HomeZada Reviews: 5 Strong Reasons To Use

Now you don’t have to keep your payment receipts and insurance policies in various places in your house because HomeZada is created to help you to handle home duties and data in a centralized place. From building through sale, the software helps you arrange all of your property, including insurance, servicing, maintenance, and finance.

The software has received lots of HomeZada reviews from users. Do people love using it and why? Let’s find out now with this article.

What is HomeZada?

Let’s get started with the basics. HomeZada is simply a digital center for managing your house. It allows you to manage your home’s insurance, upkeep, renovation, and finances.

This web-based home management program gives access to property inventory for insurance cases, uploading relevant documents and contracts, making case lists and project budgeting, monitoring scheduled repairs, and so on.

Using HomeZada can improve your house and increase its value by minimizing avoidable fees associated with unfinished improvements or late payments, making this software so valuable, as stated in HomeZada reviews from users.

Besides, HomeZada is a household management website providing a professional platform, branding, and working tools for residential real estate specialties: there are tools for professionals in real estate insurance, mortgage, buy and sale, construction contractors, homeowners, repair, and service providers.

HomeZada: What are the pros and cons?

  • Individual tasks are generated by a smart engine.
  • Easy to use thanks to the checklist library guide
  • Integration with Gmail, Hotmail, and Outlook
  • Full home description in Zada advertisement
  • A free version and referral programs are available
  • The initial setup is required.
  • You need to use an annual plan to unlock premium features.

Why You Should Use HomeZada?

The key benefits that HomeZada has been focusing on are time and convenience when managing property. For over a decade, HomeZada has been optimizing this process by applying machine learning to generate a list of content from photographs and videos.

Aside from thorough inventory, there are other premium features that contribute to the platform’s popularity.

These are 5 strong reasons people enjoy using the software, according to HomeZada reviews from users.

Simple Spaces Creation with Auto-Complete Features

HomeZada provides an estimated list of spaces (rooms) based on the shared information given, which you can examine and change, by simply populating them.

When the spaces are confirmed, it fills them automatically by generating a list of items from fixed assets and possessions. It also allows you to validate external fixed assets like a rooftop pool, which is really convenient as stated in HomeZada reviews from users.

homezada reviews

Additionally, HomeZada helps you recognize home inventory videos and uses machine learning methods in their mobile app to record and save videos of the rooms as well as external spaces.

Video recognition AI techniques are used to detect inventory items and provide information automatically. A new feature can recognize personal property such as furniture, gadgets, collectibles, and décor, as well as permanent assets such as domestic appliances, equipment, and building materials.

Confirmation of the space-filling informs the user of the competition of the basic account setup.

Great Digital Property Portfolio Advertising in Premium Package

HomeZada has an excellent visual marker for each room as well as unrestricted photo or video downloads. Plus, it has a quick and efficient mass downloading capability. You may choose one of these rooms and put the information about the room.

homezada reviews

After uploading, it’s easy to mark the photo in the proper room and use tags to tag elements on the image. HomeZada even offers a picture recognition tool that can automatically mark an item based on images, making it really easy to manage properties as written in people’s HomeZada reviews.

Your home’s basic details and data are included in the property profile. When selling a property, creating a digital profile allows you to publish a Zada file in the form of an online brochure, offering your potential consumers more data and information about the house.

Ease of Home Finance Management Thanks to Dashboards

HomeZada is a one-of-a-kind platform that displays all of your home’s financial assets and many types of spending as visual charts. It helps you to track your household budget by using several dashboards and payment reminder reports.

With a monthly budget, you can simply manage all household bills such as power, water, garbage, Internet, and seasonal pool cleaning expenses. This is a highly rated feature in a lot of HomeZada reviews from users.

homezada reviews

HomeZada can also calculate your mortgage loan, mortgage loan schedule, balance, repayment date, and interest savings if you use the upgraded version. It also helps you keep track of the coverage and cost of your home insurance policies, as well as your property taxes.

Real estate analytics may be used to calculate the approximate projected cost of a house or to obtain exact pricing estimations. HomeZada constantly changes the worth of your house and the size of your capital. It generates a three-year estimate of approximate worth based on current property market data.

The loan-to-value ratio is also computed to determine the amount of the loan that is backed by equity.

Home Maintenance Schedule Automation

HomeZada can automatically build your home maintenance schedule to help you arrange your tasks more effectively. A well-organized program of routine chores aids in lowering the cost of house maintenance and avoiding costly equipment replacement and interior decoration.

homezada reviews

Also, the HomeZada maintenance plan software can generate an automatic customizable calendar that allows you to track all tasks directly from your phone. Online email reminders and integration tools keep you in contact with your specific automated service schedule and the individuals in charge of doing the required work.

Curated and tailored checklists assist you in dealing with the most severe seasonal problems. You can easily keep track of all your paperwork, charges, and checks here, and you can see how people enjoy this benefit in their HomeZada reviews.

Business Improvement

HomeZada offers a branding program through which an agency or insurance company can brand an app with personal information and a logo to ensure that homeowners are completely confident in the operations.

It is easy to build an ad with a personal photo, broker logo, and contact information with HomeZada PRO. You can also email a gift yearly Premium subscription to your best customers. This is beneficial to business owners, according to several HomeZada reviews.

homezada reviews

When insurance agents and brokers can supply a wide range of extras to their clients, they are perceived as skilled insurance providers. Chubb, a major provider of insurance products, also launched HomeZada’s loyalty program and cut the cost of its premium yearly plan for policyholders to $ 45 per year.

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HomeZada reviews: What have people said?

These are the most common HomeZada reviews by real users.

Mike Wheatley

HomeZada makes the task of running a home a cinch, helping homeowners to keep track of cleaning schedules, maintenance work and various other projects around the home that are vital to its upkeep

Ann Young

My house is my largest asset, and I needed a simple solution to not only manage it today, but help me maximize the value when I sell in the future.


This website allows you to organize everything related to managing your home, all in one easy to find spot


I absolutely love that HomeZada anticipated all my rooms and items to make entering a home inventory easier.


A complete digital home management app where now I know the value of my home and my home equity. Home financial management made easy.

In general, HomeZada reviews show good customer feedback.


From the above HomeZada reviews, you can see that it is actually a really good digital platform to help you with house upkeep, renovating, or simply meeting your home organizing needs. Which of the 5 mentioned reasons above persuades you to use the software?

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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