Impact Mouthguards Review: Custom Protection Worth Investing In?

In this Impact Mouthguards review, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at Impact Mouthguards to see how their products stack up.

When it comes to protecting your pearly whites, a quality mouthguard is essential equipment for contact sports and heavy fitness training. But with so many options on the market, it can be tricky to determine which brand of mouthguard provides the right blend of protection, comfort and value.

In this Impact Mouthguards review, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at Impact Mouthguards to see how their products stack up. Impact Mouthguards specializes in creating custom-fit athletic mouthguards designed to handle high impact activities. By evaluating key factors like materials, fit, breathability and cost, you’ll get the full scoop on whether Impact Mouthguards are worth the investment.

Overview of Impact Mouthguards

Impact Mouthguards is a company founded in 2011 that creates customized mouthguards for athletes and teeth grinders. Based in Alpharetta, GA, what started as crafting mouthguards for friends and family turned into a rapidly growing business that now produces thousands of dental protection devices per year.

Impact Mouthguards offers a range of mouthguard options including their CustomFIT, QuickFIT and PowerLIFT designs. They also create night guards and retainers. In addition to protective gear, Impact sells apparel and accessories through their website’s Pro Shop.

Key Features and Benefits

All mouthguards from Impact share a few core features that the company highlights as their key advantages:

Custom Fit

impact mouthguards review

Every Impact Mouthguard begins with you creating a dental impression at home. This is used to craft a truly customized fit that adheres securely to your teeth. Major athletic health organizations recommend custom-fit guards over generic for superior protection.

Advanced Impact Protection

With patented combinations of medical-grade copolymer and EVA materials, Impact Mouthguards claim to absorb blows and shield teeth from harm better than many competitors.

Optimal Air Flow

Strategic venting allows for easy breathing and unimpeded communication during sports.

Quick Turnaround

Impact promises delivery of your finished custom guard within two weeks of receiving your dental impressions.

MMA and Night Guard Options

impact mouthguards review
Grind Guard

Impact produces models designed specifically for MMA and other combat sports, as well as night guards to protect against teeth grinding and clenching.

Impact Mouthguard Product Line Breakdown

Let’s take a more detailed look at the various mouthguard styles and options sold by Impact:

  • CustomFIT: Impact’s flagship custom athletic mouthguard. Available in over 20 color/design choices.
  • QuickFIT: A simplified custom option with more limited color selections but fast turnaround.
  • PowerLIFT: Created specifically for powerlifters and Olympic weightlifters. Designed for unimpeded breathing and communication when lifting.
  • Zone: Utilizes Impact’s patented combo of copolymer and EVA for ultimate impact absorption. Comes in translucent or black.
  • Night Guards: Multiple designs offered to prevent grinding/clenching when sleeping. Choices include soft, hybrid, and hard acrylic.
  • BANG: Extra thick and durable mouthguard optimized for MMA and other combat sports.
  • Jr. Canes: Branded line of custom hockey mouthguards in partnership with a youth hockey organization.
  • Retainers: Designed to hold braces in place or maintain corrected teeth position after braces are removed.

No matter what sport or activity you participate in, Impact likely offers a mouthguard to suit your protection needs.

How Do Impact Mouthguards Feel and Fit?

impact mouthguards review

One of the most important aspects of any mouthguard is comfort. An ill-fitting guard that impedes breathing or speech won’t offer full protection if it spends more time out of your mouth than in.

Based on numerous customer reviews and testimonials, the consensus is that Impact Mouthguards provide excellent comfort and fit. The custom impression process paired with Impact’s patented materials enables the guards to feel like a natural extension of your mouth.

One customer stated in his Impact Mouthguards review: “My Impact Custom Mouthguard is by far the most comfortable and cost-conscious mouthguard I have ever owned“.

Many also commented on the durable, customizable fit. Since the mouthguard molds specifically to your teeth and gums, you avoid the movement and shifting common with generic boil-and-bite options.

Are Impact Mouthguards Breathable?

impact mouthguards review

Excellent breathability is another hallmark of Impact’s mouthguard design according to buyers. Strategic perforations allow for airflow to prevent the suffocating feeling some guards create. Reviewers noted how Impact guards make it easy to breathe comfortably during intense training and competing.

“It allows me to breathe and speak clearly while wearing it during intense matches,” remarked one martial arts enthusiast in his Impact Mouthguards review of BANG for MMA.

The capacity to breathe naturally while wearing a protective mouthguard is crucial for sports performance and safety. Impact appears to deliver highly effective ventilation without compromising protection.

How Durable Are Impact Guards?

impact mouthguards review

Dentists recommend replacing athletic mouthguards every year or two with frequent use to maintain the highest level of protection as the materials degrade.

