Transformation Academy Review: A Thorough Look at This Life Coaching Certification Program

Transformation Academy is an online education company that offers life coach certification programs, online courses, and other resources focused on personal growth and development. Since its founding in 2014, Transformation Academy has grown to serve over 700,000 students across more than 200 countries and territories.

In this in-depth Transformation Academy review, we’ll take a close look at what Transformation Academy has to offer, including its signature life coach certification program, the array of online courses, special features, pros and cons, customer reviews, accreditation, best-selling courses, and how it compares to competitors.

Read on for a comprehensive assessment of whether Transformation Academy is worth your time and money for boosting your personal or professional growth.

Overview of Transformation Academy

Transformation Academy was founded in 2014 by husband and wife entrepreneurs Joeel and Natalie Rivera. The academy is headquartered in Florida, and aims to “ignite a revolution of personal freedom through entrepreneurship and education.”

It’s noteworthy to mention in this Transformation Academy review the key offerings, including:

  • Life Coach Certification Programs: The flagship program is the Transformation Life Coach Certification, which includes four courses to take students through the entire process of becoming a certified life coach. There are also niche certifications available.
  • Online Courses: A diverse library of online video courses focused on personal growth topics like mindfulness, spirituality, self-improvement, and more.
  • Niche Certifications: 35+ niche certifications are offered in areas like relationship coaching, life purpose coaching, and hypnotherapy. Students can also bundle certifications to become a “master coach.”

To date, Transformation Academy has served over 700,000 students across more than 200 countries and territories.

Standout Features of Transformation Academy

It’s worth considering in this Transformation Academy review the key features that make them stand out from competitors in the online education space:

Diverse Course Library: With life coach certifications, niche certifications, and a wide array of à la carte online courses, Transformation Academy offers options for nearly any personal growth goal. Courses cover mindfulness, spirituality, self-improvement, and more.

Accreditation: The International Coach Federation accreditation lends credibility to Transformation Academy’s life coach certification program. Accreditation indicates the program meets stringent quality standards.

Experienced Instructors: Instructors have been praised by students for their engaging and authentic teaching styles. Their expertise helps students get the most from Transformation Academy’s courses.

Positive Graduate Reviews: Reviews from graduates mention the high quality of Transformation Academy’s varied course materials and knowledgeable instructors. Many reviews give the academy 5 out of 5 stars.

Money-Back Guarantee: Transformation Academy offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on its courses, allowing students to withdraw with a full refund within 30 days if dissatisfied.

Overview of Course Options and Certifications

Transformation Academy offers diverse course formats, lengths, and certifications. Here is an overview of the key options we’ve compiled in this Transformation Academy review:

Transformation Life Coach Certification: The 4-course flagship certification program accredited by ICF. Courses cover professional life coaching, life purpose coaching, happiness coaching, and success coaching.

Membership: Grants access to all courses and certifications. Ideal for those seeking comprehensive personal/professional development.

Online Courses: Their À la carte video courses on topics like mindfulness, spirituality, and self-improvement. Range from a few hours to 40+ hours.

transformation academy review

Niche Certifications: 35+ niche certifications available à la carte. Topics include relationship coaching, life purpose coaching, hypnotherapy, and more.

Accreditation: Programs accredited by ICF, CPD, and IAPCCT, confirming quality standards are met.

Instruction Methods

It’s relevant to point out in this Transformation Academy review their flexible online formats. Here’s an overview:

Pre-Recorded Video Lessons: Allow self-paced learning based on individual schedules.

Downloadable Worksheets/Assignments: Reinforce retention of concepts learned in videos.

Coaching Calls: Some courses provide scheduled coaching calls for Q&As with instructors.

Hands-On Exercises: Develop practical coaching skills through real-life case studies and role-playing.

Online Forums: Enable peer-to-peer networking and knowledge sharing.

This blend of self-directed and interactive learning provides a well-rounded education in life coaching fundamentals.

Pros and Cons of Transformation Academy

Based on Transformation Academy reviews and first-hand research, here are the key pros and cons to weigh if considering enrolling:


  • Accredited life coach certification program
  • 500+ online courses for flexible learning
  • Passionate, knowledgeable instructors
  • Practical, hands-on teaching methods
  • Supports launching a coaching business
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Self-paced format not for everyone
  • Support between students could be improved
  • Some niche certifications cost an extra
  • Limited live instruction or peer feedback

It’s fair to assume in this Transformation Academy review that for self-driven learners seeking an accredited and flexible life coach certification, the pros seem to outweigh the cons. However, the self-paced online format will not suit all learning styles.

Why Choose Transformation Academy?

Given the array of online education options these days, why should someone choose Transformation Academy? There are several convincing reasons:

Industry-Recognized Certification: The International Coach Federation accreditation gives Transformation Academy credibility and trustworthiness. Graduates can confidently market their skills.

Flexible, Self-Paced Learning: Pre-recorded video lessons allow you to learn on your own schedule and revisit materials when needed.

Specialized Courses: With 35+ niche certifications, Transformation Academy goes beyond surface-level coaching knowledge. Specializations allow you to differentiate yourself.

Business Training: For coaches seeking clients, Transformation Academy provides targeted business coursework that many competitors lack.

