Fith Ops Reviews: Best Perimeter Alarm Gears for Camping

It’s always worth planning ahead of time. If you’re going to plan a weekend camping trip, you’ll need strong gear.

Fith Ops provides a lot of good camping and survival gear. It’s likely that you’ll find products that are long-lasting, and keep you safe in different circumstances, according to Fith Ops reviews from customers.

So if you’re searching for high-quality perimeter alarm gears, this guide is for you.

Keeping your family and property safe is not difficult if a few basic, well-placed precautions are taken. Perimeter alarms are useful for protecting your property, your campground, or your bug-out position. A tripwire is usually included in the most basic perimeter alarm system. This does not have to be a complex system. Here are some of the best perimeter alarms from Fith Ops that are really helpful, based on Fith Ops reviews from users.

Top 4 Perimeter Alarm Gears for Camping Based on Fith Ops Reviews from Customers

209 Primer Trip Alarm

Fith Ops 209 Primer Trip Alarm is a tripwire-activated early warning system that may warn home and business owners about intruders or trespassers within their property’s perimeter.

The basic but extremely effective security alarm gadget has a passive triggering feature that responds quickly to any physical movement. You can see how people love this feature in their Fith Ops reviews.

fith ops reviews

It is simple to set up and hide, and no further equipment is required. Once installed at target entrance zones and across paths such as doors and gates, it will be operational instantly.

Plus, it could be reused or reinstalled on other sites. Every security alarm system wire includes mounting hardware as well as safety and activator pins.

12 Gauge Perimeter Trip Alarm

The spring-loaded firing mechanism of the 12 gauge perimeter alarm is combined with a tripwire or line that is installed in the location chosen by the user. When an intruder breaches the tripwire, the firing mechanism activates and discharges a 12 gauge blank loaded in the alarm.

fith ops reviews

Depending on the scenario and necessity, this gadget is compatible with blanks, adapters, flares, and pepper gas. The gear is easy to set up and works really great, as written in Fith Ops reviews from customers.

12 Gauge Perimeter Alarm Kit with 209, 308, and .22Cal Adapters

This item is made of 6061 aluminum and has a spring-loaded firing mechanism with a trip trigger. The device will discharge if the trigger is disturbed while it is loaded.

This is an excellent gadget for installing around your house, camping, garden, and outbuildings, as written in many Fith Ops reviews from users. When an intruder walks through your boundary, you should be alerted.

fith ops reviews

Like all other Fith ops devices, the kit is US-made and of high-quality materials.

The 12g device, the 209 adapter, the.22 power load adapter, and the 308 adapter are all included in one bundle. This enables you to adjust to the ammunition deficit. It is created for a Yellowstone camping trip and employed in tactical training situations.

Dyneema Trip Line

This next-generation trip line is made of multi-filament silicon-coated Kevlar®, which allows for greater flexibility and simplicity of deployment while eliminating the problems associated with metal trip wires.

fith ops reviews

Most trip-activated gadgets are compatible with it. The gear comes with a cool new flexible plastic clamshell dispenser spool. The Fith Ops Dyneema Trip Line is easy to deploy and works well for places that need advanced warnings, according to Fith Ops reviews from users.

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How To Use Tripwire Effectively?

Here are some tripwire tips that could be helpful for you.

Setting a tripwire between 3″ and 5″ from the ground is an efficient height since the most essential thing is that it is undetectable and readily activated.

Look for places with excellent natural camouflage, such as tall grass or shrubs, to ensure your tripwire is hidden.

fith ops reviews

Consider the routes an intruder would take on your property or around your campground when deciding where to place the tripwire.

Look for spots in dark shadow at night where an intruder may move, as well as places that can’t be seen from your windows or doors.

Make the tripwire as tight as possible since temperature variations may set it off. The middle of the line should be able to move approximately an inch from side to side without breaking.

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Fith Ops Reviews: What Have People Said?

These are some of the most common Fith Ops reviews from users.

Cool gadget

Easy to set up and it’s really loud when it goes off. The only issue is finding primers in any store – from Steve B.

209 Primer Trip

Work great, Easy to use and setup,. Thank you for offering such a great product Tnx, Mike – from WBW

You need these!

I bought two for early warning purposes…black bears and griz where I like to hang out. They’re easy to set and seem very reliable. I’m not looking to harm, just wanna feel a little safer. – from William H.

Fith Ops reviews of the 12 gauge perimeter trip alarm w/209 adapter:


Use them as “predator” deterrent. Fill with dried ghost pepper and set them up. Works great. – from Perfect

Best 12 gauge trip alarm GOAT!

This is the best Trip alarm on the market, bar none. The thing is built like a tank out of billet aluminum. A powerful steel spring and hard firing pin make sure detonation takes place every time. Highly effective and very reliable. There are a million and one shells, blanks, flash bangs, adapters, and many other accessories that make it very versatile, for a multitude of different applications. And product support is 100% I encourage you to contact the staff with any questions. They are punctual with responses and very polite! A great company that makes a great product! – from Timothy M.

Reviews of the Fith Ops Flashbang:


PERFECT experience. They wrk well for those places an ADVANCE warning is needed. Excellent Product. – from Terry S.

“Warning shots”

These are neat little “warning shots” for coyotes that seem to like hanging around my back yard. I guess they are after my chickens. – from Donald H.

Reviews of the Fith Ops Camp Safe


Great set up for preimeter defense in places not normally your surroundings. It works very well and easy to use with quick set up. – from Terry S

Camp Safe Trip Alarm

Fantastic product. Kit is put together very nicely. Rugged. Work great – from William S.

Fith Ops Claymore reviews:

Claymore review

I have bought several of these and I give them away to all my nieces and nephews and grand kids and friends of all ages and they all enjoy them greatly. Which reminds me, I need to order more. Thank you – from Sam J.


I found these items easy to use and extremely fun to use. I had a lot of fun laying wit these. Will most likely will by more. – from Lee R.

Overall, Fith Ops products are highly rated in most Fith Ops reviews.


Whether you travel into the wilderness alone or with your family, tactical survival gear is essential. It is not difficult to prevent possible dangers by choosing and carrying the best survival gear for your trip.

Now you can feel more confident in Fith Ops products after reading the Fith Ops reviews from customers above. Which of the gears mentioned are you going to try? These updated coupon codes from Fith Ops will be of great help.

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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