Urthbox Vegan Review: Is It A Quality Subscription Box?

If you want to find good new snacks and drinks without leaving your house, consider Urthbox. Every month, Urthbox carefully selects cruelty-free, ecologically responsible, healthful, and delicious foods based on customer feedback.

So is this actually a quality subscription box service you need? It’s time to share what we discovered with this Urthbox Vegan review.

Urthbox Overview

To begin this Urthbox Vegan review, UrthBox is a healthy and vegan snack subscription service that offers up to 30 full-size snacks, drinks, and other items in each box every month.

UrthBox focuses on items that are ready-to-eat, non-GMO, organic, and all-natural. You may also receive some surprising gifts, such as personal care items and vitamins. UrthBox chooses things that pass stringent ingredient, sourcing, calorie, nutrition, and manufacturing requirements, according to their website.

We need to mention in this Urthbox Vegan review that the UrthBox website is actually user-friendly. On the webpage, they mention all of their diverse box selections and even display several example boxes. The webpage also includes a list of all the available items that may be included in your box, such as drinks, snacks, and so on. In their FAQ, they cover all you need to know about their boxes, including contact information, shipping concerns, and more.

UrthBox, like many other subscription boxes, has its own online store called Urth Market.   This market has a wide variety of products. Snacks, drinks, home furnishings, skin care, beauty items, pet supplies, and much more are available! The vast assortment of things is surprising, and they also offer giveaways. However, our Urthbox Vegan review only focuses on their subscription boxes.

What does Urthbox have to offer?

There are four specific sizes of snack boxes available from UrthBox. They also provide free delivery within the United States.

urthbox vegan review

If you want to save money, you can use an UrthBox discount or extend your subscription time. If you pick a three-month subscription, you will save $10, and if you choose a six-month subscription, you will save $30. They offer a final subscription box for the workplace called the office box which has more than 100 full-size items and enough food for 5-10 people.

They also provide you the choice of selecting from a few other options if you have a special diet or eating habits. You have the choice of going traditional, gluten-free, vegan, or diet. They cannot, however, combine these options, such as a gluten-free and vegan box, which would be ideal.

If you read a Urthbox Vegan review of the largest size, you could be blown away by the vast amount of food included.

Urthbox Vegan Review: Why should you choose?

  • Economical: Urthbox has established specific deals with its suppliers to obtain things at far lower prices than retail consumers like us.
  • Convenient: Who has time to go to the neighborhood health food store between your job and children? It’s difficult to keep up with new and healthy items that come out, but that doesn’t mean you should lose out.
  • Self-rewarding: What better way to reward yourself than with a monthly gift that is packed and shipped straight to you? Our well-intended advice in this Urthbox Vegan review is everyone should have one of these.
  • Environmentally friendly: Each of these goods has been carefully selected in accordance with Urthbox criteria. The corporations that stand behind each of the items must make it a point to treat the environment with care.
  • Healthy: Urthbox has selected each product with its consumers in mind. Urthbox provides a Vegan box that is full of delicacies that you would never have found elsewhere.

Let’s continue this Urthbox Vegan review with the benefits it brings to us.

What makes Urthbox stand out?

UrthBox helps you build a healthier lifestyle while introducing you to new and fascinating food and drinks from trusted brands with each box of healthy snacks. Having nutritious snacks available at home, on the move, and in the workplace is not only handy but also essential for staying on track with your health and diet plans. We highly rate this benefit in our Urthbox Vegan review.

urthbox vegan review
Image: jerseyfoodnfinds

UrthBox is available in four different choices to satisfy your individual needs and lifestyle. Each month, their professional buyers meticulously analyze ingredients, sources, calories, nutrition data, and production information before passing on only the best items to their consumers.

  • The Classic: Ideal for people who wish to learn about healthy cuisine but have no dietary restrictions.
  • The Gluten-Free: 100% Gluten-Free.
  • Vegan: There are no animal products or additives in this product.
  • The Diet: For people aiming to reduce weight, this includes foods with low-calorie counts, low carbohydrate counts, and low-fat values.

What could be improved?

To be honest with this Urthbox Vegan review, there are some unfavorable customer reviews. The most common complaint is canceling their subscriptions or waiting for their orders to deliver.

It is important to note that if you want to cancel your UrthBox membership, you need to send them a cancellation email before the first day of the month you want to be canceled. This is due to the fact that their monthly subscriptions automatically renew on the first of every month.

Does Urthbox offer healthy foods?

Urthbox is branded as a “healthy” snack box, however, several of the foods are not. Ginger chews, tea biscuits, and a few bars all had a lot of added sugar and can’t be considered a healthy snack. That being said, almost every Urthbox Vegan review shows most of the foods are of good taste.

This is not to suggest that all of the snacks are like this. Things like the Keen One Cup and Superfood Protein Blend could be more in line with what you expect from a healthy snack box. That is also not to suggest that the other foods were on par with a candy bar.

