Tantus Reviews: 5 Best Toys By Tantus

Choosing a sex toy might expose you to an infinite stream of vibrators, dildos, clit-suckers, and other orgasmic items. With so many options available, deciding which toy is best for you might be difficult, especially if you’ve never purchased one before.

So if you are having that problem, you’ll love this list of the 5 best toys by Tantus reviews from users. Let’s dive right in!

Tantus Reviews: 5 Best Toys By Tantus

Tantus Soft Cock Ring

Tantus Soft silicone c-rings are popular because of their comfort and safety. A c-ring holds the testicles in place and prevents the testes from constricting, delaying ejaculation. The constriction increases the duration of orgasm from roughly 6 to up to 45 seconds.

tantus reviews

You might be wondering how a c-ring works. Using a c-ring makes an erection remain longer and harder, according to Tantus reviews from their customers. It is worn behind the testicles to facilitate blood flow into the erection while restricting blood flow out. They can be worn in front of the testicles, however, this is not the best use.

Cock rings can be used in conjunction with a penis pump to assist achieve a harder erection and then maintaining it for a longer period of time. Many high-end pumps include a snap c-ring, but most low-cost ones do not. Depending on the conditions, a pump and c-ring could be able to aid with erectile dysfunction, but it’s mainly a toy for feeling and should not be viewed as a problem-solver.

Tantus Silk Medium

A Silk line toy is an excellent choice for a first dildo. This collection will allow you to try something new without feeling weird about purchasing an extreme item. The Silks come in three sizes and are a sensuous joy, gliding in flawlessly smooth. The Silk Medium is elegant in its simplicity and is available in two colors. Silks are also entirely safe to use as dilators.

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This dildo is small and thin, with only a little upward slope and a flat, round base. Its silicone material is rather hard and has a smooth, silky feel, as written in Tantus reviews from users. In terms of malleability, there’s a mushy give here and there, but it’s clearly on the stiffer side. Because of the size, natural shape, and drag-free smoothness of the silicone, it’s extremely easy to insert even without lubricant.

Those who suffer from vaginismus, penetration phobia, or other similar issues may find this to be ideal.

Tantus Acute

The Acute is a traditional natural-sized toy that is smooth and angled, and it replicates the optimum curvature for penetration. Gently designed for beginners, moderate, and experienced players, but properly angled for a sweet delight.

tantus reviews

This dildo is simple. You don’t need to work up with it because it’s only 1.25 inches in diameter. It’s simple to clean and doesn’t attract a lot of dust. Because it’s light, you can easily shove it. It doesn’t have a lot of texture or produce a lot of G spot stimulation, so you can use it regardless of your mood, which is shown in Tantus reviews from the customers.

Tantus Ryder

Tantus Ryder has been upgraded with a new base that fits between the cheeks and has a silky smooth feel. With a maximum diameter of 1.47″, this plug is a nice intermediate toy – a bigger piece for beginners, yet comfortable to handle and stretch.

The Ryder features a progressive curve from the body to the plug’s neck, so it won’t shock the sphincter muscles when inserting or removing it. The anchor base allows the Ryder to stay comfortably in place.

tantus reviews

As for the usage, the Tantus Ryder is an absolute delight. The silicone’s matte surface glides effortlessly into the muscle, with no discernible change in feeling from the glossy version. You can see how people love this feature in their Tantus reviews. The tiny amount of giving on the surface offers a comfortable experience if you want to rest and give a little clench along the route.

The Ryder is indeed very comfortable when worn, which is highly rated in Tantus reviews from users. The capsule form is full but not overpowering, so you know that something is there but it’s not continuously catching your attention with powerful feelings.

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Cush 02 Dual Density Dildo

The Cush O2’s beautiful curves are intended to stimulate the G-spot and produce a crescendo of feeling throughout usage. Tantus’ Dual Density O2 line provides optimum enjoyment by feeling authentically familiar. Tantus’ own proprietary blend of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone is used for both the soft exterior and the strong muscular core.

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If you want to fulfill yourself, you can go for the Cush. If you want to really squeeze and work your Kegels, use the Cush. Also, it should definitely be used when you want shallow thrusting, especially when you’re on a period and your cervix is extremely sensitive. It can be so helpful in all aspects of life. This is what people love based on their Tantus reviews.

Tantus Reviews: Why You Should Choose It?

About Tantus

Tantus has been offering excellent solutions to individuals seeking to improve their sexual health since 1997. Tantus is a well-known, quality brand that creates unique, body-safe sexual wellness products.

Now it’s time to have a look at some of the most common Tantus reviews from their customers.

Tantus Reviews: What Have People Said?

tantus reviews
Reviews of the Soft Cock Ring

Great assist

I’m in my 60’s, and while the spirit is willing, occasionally the flesh is less than co-operative, but this little ring of silicone is miraculous. Just the right amount of support for my erection, and I’m as hard as I was 30 years ago for as long as I like, without chemical assistance! Thanks, Tantus!

Most Tantus reviews are positive.

tantus reviews
Reviews of the Silk Medium

Probably the best butt toy I’ve ever used.

I’ve used this in three separate butts (my own and two partners) and all of us were impressed by how good it felt and how easy it was to slip in. It’s great on its own or functions really well as an easy way to work up to something bigger and firmer.
tantus reviews
Tantus reviews of the Acute

first dildo purchase – love it!!!

I was nervous and skeptical when buying my first dildo- but this is amazing! Love using it for solo and partnered play! 🙂

My Favorite!

This toy is by far one of my favorites in my collection. It inserts nicely and provides just the right amount of stimulation. It may be a little on the “small” side but I like to say it’s my “sneaky” toy… I’ll usually insert it and play with it, accompanied by an outside vibrator, and it will provide a feeling of fullness inside. After a bit of time though, when I least expect it, the head will stimulate my insides, and BAM, huge orgasm!

I also enjoy this toy because I’ve had it for years now, and it is still the same high quality as it was day one out of the package. No break down, no smells, and it washes super well!
tantus reviews
Tantus reviews of the Ryder

Great plug

Very well made plug that is easy to insert and pull out. I good sometimes weeks without anal play and this plug great for getting my ass used to something in it. Before anal sex i use this to loosen myself up. Often i will wear this plug around the house till i get used to it then get a bigger plug that fills me up more. The shape is perfect in that it does not hurt when pulling out.

Best ever!

The Ryder is the best plug ever! I do believe the original is better than the new one although the new one is way more comfortable between the cheeks for extended wear. Both are still the best out of any I’ve tried. Feeling of fullness, delightful when sat upon, walking or rocking. Thank you tantus!

As you can see, the majority of Tantus reviews show good feedback.

tantus reviews
Reviews of the Cush 02 Dual Density Dildo

Delightful – Almost Perfect

I love the size, shape and feel of this dildo. The ridge riding back and forth against the prostate is sublime. I thought about a four stars, only because I wish it were a couple inches longer with a suction cup base, but it is still one of my most favorite pegging toys. Highly recommend.


This toy is big. There’s no denying that. It leaves me satisfyingly sore and I love it. It is slightly harder than one would imagine, but it’s not an issue to me. The only downside is that, as others have said, the ridge can occasionally get overwhelming. Personally I’m not that bothered, but I could see why some people might find it uncomfortable.


Every item purchased teaches you something about your tastes. You can choose a toy you’ll enjoy by asking yourself a few questions and being selective about where you purchase. Tantus‘ reputation as well as the Tantus reviews above should give you confidence in their product quality.

So which of the above toys meets your needs? You can use these updated discount codes and find your own answer.

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