Impact Mouthguards reviews noted the products lasted around 12 to 24 months before needing replacement – comparable to other quality custom guards on the market. Others mentioned purchasing multiple back-up guards from Impact to rotate through.

For guards worn mostly for sleeping, the lifetime is often longer. One night guard user mentioned theirs lasting over 3 years before needing to be replaced.

While not indestructible, Impact Mouthguards appear adequately durable when cared for properly. Just be sure to replace them regularly rather than waiting for them to show obvious signs of wear.

Are Impact Mouthguards Difficult to Clean?

Keeping your mouthguard clean maximizes both its longevity and your oral hygiene. Impact recommends gently brushing guards with a soft toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste. Their custom fit designs feature smooth surfaces with few crevices where gunk can accumulate.

Impact Mouthguards reviews revealed the products no more difficult to clean than comparable athletic guards from other brands. A quick daily brushing makes it simple to keep them fresh.

You can also occasionally disinfect your Impact guard using mouthguard cleaner solutions or a denture cleaning tablet. Just be sure to avoid harsh chemicals or boiling, which can distort the fit.

How Much Do Impact Mouthguards Cost?

impact mouthguards review

It’s relevant to point out in this Impact Mouthguards review one downside to custom mouthguards is the price – expect to invest $80 to $150+ for most quality options.

Here’s a pricing breakdown of Impact’s main mouthguard models:

  • CustomFIT: $99
  • QuickFIT: $79
  • PowerLIFT: $99
  • Zone: $129
  • BANG (MMA): $129
  • Night Guards: $129 to $159

At these prices, Impact falls into the middle of the spectrum affordability-wise compared to competitors like Shock Doctor, Sisu and Fight Dentist. Those on a tight budget may gravitate toward Shock Doctor’s $45 boil-and-bite guards, for example.

However, it’s worth considering in this Impact Mouthguards review the degree of customization and dentist-grade materials Impact provides, most feel the investment pays dividends in protection and performance.

Use discounts and promo codes from to save on multi-guards or a new guard each year to make the cost more affordable.

Read on: Impact Mouthguards Instructions: How to Take Impressions, Ship Molds, and Use Your Custom Mouthguard

Impact Mouthguards Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Combing through customer reviews reveals just how satisfied most users are. At the time of writing, the brand averages an excellent 4.8 out of 5 stars across nearly 700 online Impact Mouthguards reviews.

The most frequent praise was for the custom fit making for unbeatable comfort and security during sports. Many also touted the high-quality construction and top-notch customer service from Impact’s staff. Negative reviews were very limited.

impact mouthguards review

Here’s a sampling of standout feedback:

“I cannot believe I suffered through the cheap mouthguards all these years. The fit and comfort is second to none. This stays locked in even when I take shots to the mouth area during sparring.” – Frank T.

“Virtually forgot I was wearing it during games. Allows me to play without worrying about my teeth and breathes so easily.” – Taylor X.

“I grind my teeth badly at night and this mouthguard saved me – no more headaches. Worth every penny.” – Michelle G.

Overall, Impact Mouthguards reviews are mostly positive thanks to comfort, quality and protection across the board.

How Does Impact’s Warranty Work?

Impact provides a limited 30-day “fit guarantee” on all mouthguards. If the sizing or comfort is unsuitable, you can return your unused guard for a 100% refund or credit towards a remake.

They don’t offer an extended or lifetime warranty. But their excellent customer service means if a guard arrives damaged or defective, they’ll typically send a replacement free of charge.

Be sure to inspect and test your new guard as soon as possible once received, and reach out about any warranty issues promptly.

Impact Mouthguards Review: Final Verdict

At the end of the day, Impact Mouthguards stands out as a top provider of customized protective mouth gear. Their focus on crafting a perfect fit tailored to your mouth’s unique contours pays dividends in comfort and security. And their durable lab-grade materials offer peace of mind that your teeth are safe from harm.

Are Impact’s guards right for you? If you engage in contact sports like MMA, boxing, hockey or football, invest in a custom-fit Impact Mouthguard. For just casual pickup games or light training, a cheaper boil-and-bite guard may suffice to save money.

Grinders who clench their teeth at night will also appreciate the comfort and protection of an Impact night guard. Overall, it is safe to say in this Impact Mouthguards review that the company provides an ideal blend of fit, performance and protection to keep your teeth protected.

Just be prepared to make a worthwhile investment for the quality and customization offered. Take advantage of any available coupons and promo codes to keep the costs reasonable.

For more about finding your ideal athletic mouthguards, explore Use these updated coupon codes at checkout for the best prices. With custom protection this good, your teeth will thank you.

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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