Urthbox Reviews: The Comprehensive Guide You Need

With the incredible variety of subscription boxes available today, choosing a food subscription box is not easy. Given the fact that there is an increase in the number of Urthbox reviews by customers, we’ll see whether it is a good choice for us. We have all you need to know about Urthbox in this article. So let’s dive right in.

What is Urthbox?

Urthbox is a snack subscription service that offers organic, non-GMO, and natural snacks. Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Diet are the four options. You join up, and they send you a snack box every month. Because it varies every month, you’re continually finding new goodies.

UrthBox’s amazing snack boxes come in four sizes: little Casual Snacker, small Part-Time Snacker, medium Happy Snacker, and large Pro Snacker. Discounts increase as your subscription box increases, allowing you to enjoy more tasty vegan snacks at a lower cost. This is what people love about Urthbox as stated in their Urthbox reviews.

You can pick a monthly, 3-month, or 6-month subscription plan regardless of the size of the subscription box. UrthBox snack packs are sent once a month, allowing you to order again each month or just sign up for a long-term membership and enjoy great goodies every month without difficulty.

urthbox reviews
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UrthBox also has wonderful gift options for other vegan food enthusiasts. You can send small, medium, or big boxes to your loved ones for a period of three or six months. UrthBox offers free countrywide shipping on its superb boxes. It also ships to Canada at a lesser cost and globally, though the shipping prices are a bit higher, and Canadian Urthbox reviews are still good.

How Does Urthbox Work?

Urthbox distinguishes itself by offering four distinct sizes and featuring full-size goods as mentioned earlier. They adhere to stringent sourcing, calorie, nutrition, and manufacturing guidelines, and have specialized teams that seek for new foods to include in their monthly boxes. This is highly rated in Urthbox reviews by customers.

This is how Urthbox works when you sign up for the subscription:

  • You can select from four package sizes: micro (7+ goods), small (14+ products), medium (20+ snacks), and large (27+ snacks).
  • You need to select a plan: monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually.
  • Choose a subscription type: regular box, gluten-free box, vegan box, or diet box.
  • Wait for the box to arrive at the address and begin indulging in snacks, making it a highly handy method to receive nutritious snacks.
  • With each purchase, you will earn loyalty points that can be used for future purchases.

Despite the fact that you need to select a plan, you are free to cancel the subscription at any moment, so there is no risk in checking out a monthly subscription. Also, keep in mind that Urthbox monthly subscriptions renew automatically on the first of the month, so cancel before the end of the month.

What does Urthbox have to offer?

UrthBox includes cereal, nuts and seeds, trail mixes, superfoods, and dried fruits and veggies, among other things which are loved by consumers, as written in their Urthbox reviews. They also offer junk food with a healthy twist, such as cookies, snack bars, chips, candies, and chocolates that are less processed and more nutrient-dense. However, you should still consume them in moderation because they are caloric and may cause weight gain.

urthbox reviews

Urthbox also provides juices, cleanses, shakes, and smoothies, although these may not always arrive in a box, since Urthbox attempts to switch things up each month.

These products are not cheap; in fact, many of the brands in Urthbox are rather costly because they are made with organic, non-GMO ingredients and frequently have multiple credentials, which raises the overall cost of the product. Yet it makes consumers have confidence in the safety and quality, as you can see in their Urthbox reviews.

What are Urthbox’s pros and cons?


  • Ingredients of the finest quality
  • There are several box alternatives for various diets.
  • Big savings on larger boxes
  • Shipping is free within the United States.


  • Only available in the US can Canada

Who Is Urthbox For?

New vegans

There is so much to learn and experience as a new vegan. Curated selections can be useful, especially when you don’t have to read the labels at the shop. It would make an excellent gift for a new vegan. In fact, there are Urthbox reviews showing that the subscription is bought as a gift to beloved ones.

Rural vegans

If you reside in a small town with no natural food stores, you won’t be able to get most of these snacks in your local grocery store. So this will provide you with a lifeline of very fascinating stuff every month.

Those who like diversity and novelty in their diet

It’s all too easy to get into diet habits. If you want to try something new, this is a terrific method for many consumers to shorten the time it takes to find new and fascinating snacking alternatives, as you can see in their Urthbox reviews.

People who enjoy receiving interesting things in the mail

It’s honestly simply a lot of joy to get a box of munchies in the mail. It’s similar to receiving a “care package” or “gift basket” in the mail from a close friend who is aware of your dietary preferences. Who wouldn’t want something like that once a month?

Is Urthbox Vegan and Gluten-Free?

As mentioned above, Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Diet Boxes are the four varieties of boxes available. If you select a Gluten-Free Box, you will receive gluten-free snacks, but a Vegan Box will normally contain just vegan foods.

Urthbox does not ensure that all foods are devoid of gluten or animal ingredients, owing to the manufacturing facilities employed, and although this may be OK for certain vegans, it is not suitable for those with celiac disease as reported in some Urthbox reviews.

As a result, Urthbox constantly recommends consumers examine labels and packaging before ingesting any specific product because they may accidentally send you non-vegan or gluten-containing food.

Why should you choose Urthbox?

With the possible drawbacks out of the way, let’s look at some of Urthbox’s advantages that make it stand out.

Impressive variety and novelty

According to Urthbox reviews by several vegans, even though they are experienced vegans for many years, they’d never tried most of these things! And some of the food was pretty fantastic. So, if your diet has been missing in zing, this may be a game changer.


