YMImports Reviews: 5 Best Traditional Board Games

Most people think of classic board games like chess or Monopoly when it comes to traditional board games. But what if you still want a wonderful classic board game but don’t want something as complicated as chess? Yellow Mountain Imports (YMImports) can help.

Here are the top 5 traditional board games that are highly rated by YMImports reviews from players. Let’s dive right in!

YMImports Reviews: 5 Best Traditional Board Games


Backgammon requires each player to move 15 checker pieces between 24 points, 12 on each side of the board. The final aim is to roll two dice and move the checkers from their starting places to your own quarter of the board, finally bear them off – that is, get them all into your container off the board.

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This is a magnificently made set fit for one of the oldest known board games, according to YMImports reviews from players. Two sets of 15 tough acrylic backgammon checkers, four dice, a doubling cube, and two wooden dice cups are included. The board has an artistically designed playground with inlaid pips as well as the checker and accessory organizing areas.


Most mancala games work on the rule that you fill each divot with an equal amount of seeds for both players, and the aim is to finish the game with the most seeds in your side’s bin, known as your store. You earn points by bringing seeds to your store one home at a time.

You do this by emptying a seed hole and placing one seed in each home in a circle around the playing area until you run out of seeds. You generally get to go again if your final seed lands in your shop. Similarly, if your last seed lands in an empty hole on your board side, you can collect any seeds on your opponent’s side and place them all in your store.

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This game can help you improve your strategic counting skills. YMImports Mancala Set includes a wooden board, playing stones, and game instructions. The board has a gorgeous theme, as stated in some YMImports reviews from customers. Mancala is a fun game that develops counting and fine motor abilities while also improving strategic thinking and social skills.


The game is played on an 8×8 chess board, although there are widespread versions played on 10×10 and 12×12 boards. Draughts is a must-have merely for the board and pieces, as there are several varieties you can play with these pieces, as with many of the classic board games on this list.

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People really enjoy their game time with this chess set, as written in lots of theirYMImports reviews. The board is made of Zelkova wood, which is renowned for its gorgeous grain and is used to produce elegant bowls and even big furniture pieces. Playing these traditional strategy games, which are suitable for both children and adults, is believed to improve memory recall, focus, and problem-solving skills.


The principle of the game is that you aim to create a hand of runs, pairs, and sets in various suits. That is the easiest part. The fact that not all hands are recognized as legitimate makes mahjong challenging.

The initial challenge is merely figuring out the tiles themselves, whereas the difficulty in mastering mahjong is determining which hands are legitimate and how to build them.

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This YMImports standard-size Chinese mahjong set primarily follows Chinese rules. There are no Joker tiles or Arabic numerical marks (except on Flower Tiles), only the original characters and iconography in classic Chinese mahjong tile art.

Playing mahjong improves strategic thinking skills, and social interaction throughout the game improves general mental wellness! You can see how people love this game set in their YMImports reviews.

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The game’s premises are deceptively simple: each player receives a supply of pieces in their color, and they take turns placing their pieces on the board’s crossing spots. The normal board size is 19×19, which allows players to put their pieces in over 300 spots.

The eventual goal is to orthogonally surround your opponent’s pieces in order to seize the territory they occupy and eliminate them from the board. To win, surround the other player’s pieces with yours until neither player can make a lawful move; whoever has seized the most territory on the board wins.

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Many board game lovers recommend this Go Game Set in theirYMImports reviews. The Go Stones are kept in perfect form by high-quality plastic, sturdy hinges, and easy storage bowls. You can play this magnetic Go game set whenever and wherever you choose.

YMImports Reviews: Is It The Best Board Game Set Provider?

About YMImports

YMImports specializes in selling beautiful classic game sets. They really come with an identity that would be as entertaining as the games they offer.

YMI also delivers a one-of-a-kind goban and gosu created completely of bamboo parts put together to make the board. Thicknesses ranging from 2cm table board to 5cm are available.

YMImports Reviews: What Have People Said?

Let’s have a look at some of the most common YMImports reviews from customers.

ymimports reviews

Wonderful set!

I spent a bit of time searching for a decent backgammon board to replace an old one, and came up this one. I decided to spend the little bit extra, and I’m glad I did! This board is utterly beautiful and well built. It stores easily too, and had strong magnets to keep it from opening accidentally. A good buy. – from Jacob O’Kussick
ymimports reviews

Beautiful Game

The aesthetic is phenomenal and the stone pieces have a great feel to them. The holes are a tad small if you have large hands. Overall, we love it. – from Carolyn Karinen

MostYMImports reviews from buyers are positive feedback.

Just What I Wanted

Didn’t I rate other games from Yellow Mountain?
I bought this because they also had Shogi and Xiangqui and Go sets and I thought it would be good to have chess around, too.
Love the store. More people should play these abstract strategy games from around the world! – from Drew Cooper
ymimports reviews


Simply fantastic. Product arrived much earlier than anticipated and in mint condition. Would absolutely recommend to others and buy from again. – from Cameron C.
ymimports reviews

YMI, as always, doesn’t disappoint

This is an excellent set for someone just getting into the game of Go or someone needing a decent-sized yet still portable set. The stones don’t move at all once placed and there is still a pleasant sound coming from placing them onto the board. My only complaint is that the little recesses on the bottom of the board don’t really hold the stone bowls in place very well, but I place the board vertically in a backpack so I’m not sure what design would. So far no stones have spilled while traveling folded anyway, so a minor complaint at worst. – from Stephen Smith

Overall, you can see people’s satisfaction in their YMImports reviews.


If you haven’t had a chance to play some of these classic games, now could be the time. Even if it requires some effort, they are well worth it.

Also, theYMImports reviews from buyers may help you feel more confident in your game sets. So which one are you going to give a try? These Yellow Mountain Imports coupons will be helpful. Use the best YMImports discount code and enjoy your game time!

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