Wrong Weather Reviews And An Essential Guide To Men’s Urban Clothing

Urban Clothing has become a major part of our international fashion. Sometimes there are guys who wear urban clothing every day yet they don’t know much about the fashion style they follow. While in Portugal, Wrong Weather is emerging as a prominent brand of urban clothing, especially for men. This article will provide an essential guide to urban clothing for guys and the most common Wrong Weather reviews.

What Is Urban Clothing?

Urban youth that enjoys hip-hop and rap music is mainly known for wearing urban clothing, which is a type of clothes associated with urban cultures. Urban clothing may take on diverse forms depending on the region, and different nations do not always have the same kinds of clothing.

Younger urban people who are not yet expected to dress professionally are typically the ones who are driving change in this urban fashion.

Men’s Guide: How To Choose The Best Urban Clothing?

Neutrals and Dark Tones

Instead of the technicolor of traditional streetwear, urban streetwear favors the quiet beauty of darker tones and muted neutrals.

wrong weather reviews

A color palette with a predominance of dark colors suggests a more formal and more serious attitude. A monochromatic color palette works wonderfully for bringing everything together, even when adding more casual pieces. Men who care about fashion frequently favor black, dark blue, and charcoal gray. These are also the most popular colors of Wrong Weather items, according to various Wrong Weather reviews.

Play with Proportion

Don’t be hesitant to play about with proportion. Your outfit can suddenly have that casual streetwear vibe by pairing a chunkier, baggier piece with a more classic one without attracting too much notice. Choose just one piece that is looser and keep the rest of your outfit more fitted to keep a classy look. Once you’ve found a look that works for both your personality and your body type, experiment with different proportions.

While some guys might like baggier bottoms, others would choose bigger tops. It all comes down to adding your own personality to the set and letting the two styles conflict and enhance one another.


Runners are an essential element of an outfit for urban wear. Even the most unremarkable outfit can be improved and given that extra edge with a nice pair of sneakers.

wrong weather reviews

It might be challenging to choose one brand over another when there are so many options.  But if you want to start out right, go with a pair that is entirely white. Keep up with the latest shoe trends because they are undoubtedly worth the hype.


Put on a jacket as an easy fix if the outfit you put together looks too plain. What kind though? Any military- or biker-inspired clothing, such as a bomber or moto jacket, will brighten up a drab look. For a more laid-back, grungy look, parkas, and denim jackets are also a wonderful choice.

A well-made tailored coat is a terrific way to add a formal touch and spruce up a casual look if you want to take it a step further. Feel free to choose an oversized or fitted silhouette for outerwear. Both are acceptable and bring about various emotions.

wrong weather reviews

A wonderful piece of advice is to match your footwear to some extent. Slim shoes go nicely with a slim jacket, though this is not something mandatory. Similar to how hunkier shoes complement boxy outerwear.

After everything you need to know to dress urban clothing nicely, let’s look through some of the most common Wrong Weather reviews of this popular urban clothing brand.

Wrong Weather Reviews: Is It The Top Urban Clothing Brand From Portugal?

About Wrong Weather

The concept store Wrong Weather, which specializes in men’s clothing, is situated on Avenida da Boavista, next to Casa da Música.  It was established in 2009 with the goal of selling products from cutting-edge, worldwide designers and new brands.

wrong weather reviews

While Wrong Weather mostly sells urban clothing, it has recently provided additional options including a sportswear store next to the main store and an art gallery with exhibits by the most popular artists at the main store. Customers can shop online as well.

Wrong Weather Reviews: What Have People Said?

These are the most common Wrong Weather reviews from customers.

wrong weather reviews

The purchase process do have a hiccup…

The purchase process do have a hiccup but was promptly solved by WW. The package came super fast, paid the incoming taxes and viola, its here at the doorstep. Shoes were fine except for a faint scuff(acceptable since it’s white) and not the elaborated packaging for this series. All in all, a good experience and good price for sure. Thanks. – from William Wong

Only good experiences with WW

Only good experiences with WW. They have my favorite brand (Y-3) as a couple of other websites do. Bought multiple items over the years. And, as they say on their website, no import duty if you live in Europa. – from Stefan Brouwers
wrong weather reviews

The majority of Wrong Weather reviews are glowing.

Literally great

I stumbled across the shop by accident on Google while I was searching for a particular pair of jeans. The selection they offer is great and the package was literally here in one day — from Portugal to NYC! The only question I have: why didn’t I order here before?! Will definitely come back to shop! – from Dominik

Fast Deliveries and Response from Customer Support

The shipment of my item was speedy and support from the customer service team was great. Ordered a shoe that was too tight and was able to return it hassle free. Staff was friendly and concise in guiding me through the process. – from James Low
wrong weather reviews

You can have confidence in their quality with Wrong Weather reviews like these.

My Honest Review

Being a huge Off-White hype beast, I was in search of the Off-White Red Arrows Card Holder to match my Red Arrows Crosbody Bag I had recently bought. And of course, the card holder had been sold out EVERYWHERE. I kept snooping on a few sites and Wrong Weather finally added one to their inventory. I bought it right away.

I was a little scared since it was a Portugal consignment, I live in the United States. They took PayPal as a form of payment, that made me feel more comfortable purchasing. I love that they don’t charge bogus import fees like other international sites. They processed my order and shipped the next day! It arrived in literally 5 days, amazing service to say the least. It came with it’s dust bag and tags of course. I strongly recommend this shop, I will definitely be purchasing from them again. – from Edgar Gutierrez

Great assortment

Great assortment, super fast delivery & awesome customer service. Thank you very much for the great experience! – from Robin


Personality is the key to urban clothing. Generally, urban clothing wearers make sure to only purchase items that, in their opinion, meet the concept of their own style because any other kind of clothing would be a false portrayal of them.

Urban clothing from Wrong Weather should be at the top of your list whether you’re looking for something stylish to go on a night out with friends or want to get some new items to wear while touring your city! We hope the above Wrong Weather reviews as well as the best Wrong Weather discount code here will be helpful and bring you happy shopping!

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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