MOFT Wallet Review: Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Choose MOFT Wallets

The MOFT wallet is one of the most flexible MagSafe wallets as it has a folding stand to hold your phone in a vertical, horizontal, or floating viewing position. Without taking the wallet out of your phone, you are able to quickly access three cards and cash. It is also quite reasonably priced.

In this MOFT Wallet review, we’ll point out 7 things you benefit from this MOFT best seller. They’re also 7 strong reasons people love using the wallet.

MOFT Wallet Review: What Makes It Stand Out

Our MOFT Wallet review would not be comprehensive if we didn’t mention the most outstanding features a modern wallet brings us.

Slim yet powerful

Dual magnets are used by the MOFT Snap-On to firmly attach to the most recent iPhones. You can simply snap it on, stand it up, then fold it back into place for simple and versatile use thanks to the accurate fold design.

moft wallet review

Practical and portable

For your daily carry needs, the hidden wallet safely stores up to 3 cards, such as a credit card, transit card, or driver’s license: Without needing to remove it from your phone, unfold it to conveniently access your cards.

Smooth sense of touch

In addition to being smooth to the touch, the soft vegan leather is also environmentally friendly. It’s the most affordable and best option for your phone because it costs about half what most phone wallets do.

Combine with magnetic wall sticker

With MOFT’s Wall Sticker Pads, you can attach them to any surface to make your phone an exercise, bath time, or culinary buddy, and you can use the iPhone hands-free from anywhere in your house.

Compatible with the latest iPhones

moft wallet review

This MOFT wallet item is a perfect accessory for iPhones 14/13/12.

Snap case with enhanced magnets

The new Snap Case has twice as much magnetic force, which keeps your Snap-on Stand & Wallet securely attached so you can use it to put cards on your phone while you’re on the road or view information in floating mode.

Those are great features of the wallet. Our MOFT wallet review will continue with the top 7 reasons for you to choose this productivity accessory.

MOFT Wallet Review: 7 Strong Reasons Why You Should Choose a MOFT Wallet

You can easily access your cards without taking out the wallet from your phone

With just your index finger and thumb, you can quickly and easily access up to three cards and your cash. Like the Apple MagSafe wallet, which requires you to remove the wallet first, there is no silly thumb slot on the back of this wallet.

Everything is easily accessible when using the MOFT Snap-on phone wallet and stand. Any MOFT wallet review agrees with that.

moft wallet review

You don’t need to take out your wallet to access your cards at the gas pump or the self-checkout lane of your grocery store. The significance of this feature just cannot be overstated.

When pulling out a card, you need to put your thumb over the wallet to prevent it from popping up. But since you have to use your other hand to grasp the phone, it’s simple to have that habit.

Adequate magnet strength

It is not necessary for the MagSafe magnet in a wallet to be powerful enough to support your body weight over a river teeming with crocodiles. Simply sturdy enough to stay on your phone is all that is required.

moft wallet review
MOFT wallet review from Hyeok Won Kwon

Worth it.

I have used it for a few months now and am very happy. The leather, color, design and functionality are all top notch. In many ways even better than the apple one. The only reason I would hesitate to get another one would be the long delivery process.

There is one drawback. When you put the wallet in and take it out of your small pocket, it may twist or lose alignment, but it normally remains in place.

From our hands-on experience of using the MOFT wallet for 6 months, it is more than durable enough.

Improved magnet strength with the Moft MagSafe-enhanced iPhone 12/13/14 case

Moft just developed a MagSafe-enhanced case, which they claim will double the magnet holding strength of their Moft wallet, if you really want to boost the magnet strength of the MOFT Snap-on Stand and Wallet.

However, the MOFT case is much smoother compared to the Apple MagSafe silicone case. So you should be careful when holding your phone or it can easily slip through your fingers.


But the styling won’t let you down. It has a circular clear area that shows the Apple logo on your phone and is white on the back with clear edges.

Magnet strength is significantly affected by the casing. In fact, the MOFT MagSafe Enhanced case’s magnet is so powerful that you can firmly attach it to a whiteboard, a refrigerator, or even a car door. Our MOFT wallet review is honest.

A dynamite kickstand

The kickstand feature works flawlessly with the latest iPhones in all 3 positions: vertical, horizontal, and floating, which is amazing.

moft wallet review
Review picture from Michael Canales II

Great wallet/kickstand

Great versatility and great bang for the buck!

The MOFT is the only MagSafe wallet with a kickstand that can hold your phone in all three positions; other wallets with kickstands can not. Additionally, the kickstand doubles as a phone grip. Absolutely cool. The MOFT Wallet review above from Michael Canales II is among various good feedback on this feature.

By placing your Apple MagSafe charger in between your phone and the MOFT wallet, you can use the kickstand and charge your phone at the same time.

It also serves well as a phone grip, however using it in this capacity necessitates considerably greater caution due to the risk of the magnet letting go.

Slim and attractive

Whichever MOFT wallet review you read, you’ll find this as one of the best things people love about the wallet.

moft wallet review 6 Coupon codes
MOFT wallet review from Tonny Wirawan Suriadjaja

Function & Design

It’s beautifully designed and function properly

Even with three cards inside, the MOFT is small and slim and doesn’t add any bulk to your iPhone. It is considerably thinner than the Kings Back and Magbak wallets but is just as thin as the Apple MagSafe and Ekster MagSafe wallets. It also doesn’t weigh much, as you can see in the MOFT wallet review picture from Tonny Wirawan Suriadjaja

However, the MOFT does not provide a leather option. The material has a leather-like appearance, but it’s actually faux, vegan leather. But it is available in 6 various colors, allowing you to match the color of your iPhone case.

Holds cash

Although we’ve mentioned this several times before, our MOFT wallet review still needs to mention this benefit.

moft wallet review

Even with three cards inside, the MOFT MagSafe can fit at least one folded-over bill of money. Everyone needs to carry some cash, despite how card-centric and minimal our society has become.

It’s crucial that cash is just as easily available as credit and debit cards. The MOFT effortlessly manages three cards and a $20 bill, and unlike some MagSafe wallets, no struggle is required to remove the cash.

Protects your cards

The magnetic strip on your cards has the potential of being harmed by a magnetic environment, according to MOFT’s FAQ. As you are aware, magnets are the core of MagSafe technology. Only the magnetic strip will be impacted by this; your chip cards won’t.

This MOFT wallet review has gone through the most outstanding features as well as the benefits people love about the accessory. We hope you now have a total understanding of what you need with a good wallet.


As mentioned before in this MOFT wallet review, you don’t have to remove the wallet to access your cards.

And I don’t have to remove the wallet to access my cards. This is a unique feature that all of the top MagSafe wallets have in common (except the Apple MagSafe wallet).

Not to mention being reasonably priced, the MOFT wallet is really worth considering to be a good accessory for your modern life. Whatever decision you make, we have the best discount codes from MOFT for you.

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Couponclans is a completely free site that offers discounts through coupons and offers from leading national and international online stores. Every time you make a purchase over the internet, we help you save money.

As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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