Baby Diapers Size 5, 132 Count – Pampers Swaddlers, ONE MONTH SUPPLY (Packaging and Prints on Diapers May Vary)

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  • Trusted protection, Pampers is the #1 U.S. Pediatrician Recommended Brand
  • LockAway Channels absorb wetness and lock it away
  • Breathefree Liner helps soothe and protect baby’s skin
  • Soft flexi-sides for comfortable fit
  • Gentle on baby’s delicate skin, Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Diapers is hypoallergenic and free of parabens and latex (Natural rubber)
  • Protect your newborn’s delicate belly with our Umbilical Cord Notch (Sizes N–2)
  • Pampers Wetness Indicator

Specification: Baby Diapers Size 5, 132 Count – Pampers Swaddlers, ONE MONTH SUPPLY (Packaging and Prints on Diapers May Vary)

Product Dimensions

9.88 x 19.02 x 11.06 inches, 8.77 Pounds

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8.77 pounds


Procter & Gamble

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July 12, 2018

12 reviews for Baby Diapers Size 5, 132 Count – Pampers Swaddlers, ONE MONTH SUPPLY (Packaging and Prints on Diapers May Vary)

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  1. Ortiz Family

    So I have been purchasing all of my Pampers diapers on here for over a year now. I should have known on my last purchase when they looked different something was a-miss. The last order did not have the Sesame Street characters but instead little kitties, I thought no big deal, new marketing tactic? Then I started to really notice the difference….First off, they were visibly different in the overall size and thickness. They appeared to be much thinner and flimsy. The tabs ripped off several times. Many of the diapers had dark brownish spots under the material as if their was too much chemical or went something in production (I was too afraid to put the mystery spotty diapers on my son so I ended up throwing probably at least 8 away). They left little white pieces of material all over my sons bottom and WORST of all they gave him terrible diaper rash :(- which NEVER happens!!. After that I threw them out and ran to my local Target to get a new box of QUALITY pampers. Fast Forward to last week>>> I decided to go on amazon to check the reviews and many parents shared my same concern. I noticed when I went to place an order that their we very distinct NEW and OLD over each box, thinking they fixed the problem I was sure to order a NEW box of pampers hoping to get the standard Sesame characters I was used to but much to my disappointment (and $54 later) when the box arrived it was the same low grade diapers I had just thrown away.

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  2. Kevin B.

    I received the diapers in a Pampers box but the diapers were fake. No Pampers logo on them like the previous diapers I bought and the artwork is not the same as the Pampers diapers. My baby leaked through his diapers 3 times in a row and that’s when I noticed that they didn’t look like the other Pampers I have. Total scam! Save yourself and don’t buy these diapers.

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  3. MDC

    Just received our new box and I had heard they were no longer doing the Sesame Street design. No biggie. But when I went to change my daughter and grabbed one I immediately noticed it felt thinner like an off brand that we had tried and didn’t like. Didn’t think much of it but when I went to change her she had actually peed a little through the diaper. She had just been checked recently too so she hadn’t been sitting in and/or done multiple pees. They seem bigger in the waist and the part that gathers around the leg seems looser as well. I’m so disappointed in these and have been using pampers since day 1 but now I guess we will have to look into switching.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    I recently purchased a box of these pampers swaddlers (size 2 – 186 count) and have been using them for the last few days. At first we thought these were not authentic pampers as they are drastically different than what we normally get from pampers swaddlers (ie, the fit around her legs is different, the absorbency is horrible, the tabs seem different ect). I reached out to pampers and these are authentic. They have redesigned the pampers swaddlers to be softer and to include a woodland theme design. The name has also been changed to pampers swaddlers Active Baby. Ever since we started using the new design, my 8 month old is constantly leaking urine and stool out of her diaper regardless of how often we changed her. They leak out through the legs and through the diaper itself. For example, we changed her just before leaving my sister’s place yesterday and when we got home 30 minutes later, we discovered that she leaked all over her brand new carseat. We still have a few diapers from her last box (old design and same size 2) that we put on to compare and they work perfectly. They fit comfortably and there is absolutely no leaking whatsoever. If this new design is completely replacing the old design that we have loved since day 1, I think we are going to have to try out a different pampers line (ie. Pampers baby dry) or even possibly a different brand all together. Extremely disappointed in the new pampers swaddlers active baby and will definitely not purchase these again.