Risk-Free Enrollment: The 30-day money-back guarantee allows you to withdraw if you decide the courses are not the right fit.

For flexible yet thorough training, credibility, and business-building knowledge, we can confidently say in our Transformation Academy review that this platform hits the marks.

Customer Reviews: What Graduates Say About Transformation Academy

With over 700,000 students served, Transformation Academy has amassed hundreds of customer reviews. Here’s what graduates highlight in positive testimonials:

“The Transformation Life Coach Certification gave me the skills I needed to successfully switch careers and start my own coaching business.

“The instructors presented each topic with so much heart and authenticity – you could feel their passion.”

“I loved the flexibility of setting my own pace with the video lessons and assignments. I was able to fit the coursework into my busy schedule.”

“The Relationship Coach Certification opened up specialty coaching opportunities I didn’t have before. It really differentiates me.”

“The online student community was so supportive. It was great to connect with like-minded peers.”

Critical reviews mention wishing there was more live instruction and direct support from instructors. However, most Transformation Academy reviews describe their experience with the platform enthusiastically.

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Is Transformation Academy Accredited?

Yes, Transformation Academy has received accreditation confirming the quality of its certifications:

  • The International Coach Federation (ICF) accredits the Transformation Life Coach Certification program. ICF sets global standards for professional coaching.
  • The Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency has also accredited Transformation Academy overall.
  • The International Association of Professional Coaches, Counselors, and Therapists accredits Transformation Academy.
transformation academy review

This level of accreditation indicates Transformation Academy’s programs meet stringent standards for ethics, curriculum design, and credentialing. So, after reading this Transformation Academy review, students can feel confident investing in Transformation Academy’s certifications.

Best-Selling Courses from Transformation Academy

Of Transformation Academy’s extensive course catalog, these options stand out as top sellers:

Life Coaching Business Masterclass

This 5-course bundle provides targeted business training for life coaches. Topics span from identifying your niche to marketing strategies. Graduates praise how this course equips them to launch a profitable coaching business.

Transformation Life Coach Certification

The premier certification program accredited by ICF. Comprehensive training primes students with professional life coaching skills.

Get Life Coaching Clients Course

An affordable starter course covering core strategies to attract and retain coaching clients. Valuable for new coaches with no business background.

Self-Mastery Courses

Dive deep into personal growth with Transformation Academy’s popular mindfulness, spirituality, and self-improvement courses. Transformation Academy review ratings reveal that these are the top choices for self-expansion.

transformation academy review 3 Coupon codes

Based on sales trends, graduates consistently flock to these career-focused business courses and accredited certifications. Self-mastery courses also fill a popular niche.

Support Offered to Students

Transformation Academy provides community-building features and services to support students, including:

Online Forums: Enable networking with fellow students worldwide. Share insights, celebrate wins, and troubleshoot hurdles.

Coaching Calls: Scheduled calls with instructors allow you to ask questions and gain insights.

Mentorship Programs: More personalized support through paired mentoring relationships with coaches.

Student Community: Many graduates praise the academy’s collaborative community of like-minded peers.

Some Transformation Academy review opinions do note wishing instructors were more available to answer questions outside of coaching calls. But overall, Transformation Academy provides a diversity of student support.

How Transformation Academy Compares to Competitors

Transformation Academy differs from other life coach certification providers in a few key ways:

Wider Course Variety: With 500+ course options, Transformation Academy simply offers more varieties than most competitors. Choices range from short personal growth courses to accredited multi-course certifications.

transformation academy review

Business Training: For coaches seeking income, Transformation Academy provides more nitty-gritty business courses – like identifying your niche and marketing techniques – than others.

Accreditation: The International Coach Federation accreditation provides credibility that niche life coaching schools lack.

For those seeking accredited certification paired with business courses from an established provider, Transformation Academy edges out upstart niche competitors.

Transformation Academy Review: Is Transformation Academy Worth It?

At the end of the day, is enrolling in Transformation Academy’s courses a smart investment?

If you’re seeking accredited, flexible life coach certification and want to differentiate yourself with niche specialties, Transformation Academy has strong value. The academy goes beyond surface-level training to provide immersive education, hands-on exercises, and accredited credibility.

For self-driven learners pursuing self-improvement and expanded spirituality, Transformation Academy provides hundreds of online personal growth courses you can tackle anywhere at your own pace.

For new coaches seeking business strategies to attract clients and build a coaching practice, Transformation Academy’s niche marketing and entrepreneurship training fill knowledge gaps lacking in some life coaching schools.

Overall, for in-depth accredited life coach certification paired with business strategy, Transformation Academy emerges as a top choice that thousands of graduates enthusiastically recommend.

Consider Enrolling Through Transformation Academy’s Website for Deals

Transformation Academy offers its courses directly through its website, Buying directly cuts out third-party markups.

What’s more, Transformation Academy regularly offers coupon codes for percentage discounts on its courses and certifications. Checking the website routinely can help you snag savings on your enrollment. The academy also advertises special discounts through email subscriptions and social media channels.

To get the best deal on Transformation Academy’s offerings, purchase through their website and apply these coupon codes for additional savings off popular certifications and course bundles.

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As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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