President’s Day Games: Creative Ways to Celebrate and Have Tons of Fun

President’s Day is a federal holiday celebrated annually on the third Monday of February. It honors the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, two of America’s most famous presidents. This patriotic holiday is the perfect time to engage people of all ages in fun and educational activities related to American history and civics. Playing President’s Day games is a great way to celebrate the day while fostering a spirit of learning and community.

Read on to discover some fun President’s Day game ideas suitable for kids, teens, adults, and seniors!

Games for Kids

president's day games

Children have curious and imaginative minds that can easily absorb new information. President’s Day games tailored for kids introduce them to American symbols, notable figures, and important events in a playful way.

Presidential Trivia Quiz

Test kids’ knowledge about U.S. presidents with a simple trivia game. Use kid-friendly facts about things like the presidents’ pets, nicknames, and favorite foods. Keep score and give small prizes to the winners.

To add a fun puzzle activity, check out Unidragon’s selection of wooden animal or nature jigsaw puzzles. Have kids earn puzzle pieces for correct trivia answers, then work together to assemble the full puzzle. Visit Unidragon’s website and use these Unidragon coupons to get the best prices on puzzles.

Scavenger Hunt

Send kids on an indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt for presidential or patriotic-themed items. Their list can include things like dollar bills, books about American history, or pictures of monuments. Set a time limit and offer fun rewards. Consider incorporating a puzzle like those from Unidragon into this game as well, using it as a fun activity for the scavenger hunt winners.

Portrait Craft

Provide supplies for kids to make miniature portraits of presidents. They can paint, color, or collage images of people like Washington, Lincoln, and Obama. Display their presidential masterpieces proudly.

Engaging Teenage Activities

president's day games

The teenage years are ideal for introducing more complex history and sharpening critical thinking skills. These President’s Day games will get teens excited about American leaders and events.

Presidential Debate

Have teens pick a controversial issue from history and then research evidence supporting both sides. They can reenact famous presidential debates or discuss current policy issues. Appoint moderators to keep things civil and on topic.

Mount Rushmore Challenge

Divide into teams and challenge teens to build their own Mount Rushmore using recycled materials like cardboard, papier-mâché, or craft supplies. See which group can sculpt the most creative and recognizable presidential busts.

Historical Charades

Act out important moments from presidential biographies and challenge classmates to guess the event. Scenes can include things like Washington crossing the Delaware River or Obama’s inauguration day.

President’s Day Party Games for Adults

president's day games

Adults appreciate more sophisticated game formats that both entertain and teach. These options are great for grown-up President’s Day gatherings and trivia nights.

Presidential History Bingo

Create bingo cards with random presidential facts, quotes, portraits, or monuments in each square. Take turns reading trivia questions and have participants mark off matching answers on their boards. Reward the first bingo winner!

Minute to Win It Games

The popular TV game show features fun challenges that must be completed within 60 seconds. Give patriotic twists to activities like stacking cups or flipping cards that require speed and dexterity.

Board Games

Host a board game night using history-themed games like Risk, Stratego, or Trivial Pursuit: 1960s Edition. If guests get stumped on trivia questions, share fascinating facts about presidents and their legacies.

Easy Games for Seniors

president's day games

Simpler President’s Day games focused on memory, vocabulary, and concentration provide mental stimulation for seniors while celebrating American history.

Presidential Name Game

List presidents’ names on paper or whiteboard. Take turns trying to name them alphabetically from memory. For more challenges, include their middle names and years in office.

Matching Game

Print and cut out small photo cards of presidents, White House images, monuments, etc. Mix them up face down and play a classic matching game, flipping pairs to find identical ones.

Patriotic Jigsaw Puzzle

Choose an easy jigsaw puzzle showing American symbols, monuments, or landscapes. Assemble the pieces together as a group activity to improve memory, patience, and problem-solving.

Enhance Learning with Decorations, Music, and Food

president's day games

Fun visual and sensory elements help set the festive mood for a President’s Day game celebration.

Patriotic Decorations

Deck out your game space in red, white, and blue accents. Reuse streamers, balloons, flags, and tablecloths from other holidays or make simple DIY decorations. Challenge kids to draw and display portraits of presidents or American landmarks.

Play Patriotic Tunes

Play songs like the National Anthem, America the Beautiful, Yankee Doodle Dandy, and Hail to the Chief during your President’s Day games. Playlist pop cultural songs like Born in the USA or American Pie to get people pumped up and ready to display their patriotism.

Serve Presidential Treats

Research the favorite foods of presidents like Washington, Lincoln, and Kennedy. Prepare cherry pie, chicken casserole, coconut cake or other presidential choice dishes. For easy patriotic snacks, skewer fruit in red, white, and blue kabobs. Set out classic American goodies like hot dogs, apple pie, or popcorn.

More Ways to Celebrate

president's day games

If you are seeking additional educational Presidential Day activities, expand the fun and learning online or within your community.

Virtual Games

Search online using keywords like “Presidents Day games” or “White House activities for kids” to find interactive quizzes, puzzles, and learning adventures from education companies and historical organizations.

Appreciate Historical Significance

Understanding the origins and symbolism of President’s Day helps us appreciate its celebration. Originally established to recognize George Washington’s birthday, its date and name were eventually changed to include Abraham Lincoln. The federal holiday represents U.S. patriotism and the leadership contributions of all American presidents.

Organize a Community Game Night

Gather friends, family, neighbors and people of all ages to play President’s Day games together. Share food, music, decorations, and activities to build community ties. Emphasize the nonpartisan civic and educational aspects of the holiday.

Keep the Whole Family Engaged and Learning With The President’s Day Games

President’s Day games make learning about American history and civics engaging and exciting. The holiday presents the perfect opportunity to bring people of all ages together through fun and educational activities. Get inspired by this guide and put your own twist on games that foster patriotism, leadership lessons, and community bonds. Have a joyful and uplifting President’s Day!

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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