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Baby Diapers Size 2, 180 Ct, Huggies Little Snugglers

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  • Huggies Little Snugglers baby diapers size 2 fit babies 12-18 lb. (5-8 kg)
  • GentleAbsorb Liner provides absorbent layer of protection with premium softness & breathability for sensitive skin
  • Huggies’ Pocketed Waistband helps prevent diaper blowouts & contains the mess.Do not flush
  • Leak Lock System helps prevent leaks for up to 12 hours, plus wetness indicator changes color when baby is ready for a diaper change
  • Fragrance free, lotion free, paraben free, and free of elemental chlorine & natural rubber latex
  • Now with Double Grip Strips that help keep the diaper in place while crawling, moving or walking (Size 2+)
  • Packaging may vary from image shown

Specification: Baby Diapers Size 2, 180 Ct, Huggies Little Snugglers

Product Dimensions

13.25 x 14.87 x 12.75 inches, 11.9 Pounds

Item Weight

11.9 pounds




Kimberly-Clark Corp.

Country of Origin


Item model number


Date First Available

February 21, 2019

12 reviews for Baby Diapers Size 2, 180 Ct, Huggies Little Snugglers

3.3 out of 5
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  1. Pascal

    We’ve used Huggies Little Snugglers from beginning to the end with my first daughter and we were really satisfied with them, with the absorbency, the look, and the overall feel of the diaper. It goes without saying that, with our second baby, we are returning to Little Snugglers again and are still extremely pleased. Do note that they also have a small yellow line at the front which turns blue when the baby has urinated. It’s easy enough to tell if it needs changing from the feel when holding the baby, but the blue line can be useful for a quick check.

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  2. Dimeras

    Since the beginning of the “pandemic” the quality on range of huggies diapers including snugglers size 4 has deteriorated significantly. They are the best fitting diapers, however diaper padding has changed with hard/clumps felt in the padding and patchy when help up to the light. When soiled by pee they hang unevenly which never happened before. The only diaper that is ok is the Special Delivery, however on the latest box I ordered, I also found a few clumps. I have sent many many boxes back and contacted huggies numerous times, however the issue has continued. I have had to switch to a competitor. ps. I do not normally write reviews as my twins leave me little time. However am so disappointed. Has anyone else experienced the same issue?

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  3. Des

    Boycotting Huggies from now on after I received 2 separate orders in which the diapers were crunchy and weird feeling and then to top it off my poor cold got a very serious rash from these that made her bum so red and rashes, something she has never had before and stopped as soon as we used pampers then immediately came back as we tried the next box of Huggies again. I advice parents not to use this brand, I felt so bad seeing my poor child crying in pain because I chose to put her in these c terrible diapers yet again thinking it was just a fluke, and not to mention pampers diapers are cheaper price for the same a quantity. Please please be careful with your babies skin and avoid the mistake I made in trusting to use these diapers.

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  4. tara

    The diapers themselves, I have no issue with. But after getting through most of the box, I opened a pack and realized that one whole pack was defective. One tab was ripped on all diapers! No refund or replacement was allowed. Customer service said I have to return all the diapers. However the other 130 are filled with poop and pee in the trash. So I’m out of luck.

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  5. Nancy C.

    Los compré únicamente por que estaban en promoción y me salieron bastante económicos, (3.08 cada uno) pero al precio que regularmente (como 8 pesos cada uno) está se me hace ridiculo pagar tanto por esto, es exactamente lo mismo que el pañal huggies supreme pero con el indicador de humedad. La verdad considero que no estamos tan tontos para no poder detectar que un pañal está sucio

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  6. Blaire Champion

    I love how soft huggies little snugglers are. They keep the mess in for the most part. I’ve only had a couple leaks here and there but not often. Only thing I dont like is they run a tad bit small. Shes size 2 and they fit snug where size 2 Pampers are perfect size. Other than that I love huggies!
    Edit: pics show huggies a little bit smaller than pampers but huggies hold the mess in better!

