Vigor Labs Chainsaw Review: Is It Truly Effective?

Chainsaw by Vigor Labs is a natural supplement developed for guys who wish to increase various areas of their sexual performance. Is supposed to treat a variety of sexual function difficulties, including boosting healthy sexual function, stamina, and energy, and to generate results.

So is it truly effective as advertised? Let’s dive right into this Vigor Labs Chainsaw review.

What is Vigor Labs Chainsaw?

If you’re having difficulties maintaining an erection during sex or if you haven’t felt like having sex in a while, Vigor Labs Chainsaw is a supplement you should do some research on. According to Vigor Labs, it was created to help men perform better in the bedroom in different aspects.

vigor labs chainsaw review

The first thing that should be mentioned in this Vigor Labs Chainsaw review is its ability to support erectile function. Another intriguing promise of this supplement is that it could improve the user’s enjoyment of sexual climaxes. Before we get into the specifics of this product, keep in mind that it is made with natural ingredients

What are the benefits of using Vigor Labs Chainsaw?

This supplement could aid in the joint recovery process after exercise.

Some consumers claim that it has the intended effect after only three days of usage.

Chainsaw by Vigor Labs can also be effective when used with other male enhancement products.

In this Vigor Labs Chainsaw review, we will cite the most common customer feedback on the product that demonstrates the benefits.

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How Does Vigor Labs Chainsaw Work?

One of the key features of this product, once again, is that it is said to function through an all-natural blend. The Vigor Labs Chainsaw has herbs that improve blood flow to the penis.

Another exciting feature of Vigor Labs Chainsaw is that the ingredients have been associated with the therapy of both the emotional and physical causes of erectile dysfunction, or ED as it is often called.

ED can be caused by both mental and physical factors or both in certain circumstances. As a result, Vigor Labs Chainsaw is a solution that can benefit a wide range of customers.

To be honest in this Vigor Labs Chainsaw review, while the manufacturers of Vigor Labs Chainsaw use the most prevalent male enhancement ingredients, there are other formula elements that don’t appear to make sense for a product like this.

vigor labs chainsaw review

For example, the majority of scientific study on white willow bark powder is focused on pain treatment rather than sexual function. Additionally, there is insufficient proof, or a lack of research, to support the usage of horny goat weed and Yohimbe bark extract to increase the sexual function of any type.

What are Vigor Labs Chainsaw ingredients?

All Vigor Labs Chainsaw ingredients are natural, as indicated previously in this Vigor Labs Chainsaw review. The majority of the composition is devoted to a special herbal extract combination. Examine the following list of the ingredients in the supplement:

Ginkgo Biloba – When compared to a placebo, Ginkgo Biloba usage was found to help improve libido.

Yohimbe Bark – Yohimbe tree bark has long been used to boost libido, however, there isn’t enough scientific data to back this up.

White Willow Bark Powder – White willow bark powder can be beneficial for relieving joint aches and pains.

Horny Goat Weed – Horny goat weed is considered a natural aphrodisiac, but additional research is needed.

What are Vigor Labs Chainsaw’s pros and cons:

We’ll continue this Vigor Labs Chainsaw review with the advantages and disadvantages of the product.


  • The Vigor Labs Chainsaw’s ingredients are all detailed on the product label.
  • Contact information for customer assistance is provided and good customer support


  • More scientific research is needed on its ingredients.

What are Vigor Labs Chainsaw Side Effects?

Despite good customer reviews, there are some side effects experienced by some customers. Let’s find out those side effects with this Vigor Labs Chainsaw review.

  • Yohimbe, an ingredient, causes an increase in heart rate.
  • Headaches caused by L-Arginine
  • Sweating and increased blood pressure

Is Vigor Labs Chainsaw Worth Trying?

Despite the fact that this brand has a key ingredient with a track record of performance in male sexual support supplements of this sort, there is little essential information offered.

