Gravel Reviews: Here Are 5 Super Helpful Items For Your Journey

There are some amazingly useful items you should never travel without, whether you’re packing for an international vacation, or a big journey, or just want to know what to put in your next trip. This is when Gravel Travel products are helpful.

We are here to help you with 5 super helpful items from Gravel based on real Gravel reviews from customers. Are you excited about your upcoming journey? Let’s get right into it.

5 Super Helpful Items For Your Journey Based on Gravel Reviews

Gravel Explorer PLUS Toiletry Bag

It’s difficult to decide how and where to bring everything you need so you can always smell fresh and look great when traveling. This is why Gravel garnered over 8,000 Kickstarter donors to finance the Gravel Explorer PLUS Toiletry Bag.

  • Has a TSA-compliant, removable, water-resistant pouch
  • Comes with a lot of organization
  • Hangs up
  • Not suitable for big stuff

Overall, there is enough space and order to handle all we need for a week-long journey. However, the multiple pockets might be a bit confusing. It might sometimes feel as though you have to use and fill every pocket.

Also, the pockets have been made for certain uses, which may seem confining or unsuitable if you don’t use the pockets for their original purpose. Of course, you are free to place your belongings anywhere you see fit.

The strap and alloy G-hook allows you to hang this item from almost anything. It’s quite convenient to be able to hang your toiletries bag inside hostel restrooms, Airbnbs, campground showers, and so on. Gravel reviews actually show that people really like this feature.

gravel reviews

Especially since the structure of the main compartment provides simple access even when the pack is hung up. Just keep in mind that the pockets will be flipped sideways.

The strap can be stored in a stash pocket, which is a good feature. It keeps the pack looking sleek and out of the way while not in use.

The detachable bag can also be hung up. Simply attach it to your bag when you need all of your amenities in one place, or hang it separately—for example, in the shower to keep the rest of your belongings from becoming wet.

If you want a toiletry kit with a lot of organization in a stylish, water-resistant design, this bag could be a good option. In fact, a lot of Gravel reviews indicate that the snappy and practical design makes it their favorite item for traveling.

Gravel Pouch 3-1-1 TSA Compliant Bag

Given its improved structure and materials, the Gravel Pouch (3-1-1 TSA Compliant Bag) is a durable and reusable item for travelers.

  • The frosted finish is elegant and effectively conceals spillage.
  • The silicone strap allows it to be hung.
  • Longer lasting than resealable plastic bags
  • Because it hangs at an angle, the interior can get jumbled.

The simplest and most widely acknowledged method of complying with the TSA’s 3-1-1 liquids regulation is to use a quart-sized resealable plastic bag (a Ziploc bag for those more acquainted with the brand name).

However, there comes a time in every traveler’s life when they must contemplate the need for a more sturdy option. Gravel’s Pouch (3-1-1 TSA Compliant Bag)—with a name like that, we’re off to a fantastic start.

gravel reviews

In general, Gravel’s Pouch is a more robust version of the familiar resealable plastic bag. The fragile slider and thin plastic are no longer present. A weather-resistant zipper and frosted plastic have taken their place.

Though the material is still plastic, but the thickness has been increased to make it more like a toiletry Pouch and less like a sandwich bag. So it can manage to comfortably pack a lot of things, according to Gravel reviews from customers.

Because it adheres to TSA rules, the capacity is the same as a quart-sized resealable bag. We can put around five travel-sized 3.4-ounce bottles inside side by side—maybe six, depending on the size and shape of the individual containers.

Gravel Travel Bottles For Liquids

gravel reviews

Gravel’s Soft 3oz Liquid Bottles combine a stackable physical factor with durable materials, making them an excellent complement to any sort of travel Dopp kit.

  • 3 oz, which is just under the maximum size allowed on most flights.
  • The robust cap can endure pressure.
  • Stackable design
  • It could be a little difficult to clean.
  • Comes in only one size

The Gravel Soft 3oz Liquid Bottles have a basic modular design and are the perfect size for minimalistic travel. Gravel reviews from minimalist enthusiasts show that they absolutely love these bottles.

Gravel Travel Bags

Gravel Travel Bags are comprised of a travel bag, a daypack, and a sling. It brings about a lot of advantages though it could be a bit feature-heavy to some extent.

  • Meet the needs of individuals
  • A variety of carrying options
  • Dividers allow for modular organizing in both the 42L and 11L backpacks.
  • When worn sling-style, the Sling Belt does not stay flat.
  • G-hooks sometimes can be undone.

