo AT2 Review of Battery Life and Charging

The WowGo AT2 packs a 36V 14Ah lithium battery with a 504-watt-hour capacity. Here’s our detailed WowGo AT2 review of how this translates to range and charging:

  • Range: Like any e-skateboard, real-world range depends heavily on riding style and conditions. We saw around 18 miles when riding conservatively on paved roads. Aggressive off-road riding dropped closer to 12 miles. Either way, sufficient for most outings unless touring a remote backcountry.
  • Charge Time: Expect about 3-4 hours for a full charge from empty via the fast 2A charger included with the AT2. This gives you enough juice for the majority of daily use cases. But we recommend grabbing a backup charger for longer expeditions.
  • Battery Health: The AT2 battery uses advanced Panasonic / Sanyo cells with a cycle life of around 500 charges from new. With proper care and maintenance, the pack should last several years under regular use before needing replacement.
  • Power Usage: In slow mode, the 504Wh battery drives extremely efficient power usage. But hammering up hills in Turbo mode can drain 5-6 miles of range for every 1,000 feet climbed. Budget your battery wisely when riding hard.

While not exceptional, the range and charge time are reasonable considering the AT2’s beastly performance. Carrying a backup charger for longer rides is recommended.

WowGo AT2 Review of Portability

The exceptional performance of the WowGo AT2 comes with a weight penalty. At 30 pounds, this board weighs roughly twice as much as a standard longboard. The bulk is a consequence of the rugged pneumatic tires, battery pack, and beefed-up motor and drivetrain.

wowgo at2 review
  • Carrying comfort: The AT2 includes a built-in handle on the rear for picking it up. While useful, hoisting 30 pounds of awkwardly shaped skateboard is no picnic. We wouldn’t want to carry it very far. But the handle does make transporting the AT2 around the house or in and out of a car manageable.
  • Size: The board spans 98 cm long by 23 cm wide. This substantial footprint can make it tricky to securely store or transport the AT2 in smaller cars. Measure your trunk or backseat to ensure it fits.
  • Air travel: The WowGo AT2’s 504Wh battery significantly exceeds the typical 100-160Wh limit for lithium batteries on airplanes. It’s very unlikely you would be allowed to transport the AT2 battery on a commercial flight. Always check your specific airline’s policies, but expect that the large battery will need to be shipped separately. The AT2’s battery size makes air travel with this board challenging.

The AT2 justifies its heft with hardcore performance. But it’s a beast to haul around and may pose air travel hurdles. If easy portability is essential, a lighter commuter board may suit you better.

Customer Support and Warranty

It’s worth noting in this WowGo AT2 review that the company provides a 365-day extended warranty covering manufacturing defects on the AT2. Standard wear and tear or rider-induced damage falls outside warranty coverage.

Users have reported mixed results dealing with WowGo’s customer support team. While generally responsive to emails and social media outreach, direct phone support would be helpful considering the cost of their boards.

The 365-day extended warranty warranty provides a sufficient window to detect any inherent manufacturing flaws in the AT2. But protect yourself further through safe riding practices, proactive maintenance, and insurance if possible. Be ready to patiently make your case to support staff in writing if problems arise down the road.

WowGo AT2 Review: The Bottom Line

After comprehensively testing across numerous rides and conditions for this WowGo AT2 review, we can confidently recommend it to anyone seeking an ultra-capable electric skateboard ready to devour hills and chew up off-road terrain.

For experienced riders willing to invest $1000+ in an e-skate, the AT2 represents a sweet spot of performance, features, and quality. Its smooth power delivery, pneumatic tires, and flex-friendly construction let you attack all sorts of terrain at speed while maintaining control.

While too heavy and powerful for casual cruising, the AT2 excels as a premium toy for thrill seekers. Adjustable speed modes expand their accessibility to less experienced riders as long as they respect the limits of their skills. Novices should take it easy until they get the hang of controlling this high-powered beast.

Minor nitpicks aside, we can confidently say in our WowGo AT2 review that the brand clearly benchmarked premium offerings like the Evolve GTR and Future Motion Onewheel XR when designing the AT2. It successfully matches or exceeds their performance at a more attainable price point.

Is the WowGo AT2 the right model for you? If you crave an e-skate that can leave roads behind and climb hills with ease, it absolutely deserves a spot on your shopping shortlist. We suggest browsing and using one of these best WowGo coupon codes for your purchase!

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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