This is the primary benefit of subscription boxes. This would be extremely beneficial for a new vegan. You don’t have to go to the supermarket and read all the labels to figure out which foods are vegan. You just receive a selected variety box of vegan snacks delivered to your house.

High-quality foods

urthbox reviews
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Urthbox includes non-GMO, organic, and natural snacks, so you’re not receiving processed foods from the bottom of the barrel, making it totally safe for your diet.

100% vegan

Because Urthbox isn’t an entirely vegan brand. However, all of their foods are actually 100% vegan snacks. This is demonstrated in Urthbox reviews by customers.

Is Urthbox Worth Buying?

How is Urthbox customer feedback?

When compared to other similar subscription boxes, Urthbox appears to have a lot more to offer, especially because it does not limit itself to a single box size.

Urthbox really has four distinct box sizes: Mini, Small, Medium, and Large. If you choose the larger box sizes, you will receive more savings, lowering the cost per snack.

That being said, there are some Urthbox reviews complaining about its poor customer support.

Take this with a grain of salt, though. Urthbox has a 4.1/5 rating, which is largely good and may indicate that the firm is making a concerted effort to deliver a high-quality product and service.

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Urthbox reviews: What have people said?

Urthbox love

Urthbox has given me a chance to try new products that I otherwise might not have tried. There’s a good amount of items, great variety of food and beverages and is a fun delivery. They also include coupon codes for some of the goodies, so you can get more of the stuff you love. The customer service is excellent- they are super responsive and helpful. – Spring Ackerman

Purchased as a gift

I purchased three boxes for my nephew for his birthday. The sign up process was challenging for me and Eric was very helpful in managing the whole ordeal and helping getting those mailed to him. I also didn’t read the fine print, that unless you specifically cancel, you will be charged automatically at the next billing cycle. Additionally, Eric was absolutely delightful in assisting me with a partial refund since one of the new boxes was already processed. Nephew loved the product, and customer service is top notch. – Olena Hitch

Customer Service Home Run

Address error delayed a few of the early box shipments. Once the box made it to me, I was absolutely delighted with the options. Eric on the customer service and it was a ton of help and getting it corrected updated, and getting new shipments out to me. Absolutely love the products and the experience! – Casey Chapman

The UrthBox gift makes any day Christmas!

My sister ordered the gift box for my Birthday and when it arrived it was just like Christmas in July. I am trying to eat healthy these days and these treats are fun and fabulous and tasty! I don’t feel deprived and sad but happy and satiated. So much variety and a chance to try something new everyday. I highly recommend giving this as a gift. The staff is so helpful and thoughtful and kind when you have questions. Big time snack lover Erin in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada – Erin L. Berger

Best Subscription box ever

This box came with so many samples and is worth every penny! When I opened mu box it was bursting with tons of products to try! Eric from customer service sent me a tracking number to track my package and it came in a timely manner. He was very kind and pleasant with my questions on the next billing cycle.I 100% recommend this box to anyone!! – Katrina White

The majority of Urthbox reviews show fairly good customer feedback.

A great way to discover vegan products!

A great way to discover vegan products! I was nervous when I decided to go vegan that I would get bored of my food and not be able to satisfy my cravings. I always look forward to my Urthbox snacks! I love discovering new vegan products that I would not normally find at my local grocery store. Plus, I receive coupons to purchase full size products of the snacks I like. – Amber Gnade

Customer Service

I ordered UrthBox for a friend who just had a baby. They’ve received three shipments full of healthy and delicious snacks and they said they’ve all been great! I didn’t realize that the product automatically renews after the initial order so I was charged for three more months. I reached out to customer service and Eric escalated the issue to his manager and was able to refund me for the subsequent two months. – Monica O

Started slow ended amazing

At first my experience was not great at best, but luckily Eric came in and saved the day! He not only helped me with my inquiry and solved it quickly and efficiently, he then went above and beyond to waive a fee which i was comfortable paying. Cant get any better than that! Thank you so much for your help Eric, one of the best customer service representatives I’ve worked with! – Brandon Kraut

The Customer Service at UrthBox was…Eric

The Customer Service at UrthBox was incredible. Amazingly personable and friendly, super accommodating – I cannot say enough about the professional service I received. I truly felt respected as a customer and I have not felt that from a lot of companies in recent years. Thank you Eric for your professional demeanor, and thank you UrthBox for having staff like Eric on your team! – Jessica

So far, so GREAT!!

I have gotten one box so far, and it was great!! The hard part is NOT eating everything since I am on a low carb diet after the holidays. However, the chips I got were the best corn chips I have ever had out of a bag. I plan on ordering more of those as soon as I finish this diet! This was one of the most thoughtful gifts. I developed a gluten allergy about 2 years ago, and finding gluten free snacks that also taste good can be a struggle!

Update: I got my second box, and I could not be more pleased! I keep getting stuff I have never heard of! I am looking forward to these boxes now! – Laura Moffett


Urthbox is totally worth it if you’re seeking just the best in healthy snacking alternatives! This is especially true if you want gluten-free, vegan, or low-calorie alternatives in your food subscription box. Urthbox is an excellent alternative for all of your snacking requirements, whether you already live a healthy, active lifestyle or desire to do so.

Besides, the Urthbox reviews above should make you feel more confident in their products. So are you looking for the best healthy snack subscription boxes? Use the best Urthbox discount code for your purchase.

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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