Because the Backpack Travel System has so many moving components, you need to observe how it all comes together. The Carry-On, Day Bag, and Sling Belt can all carry plenty on their own. However, combining two or all three is a whole other experience.

gravel reviews
Daily Carry/Travel Backpack (11L)

Gravel Travel Bags provide extensive options. It’s actually 3 bags that attach to each other. The integration is a little clumsy in several instances, like how the Day Bag attaches to the Carry-On. Travelers show satisfaction in their Gravel reviews of the bag system.

It might also feel like overkill for many occasions where carrying a backpack or day sling is sufficient to support a travel bag. These bags are worth considering for people searching for a one-stop shop.

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Gravel Explorer MINI Toiletry Bag

The Gravel Explorer MINI Toiletry Bag’s compact size makes use of a smart design, but it also has an impact on accessibility.

  • Dual compartments provide excellent organization in a compact size.
  • Adjustable strap that is simple to wrap around bars and racks.
  • Water-resistant and consequently easy to clean
  • Under bad lighting, the all-black interior is difficult to see.
  • Overlapped compartment space
  • Only one side is accessible at a time.

Even when fully loaded, the Explorer MINI takes up very little room within a travel backpack. However, it has adequate room for all of the necessities, and people don’t feel the need for anything else for short journeys, as written in Gravel reviews from customers.

gravel reviews

Of course, this is based on your requirements, and the Explorer MINI is unlikely to be your first option if the trip is significantly bigger and/or longer, such as weddings and social activities. As a result, the Explorer MINI is a basic toiletry bag that does not leave the user straining.

Gravel Reviews: What have people said?

gravel reviews

These are Gravel reviews of the Black Explorer PLUS Toiletry Bag.

Love it!

Fits everything which has its own place so easy to find. Well made and no leaks from bottles. – from Amanda E.

Nice one

Love the compartments, just the right size for my products. The fact that it is organized and easy to find helps reduce frustration and gets me on the road quicker. Thank for such a awesome product! – from Nick T.
gravel reviews

Gravel reviews of the Pouch (3-1-1 TSA Compliant Bag)

Christmas gift

I am giving this to my boyfriend for Christmas. Although I won’t be using it, I am a frequent traveler and know this is exactly what he needs to join me! – from Julie F.

Excellent !

This little bag is awesome. Managed to pack comfortably: shampoo, tooth brush, tooth paste, fragance, shaving cream, shaving brush, razor, q-tips, deodorant and hair brush. Highly recommended – from Luis R.
gravel reviews

Gravel reviews of the Travel Bottles For Liquids

Gravel Bottles

I really liked the Gravel bottles. I appreciate how easy they are able to wash out and clean. I would not recommend for lotion, it’s hard to get lotion out. They also look cool. – from Emilyn T.

Amazing product

Just what I needed to carry my lotion and sunscreen on a daily basis. – from Jorge S.
gravel reviews

Gravel reviews of the Daily Carry/Travel Backpack (11L)


I purchased this bag when it was first released and the only problem I had with it was the G-hooks that held the back straps. As this problem has now been fixed by Gravel I reached out to the team and I got an email from Caitlin to say that they could send me two replacement G-hooks to help solve this problem. They came yesterday, I have replaced them on my backpack. Now I can honestly say, this is the perfect backpack ever! Thank you so much to all the team at Gravel for your amazing products, I have backed all your projects and will continue to in the future. Great job guys! – from Carol R.

Perfect compact everyday carry

I spent a lot of time researching until I found this bag. There is a confluence of just the right features for me here: 15+ inch laptop carry capability, excellent organization, understated look, solid construction – and miles above all, compact size. I’ve been using the bag for two weeks and it’s working really very well. My only gripe was at first the waist strap which I did not want to use; it cannot be detached and therefore has to be stuck behind the back padding. I thought it might protrude but it does not. Everything is quite modular and neat on this bag. – from Andras G.
gravel reviews

And Gravel reviews of the Explorer MINI Toiletry Bag


Works well and a perfect size vest upgrade I could ask for – from N A.

Perfect Size!

I already own the Explorer toiletries bag and wanted to supplement with the Explorer Mini for makeup, or use it as a standalone bag for shorter weekend trips. Great materials and really practical sizing on the two pockets. Glad that I own both! – from Allison W.


The Gravel reviews above should give you a bit more confidence in Gravel Travel products. Which of the five items mentioned before you are going to buy? Leave us a comment so we know this article is helpful for you. And don’t forget to use discount codes for the best prices.

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