YesWelder 205DS Review: Is It The Best Multi-Process Welder?

MIG welding is particularly popular among DIYers and hobbyists as it is fairly easy to learn. You can buy the YesWelder Digital MIG-205 DS MIG Welder at a reasonable price and use it in your garage for a variety of projects. Our YesWelder 205DS review will discuss detailed information to see if it is the best multi-process welder.

YesWelder 205DS Review: What Are The Key Features?

  • Output amperage range of 30 to 205A (MIG) and 20-180A (MMA) (at 220V).
  • Digital display.
  • Synergic Controlled on MIG function.
  • Automatic change of the voltage & wire feeding speed when you adjust the amperage or choose different thicknesses.
  • Multi-process welder MIG/MAG/ Flux Core/ARC/Lift TIG welding (lift TIG is optional).
  • Has a safety feature that has an automated over-current, over-voltage, and over-heating protection function.
  • IGBT inverter technology gives high power in a compact and light welder (33 pounds).
  • 2T and 4T mode, use 2T for spot welding and simple work and 4 T for continuous long welding.
  • Pure copper transformer, produce incomparable conduction, a higher reliability rating besides, it is a smaller size.
  • One button for selecting gas and gasless welding (Gas-MIG / Gasless-MIG / lift-TIG / stick).
  • This welder can handle 2 pounds (4 inches diameter) and 10 pounds (8 inches diameter) wire rolls.
  • 2 rollers are integrated into the wire feeder type on a single drive.
  • This welder can be used for decoration welding, car body modification, and maintenance equipment.
  • Able to switch between various welding conditions.

YesWelder 205DS Review: What Are The Pros and Cons?

  • Multi-process welder MIG/MAG/ Flux Core/ARC/Lift TIG welding.
  • Dual voltage power supply 110 V/220 V.
  • Compact and lightweight, weighing only 33 pounds.
  • Bright LCD display.
  • Pure copper transformer.
  • MIG welding modes: 2T and 4T
  • Gas-on button to adjust the regulator pre-welding.
  • Synergic controlled on MIG function.
  • Only one-year limited warranty.
  • Unable to use spool guns.
  • The gas regulator and TIG torch are not included.
  • DC TIG process only.
  • The foot pedal cannot be used with TIG welding.

YesWelder 205DS Review: What You Should Know Before Buying

yeswelder 205ds review

Power specification

The welding amperage range for the YesWelder MIG-205DS is 30 to 205A (MIG) / 20 to 180A (MMA) at 220V and 30 to 166A (MIG) / 20 to 146A (MMA) at 110V. It operates on a supply voltage of 110V/220V, 50/60 Hz.

This welder’s power range makes it suitable for carrying out a variety of operations, from small repairs to medium-sized welding projects.

Duty cycle

The duty cycle is the portion of a 10-minute welding session that the unit can complete without overheating.

With the YesWelder MIG-205DS, you can weld for 6 minutes and then give the machine a 4-minute break thanks to its 60% Duty Cycle at 160A of 110V current and 60% Duty Cycle at 205A of 220V current, and 158A at 100% duty cycle for continuous operation.

Aluminum Welding

Aluminum cannot be welded using the YesWelder MIG-205DS. AC TIG welding cannot be done with this machine. Additionally, it is not spool gun prepared. As a result, aluminum cannot be MIG welded.

One suggestion from our YesWelder 205DS review is that If you intend to weld aluminum, you should look for another dedicated TIG or MIG equipment from YesWelder.

The thickness of the metal

To choose the right welder, it is crucial to be clear about the thickness of the metals to be welded. The output current’s minimum and maximum values are essential.

The minimum thickness you can weld is shown by the minimum current, and the greatest thickness is indicated by the maximum current. The material and joint configuration also affect the thickness of the current relation.

The maximum welding current range for the YesWelder MIG-205DS is 205A, so bear that in when making your decision.

Weight and portability

If you intend to use it in different places, portability becomes essential. The 33-pound YesWelder MIG-205DS is a small and lightweight machine. Whichever YesWelder 205DS review you read, this is ideal welding equipment to carry from one place to another.

The machine’s dimensions of 18.11 by 8.07 by 14.17 inches make it portable and easy to move to various job sites.

Machine consumables

Of course, you cannot begin MIG welding as soon as you have the equipment in hand. You need to have the shielding gas as well as additional add-ons or consumables (wire spools, etc.

Except for a few tips, the Yeswelder does not come with welding wire, electrodes, or any other consumables. However, this machine is not bad at all if its features meet your needs. Keep reading our YesWelder 205DS review to know about customer feedback.

YesWelder 205DS Review: What Have People Said?

Perfect and beautiful

Its so perfect and good value with good price. Professional machine which you can do so much stuff and cool work and practice too. I love it. And I wish if you guys can upgrade it to another switch for wire speed manual. It will be more better then. Thank you for this cool item.

Honest YesWelder 205DS review

So far this Mig Synergic Welder has exceeded my expectations. I have tested so far .030 gas-less flux INE core, .030 stainless steel wire with co2 mix, .035 Flux core and .035 mild steel with co2 mix all have passed with great results. I have tested on both 120v with .030 core ine wire and 220v with .035 core ine wire , All I can say is, wow. I have worked with Lincoln Welders but a draw back , they are heavy to carry around on jobs.

The Yeswelder left me surprised, So if it continues to impress me I will get another one and leave this one locked down and get another one as my portable one. Further more, I am really impressed with the “Synergic” automatic programming makes it easy to weld on the correct settings. Btw , I built a Metal brake with my new Yeswelder! I guess the true test will be how long it will last compared to my 5 year dual 180 Lincoln that has never failed me. Also the replacement tips and nozzle are the same as the Lincoln welder! Extremely happy!

Cool little welder

I’m stoked to try this thing out ive been on the fence for awhile now about these, and when I got my stimulus check last week I had to order one. But I’m a little bummed to see the box was damaged and it looks like the welder took a fall, there is a crease in the top at the back and the corner is a little deformed but I plugged it in and seems to be working. I got the 4 year warranty from Amazon with it so I’m going to try to run it.

This is another YesWelder 205DS review from Sam J.

Amazing deal. Buy this before anything else.

This thing is AWESOME! Just got it this morning, but I’ve already tried the stick and flux wire functions and they are phenomenal for what this machine costs.

I was also surprised to see how TINY this thing is! It’s slightly smaller and lighter than my old cheapo harbor freight basic flux welder.

Really looking forward to trying out the MIG functionality when I get a gas tank later today. But so far, wow! Just buy it!
yeswelder 205ds review

Great welder for hobbiests

It takes dome getting used to because you don’t have manual control. After adhusting the settings, it takes a bit of trial and error. I just added a tank of 75/25, which produced much better welds than Flux core wire. – YesWelder 205DS review from Mr. Ski Tamborski, Sr.


Once again, the YesWelder Digital MIG-205 DS MIG Welder is popular among the hobbyist and DIY lovers. It is an inexpensive and accessible MIG welder and great for those who need to work on different sites.

Our YesWelder 205DS review also comes with the most updated coupon code from YesWelder, don’t forget to make use of it.

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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