KeySmart Pro Review: The Only 1 Guide You Need to Never Lose Your Keys

Despite the fact that KeySmart sells a wide range of incredible items, they are most recognized and regarded for their key organizers, including their renowned KeySmart Pro. If you usually get confused about finding your keys, this KeySmart Pro Review is a must-read.

KeySmart Pro Review: What is KeySmart Pro?

If you regularly find yourself late because of losing your keys, KeySmart Pro with Tile™ Smart Location could be your lifesaver.

KeySmart Pro is a Smart Key Organizer With Location Tracking

You can find out your keys in no time just by opening the app and pressing the green “Find” button, then the key organizer will ring immediately. Also, there is a cool graphic with circles that change size based on how near or far your keys are. This is not only useful, but it’s also an interesting game.

Moreover, it performs a good job of keeping your keys organized, just like the original version of KeySmart.

Having said that, if you don’t usually lose your keys, the original KeySmart is definitely a better choice. Some features on the Pro version are more frustrating than useful. Let’s find out all of its pros and cons in the KeySmart Pro Review below.

KeySmart Pro Review: Its Accessories Are Awesome

The fact that you can add accessories to the KeySmart Pro is likely to convince you to make the purchase.

keysmart pro review
KeySmart™ Pro with Tile

Although the Pro already provides you with a bottle opener, you can still add a variety of accessories to whatever model you like. The accessories are:

  • 16GB USB flash drive. If you have information that you might need to access in multiple places, this can be extremely useful. These days, even if we have cloud storage, you still need smart backup plans for unexpected things like power outages.
  • Pocket clip. This is a great little accessory that makes it easier to keep your keys safe in your pocket, backpack, and other spaces.  More specifically, even if you drop your purse or wallet, your keys will remain secured inside.
  • Quick disconnect.  You can carry only your essential items thanks to this. Imagine you have several car keys, which can be bulky and difficult to manage. To only carry one car key at a time, you can swap between the keys using the fast disconnect accessory in a flash.
  • Screwdriver. How often do you need a screwdriver when you are outside? Do you need to tighten a screw? With a KeySmart Pro, you got it. Do you need to open a paint can? You got it. You’ve got the solution for everything.
  • Pliers. Pliers are more helpful than you think, especially when you need one. They’re useful for tasks like extracting wire through a cover or removing wood staples that are too challenging or uncomfortable to perform with your fingers.

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KeySmart Pro Review: Features with their pros and cons

Now you already know about the entertaining game you can play using the Tile app and the key organizer. If you accidentally forget to charge the key organizer’s battery, though, all is not lost. The app still has the history for your keys and it will display the last position they were in, which should point you in the right way.

keysmart pro review
Locate your lost keys & phone with KeySmart Pro

In reverse, it also works. The Tile button on the KeySmart Pro can help you find your lost phone if you still have your keys. An excellent feature is that it will even ring if your phone is in silent mode. With a lost phone set to mute, we can’t be the only ones who have been completely screwed (so many hours wasted).

One amazing feature of the KeySmart Pro should be its powerful LED light. It’s quite helpful when you need to open your Airbnb door in the middle of the night because it lights up the lock, saving you from having to spend a long time aimlessly searching for the right place to insert your key while scratching up the deadbolt. Also, we appreciate that the light automatically turns off after 10 seconds to prevent running out of battery.

Relating to the battery, in fact, it is quite annoying to have yet another device that needs to be charged.

For those who are huge fans of bottle openers, the good news is the KeySmart Pro comes with a small bottle opener for you. However, the bad news is you might be disappointed with its design which prevents it from opening far enough for you to gain any leverage. Additionally, it feels fragile and makes it difficult while using your keys. It’s highly likely that you’d prefer not to use it.

keysmart pro review
Fans of bottle openers absolutely need this KeySmart Pro

The organization provided by this key organizer, which replaces the old-fashioned big, messy keychains, is the last feature worth mentioning. You tuck your keys inside a compact, light case rather than hanging them from a keyring. You can fit up to eight keys inside, and it will keep them organized. It stops your keys from jingling and protects any delicate items from damage. Besides, it fits neatly in your pocket.

In contrast to the Original, the Pro is plastic (while the Original is made of aluminum). Plastic does not feel as sleek or strong. It’s also much thicker. If you carry five or more keys, it just reduces the size of your keychain. However, even if you only carry two keys, we still recommend the Original.

Small disc spacers are included so you may create more uniform keys. Plus, you may choose how tight you want the case is. Your keys will be secured but slightly more difficult to use if you tighten the screw. It will be simpler to access your keys if you leave the screw free, but they are more prone to accidentally flick out.

keysmart pro review
Small disc spacers are included

Because not all keys can fit inside the case, a small loop is provided to which fobs, car keys, and bike keys can be attached. You can choose the additional Magconnect, a magnetic keychain made to make it easy to remove extra keys. Let’s say you’re going to the bars by bus. It’s convenient to not have to twist off a full keyring in order to remove your car keys and leave them at home.

Despite this, we do not suggest using Magconnect. The slightest jostling causes it to easily come apart, which is obviously not good. It would be really annoying to discover if it came off at some point without your knowledge and took your car keys with it.

KeySmart Pro Review from Real Customers

keysmart pro review
KeySmart Pro Review from Brian Sloan

“WOW! This device is worth every penny; everyone at my office is getting one now!” – from Brian Sloan.

keysmart pro review
KeySmart Pro Review from Rennett L. Coleman

“Love it my keys are found every time. But you need good Wifi. And keep charged.” – Rennett L. Coleman.

keysmart pro review
KeySmart Pro Review from Mark

“No worries don’t get so loose as to flip out, they stay inside until you want them out. Been streamlining life lately, and this product makes me feel like I’m doing it right.” – Mark.

keysmart pro review
KeySmart Pro Review from maineiak07

“My husband loves this! It combines two products that he really enjoys: the simplicity of the Keysmart system and the concept hence of tile! It fits perfectly in his pocket with no “stabbing.” Tile works great as always!” – maineiak07.

keysmart pro review
KeySmart Pro Review from Jeremy Jones

“It holds my keys like pocket knife blades and the location feature is amazing. Well worth the money.” – Jeremy Jones.

keysmart pro review
KeySmart Pro Review from Aaron Cabrales

“It was better than I got in my mind. Not only organize my keys simply and elegantly but also when I got a key out each time to open the door, the lighting results really helpful especially at night.” – Aaron Cabrales

Final Verdict

With the above KeySmart Pro Review, the Original KeySmart is a better choice in our opinion. It is basic, minimal, and effective. However, if you regularly lose your keys, the KeySmart Pro version is absolutely ideal (with discount codes) for you, of course.

So, if you’d like to check out KeySmart and its products, go directly to their homepage here.

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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