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  7. Brittany

    My now 9mo old daughter has been using these diapers for the last 3-4mos. When she was first born we used pampers swaddlers(I used these with my older 2 and LOVED THEM!) well they wouldn’t even be full and they always felt damp on the outside of the diaper, so we went on to use Honest Co. we liked them but she started having little red what almost looked like pimples on her hiney that I couldn’t get to go away even after investing a large amount of money in different creams. Well I got sick of having to figure out the best time to order and some times I wouldn’t get the pattern I had chosen and they would send me random ones without even notifying me(yes I know small detail!). So I decided to venture out and see what I could buy locally, tried cruisers, hated them, tried luvs, hated them, tried the huggies with Mickey Mouse on them, wasn’t a fan. So I bit the bullet and decided to try the huggies little snugglers!!!! Best decision EVER!!! I absolutely love these diapers for MANY reasons!! They have double velcro which helps keep the diaper in place and harder for those babies that like to strip their diapers!! They are so soft and beat of all…. Her bottom has never been so clear!! We plan to try again in October and I will be stocking up on these for the next nugget!!! I have seen several posts that these in particular are counterfeit? Not exactly sure how you counterfeit a diaper but whatever!! The box I received is the exact same diapers as the ones I purchased from target!!

    The smaller package in my pics are from target and the bigger package are the ones I ordered off of here!!

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  8. AliceB

    I have tried many different diapers: Honest, Target, every Pampers, every Huggies, Target, Kroger and Albertsons diapers, Seventh Generation, Luvs.
    It’s difficult to find Huggies Snugglers Size 4 in the store. I have to use Amazon.
    I like Snugglers because it doesn’t soak through quickly like Pampers, is soft yet sturdy like Honest, and isn’t paper thin like Luvs. Also hugs better around thighs.

    The best part- the poop trap at the top back of the diaper so that you have some extra insurance on a blow-out!!

    My 29 month old and 11 month old wears them during the day.

    For night time we don’t use them. We have a 2 diaper system for zero nightime blow outs:
    Any size 4 non-chlorine diaper on 1st and a small slit cut in front of diaper where pee accumulates and then a size 5 overnight of any cheap diaper over it. It’s amazing, an engineer told me to do that for overnight. The cut in the 1st diaper (use non-chlorine for diaper that is cut, against baby’s skin) allows for overflow to the 2nd larger diaper.

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  9. Lucy

    J’ai beaucoup aimé cette couche douce, absorbante et sans odeur jusqu’à quand nous ayons découvert un défaut de fabrication. Nous avons utilisé la moitié (64 couches) et il y avait 20 couches inutilisables (donc environ 30%), sans une attache velcro ou velcro semi détaché.
    Nous avons contacté Amazon pour le retour. C’est vraiment dommage, car nous avons quand même aimé ce produit… peut-être nous n’étions pas chanceux…

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  10. iamdanyelle

    Super disappointed with the “new” Little Snugglers. We’ve been using the “old” ones for years and (stupidly) assumed the update was just to the box. Almost the entire box of diapers has hard crunchy things inside the diapers – like if they got wet, dried & sent to us anyway. They aren’t nearly as soft either, which has always been a huge plus. As if that weren’t bad enough, the cost per diapers has is significantly higher (increased cost for fewer diapers). Huggies have been our go to diapers, as we find they work best for our chubby babies. Hopefully we just got a bad box bc if the next arrives with the same issue, we’ll definitely have to find a new brand.

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  11. Angelique

    We have trusted huggies as a family for years. When our first child was born (daughter) we were given a package of a different brand in the hospital. We began to realize a rash on our newborns bottom area.
    Outlining the diaper design. We switched to huggies little snugglers and have never looked back.
    Our daughter has taken to using the diapers to help her learn how to count.
    Our son (2nd child) is now onto huggies little movers. The absorbancy is great, especially for those longer changing times. The leak proof has stood the test time and time again. The infamous baby “blow-outs” are nonexistent for us with this brand. There is no odor and the material is durable.
    We gift these, we buy these. This is not a paid or compensated review. With almost 12,000 diapers tested…We just trust and back this brand.

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  12. Humming4Him

    I was having difficulty finding size 3 in the snugglers at my local Costco and Sam’s club, and wasn’t ready to upgrade to the little movers. I settled on a similar priced ones here on Amazon. Having used huggies of smaller sizes I expected the same quality diapers. I spent $45 for premium size 3 Huggies little snugglers and received a knock of with the same outter design.

    1. The box was a different size, cased 4 individual packs rather than the standard 2.

    2. What I recieved was much thinner and the absorbent fluff was paper thin, off centered and didn’t have the same soft fluffy dots as the previous sizes (see picture)

    I’m out $45, hope this helps save yours! The diapers are fair enough, but definitely generic in quality. Not worth my cash or Huggies reputation.

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