More detailed ingredient descriptions and clinical trial data would be beneficial to people interested in purchasing the product. The total efficacy of the formula is unknown without examining the individual dosages.

vigor labs chainsaw review

Whichever Vigor Labs Chainsaw review you read, the product’s price is obviously a strong selling advantage.

With so many male enhancement solutions on the market, it is challenging to pick the right product. As men age, their sexual performance normally decreases.

With this Vigor Labs Chainsaw review, our practical advice is that active ingredients, the capacity to promote sexual stamina, enhance arousal, improved sexual desire, and clinical research should all be considered when purchasing male enhancement products.

Vigor Labs Chainsaw review: What have people said?

Here are some of the most common customer reviews of the Chainsaw. Let’s have a look.

I am a big boy and this still worked

Maybe 300 lbs plus but who is counting and this worked for me. I could have circulatory issues so this helped get the blood flowing to a right place. – Komelala

Chainsaw Is The Right Name

Took about two weeks to kick in. Talk about rigid wow! The yohimbe can make you a little jittery though. – Kev T.

Amazing Results!

I’ve been using the Ball Refill for a while and love it. I decided to try the Chainsaw and stack it will Ball Refill like they advertise. Man does that have some amazing effects! All natural and great price how can you beat it. – Divemaster


Makes it easier to maintain arousal for sure. It has some pretty strong ingredients in it so if I take 2 capsules I’m good to go. If you take it too late at night it will keep you up a bit though. – Stacked

this is amazing and it works

I used this product alone at first and it just made me feel like I was 20 again and I am 50 now! I felt like a stallion running free again! It keep my mood up I anted repeat proformances I lasted longer stayed firmer longer ! I love chainsaw! I also used it in combanation with ball refill and wrecking balls!! OMG! WOW! I can saw your partner will thank you ( all day) comes to mind you will – weight l.

Most reviews show fairly good feedback with common side effects.

It is what it is

I have taken this product several times, as well as many products like this. All in all, they do what they say they do. Get you rock hard for max performance. However, this was not much different in side effects as the others. I try to take these with food as they can get you feeling out of wack. I feel that you should eat an entire pizza to help avoid the effects these cause.

While you can perform like a rock star, there is a good chance your body temp will be way off, your hands will be ice cold, clammy, your muscles could ache and you could just straight feel like you have the flu. The only time i really avoid the side effects is if ive eaten a ton right before i took them and if im doing some heavy drinking. I still take these frequently because they do work but every pill has a little different effect and i also open them up and dump out over half. I would give 5 stars if the sides were more mild, but 4 because wow, my lady reallly enjoys. – Peter

3rd time around

So i have just received my third bottle of Chainsaw. The first 2 i had went pretty easily, minor flushing, minor body temp changes, minimal aches. The third bottle however, seems to be much more potent, as the first few i have taken have left me regretting taking them.

Extreme muscle aches, body temp changes so much i was chattering my teeth for a bit, and the overall feeling that i just wanted to lay under a blanket so i could feel terrible in comfort. The Ball Refill gave me the similar sides although the main goal of was achieved. I still had extreme wood, but my hands and body were so cold i would not have enjoyed the performance aspect of these. I will keep taking these with food, but i may be opening them up and dumping half or more out to see if i can avoid the feelings of death. Still give 4 stars. – DAMON

Stay Hard!

I have used cialis and I will admit it works great but the headaches I can do without. This stuff is cheaper than going to the doctors gets me hard in minutes keeps me hard for when I need to be and no headache you gotta love it! – Dirty M.


Chainsaw by Vigor Labs promises to be an excellent all-natural male sexual booster. It will not, however, expand the size of the penis. It will result in fuller, firmer erections if used immediately before intercourse.

It also seems to increase sexual energy and desire and is affordable, so it’s worth trying. If you have any of the medical problems listed above, you should avoid using Yohimbe-containing products since they can have serious side effects.

So do you find this Vigor Labs Chainsaw review helpful and the Chainsaw worth buying? Use the best discount code if you give it a go.

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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