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  5. Alexander Lutchenko

    After switching to “Swaddlers Active Baby” they are not as good as regular “Swaddlers” used to be. I’ve had to make a hard decision to switch to another brand after two years with Pampers. And actually I’m happy with my choice, another brand is better

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  6. Becca

    I have LOVED Pampers once my daughter was born. They worked well for her sensitive skin and gave us the fewest blowouts of all the brands we’ve tried (pretty much all of them!). I am OUTRAGED at this price increase. I thought it was just amazon with its price fluctuations, but when I went to target to stock up for daycare, I found that their price on Pampers had gone up too. $0.38 per diaper is absolutely crazy. I have cancelled my subscription and am back to trying out other brands. I’m willing to pay more for better quality, but these are the same quality as I bought last month. These are no longer in my working mama budget. Pampers, do yourself a favor and be kind to your customers.

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  7. Dj Moonwalk

    We’ve used Pampers swaddlers continously for the last 5 years!! It has always been the Sesame Street swaddlers that were thick and absorbent. We could put kids in Swaddlers overnight and not worry. Not so with the latest batch. Sesame Street is gone and the diapers are really thin, feel cheap, and are non-absorbent. Two massive overnight leaks were the last straw for the “new Swaddlers”. We had to make an urgent run to Target to buy Overnight Huggies. We still have 100+ of the new crappy Swaddlers left but we will only use them up during the day when we can change frequently. $49 for a box of garbage diapers will not end well for Pampers. We are looking at joining Costco just so we can buy the Costco brand diapers which we hear are cheaper and better quality!! Until then, it is Huggies.

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  8. Brad Bergsma

    Dear Victoria,
    As I write you this letter, it is the year of our Lord 2021. Yes! It is frankly incomprehensible to me as well, having travelled forward through time these 300-odd years.
    I write to you to marvel about a particular technological aid to mothers. These devices are crafted of soft paper, and filled with the fluffiest, lightest pulp you can imagine… These little pouches are strapped around the bottoms of little ones, and as they defecate, it is simply discarded, and a new one applied! But that’s not all… the little ones may try to wet themselves as they wish, the little contraption simply wicks it away… Aw, the wonders never cease…
    Yet, it breaks my heart that technology has yet to really break through, and as I write this I must confront the reality that I may never return this letter to you, my love.
    In sincere hopes that I can someday find my way back to 1673.
    Yours truly,
    Philip Elwood Egerton

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  9. AS

    Overall happy with this diaper. I find it really big though for my baby so I hike it up which is fine until she gets bigger. Wish it had a back pocket to catch poop that goes to the back. Have had a few blowouts which didn’t happen with Huggies as much since those have the back pocket. The scent is fine, but sometimes I can’t tell if my baby has pooped because the scent of the diaper overpowers it. It’s not the worst, but if you’re looking for an unscented diaper, this isn’t it. I’d give 5 stars if this diaper had a back pocket. Great price and value though.

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  10. Alisha

    It’s an okay diaper. I am truely at a loss here. The huggies were great for staying on BUT had hard lumps inside it (size 4) Now this these papers ones, the tabs that you close come open really easily. Does no decent size 4 diaper exist? It seems like in every brand there is always something wrong with this size. I will keep searching… and would also prefer a diaper that is not scented. Babies don’t need scented diapers. I feel like as time goes on diaper companies are getting continuously cheaper with the diapers and charging more for them..

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  11. Amazon Customer

    I absolutely hate the new design! I miss the Sesame Street characters and so does our kid. These diapers feel thinner and not as good quality – and these are Swaddlers, so I’m paying a premium for the premium diaper. They’re cutting corners: less material (thinner product), less dyes (faded colors), less licensing fees (no Sesame Street) – so their diapers are costing them less to make, and yet they’re charging the same for less diapers per box! This is not fair to consumers.

    Bring back Sesame Street!

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  12. Mark Merenda

    We have been using pampers for 16 months now. They have been very good quality. We love them, at least until recently. The diapers feel cheaper, much thinner, the tabs rip off often, and seem to leak more often. But then we also noticed from last months order to this recent order we went from a month supply of 164 size four diapers, to a month supply of 150 diapers. Yo pampers, what gives? That’s kinda shady, giving 14 less diapers, same price, and pretty cheap quality. Not sure if we will continue with the subscription if the quality doesn’t change back. I thought maybe they were knock offs, but I recently went to the store and bought a package there, and it was exactly the same design super thin diapers. So pampers obviously lowered the quality as well as quantity recently since getting rid of the Sesame Street designs. We buy pampers because they were the best, but now that’s really not the case. Very disappointing for such expensive diapers.

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