Overall, everything in the box was tasty, but it would be even better if there were more truly healthy treats in future boxes with a lot of added sugar or refined oils.

UrthBox Discounts and Payment

When it comes to discounts, UrthBox is now providing a $10 discount on your first subscription! This discount is not difficult to find because it is prominently displayed on the main page and was instantly added to your order when you click on it. You will also get an extra $10 off your first Urth Market purchase by visiting the shop website (the link in the FAQ), and a box containing the offer should appear.

They are not only providing a $10 discount, but they are also offering a free bonus box with your first subscription box. Our opinion in this Urthbox Vegan review is that these offers are also valid when you purchase a gift subscription.

Urthbox Vegan review: Is it worth it?

In general, UrthBox sends you a monthly package of nutritious food from well-known brands. There is something for everyone with four snack box selections, Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Diet, and the box sizes that all feature only natural, organic, and non-GMO products.

urthbox vegan review
Image: cc.eatsgood

It’s likely that you will appreciate the variety of sweet and savory treats and drinks provided in the box and it is good to know that each box includes free delivery. Maybe you will discover some new foods to add to our regular snack rotation.

And, while your box won’t save us a lot of money when compared to buying products online (albeit you can’t just buy one or two items online) against the cost of the box, the joy of UrthBox isn’t saving a lot of money. Whichever Urthbox Vegan review you read, it’s about discovering new and intriguing foods.

If you have a tree nut or peanut allergy, this box is not for you because they have numerous products that contained nuts or peanuts.

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Urthbox Vegan review: What have people said?

Now, this Urthbox Vegan review comes with people’s opinions about the subscription box service.

A great way to discover vegan products!

A great way to discover vegan products! I was nervous when I decided to go vegan that I would get bored of my food and not be able to satisfy my cravings. I always look forward to my Urthbox snacks! I love discovering new vegan products that I would not normally find at my local grocery store. Plus, I receive coupons to purchase full size products of the snacks I like. – Amber Gnade

Urthbox Vegan review of Customer Service

I ordered UrthBox for a friend who just had a baby. They’ve received three shipments full of healthy and delicious snacks and they said they’ve all been great! I didn’t realize that the product automatically renews after the initial order so I was charged for three more months. I reached out to customer service and Eric escalated the issue to his manager and was able to refund me for the subsequent two months. – Monica O

Great food and great customer service!

UrthBox consistently introduces me yummy new foods I haven’t heard of, foods I’m always excited to try and happy to discover. On top of that, the few times I’ve had a question they’ve always promptly and courteously replied and resolved the issue to my complete satisfaction. I’m happy to recommend UrthBox! – Michael Hunter

Gift code issues but great customer Service

I was upset with the website when I ordered because the website is not the most user friendly when trying to pay with a gift code. Eric with customer service responded quickly and my order was corrected quickly. A very easy and smooth process. I look forward to receiving the gifted boxes that my sister bought me for Christmas. – Molly Blanchette

Christmas present for parents

Bought a box for my parents as a Christmas present. Being gluten-free and organic, they love it! What a great way to sample these products without buying big bags. And the perfect snack size!
I contacted customer service and had a reply within hours where they worked to help me beyond expectations. – Mel K

New exciting treats every month

I love going down to the mail the first of each month and getting my Urth box. It was given to me as a gift from my mother and I Facetime her each month to show her all of the fun new snacks I have. There is always an array of different options from chips, trailmix, drinks, or gum. – Urthbox Vegan review by Rachel Mydosh

My daughter loved her Urthbox

My daughter loved her Urthbox of goodies arriving each month while she was in her dorm. Eric was so helpful in resolving our subscription issues this year when COVID hit the campus and they had to head home. I appreciate all of his timely communication, and willingness to help me sort it out. – Annette

Eric was so helpful in cancelling my subscription

Eric was so helpful in cancelling my subscription which I thought was a one-monthly only shipment as a gift to a co-worker. He was able to address my request and ultimately cancel any recurring subscriptions and also refund the fee I was charged. My coworker also loved the curated snack gift! – K Kween

Urthbox Vegan review

I made a mistake when I put in my order. I immediately emailed and got a quick response that I would get help within a day or so. (The quick response was really nice.) I decided to try calling, because I was nervous about too much time going by, but I couldn’t get through. I did appreciate the fact that your phone tree doesn’t allow you to sit forever waiting for someone to help you. I left my name and number and although I didn’t get a call back I did get help through my email request from Eric, who fixed my problem before the end of the day! – Kerry


We’re sure that what’s in the box will be appealed to you. It will be eye-opening to discover what fresh businesses are out there doing incredible things. The coolest thing is that they are all individually packed and addressed to you.

To sum up this Urthbox Vegan review, Urthbox is ideal for those who enjoy snacking. This is especially true for vegan beginners who aren’t aware of all of the exciting things to try.

So are you going to give it a try? These most updated Urthbox discount codes will help you get the best snack subscription boxes at the best price!

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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