Urban Drones Review: 3 Best Waterproof Drones For Fishing And How To Choose One

There are several ways to fish, and one of the recent methods is to use a drone. This not only increases the enjoyment of fishing, but it also gives you more accurate control over the position your bait lands in the water.

In order to do that, you can attach your line to the drone, dangle your bait and hook from it, and fly the drone to the location where you want them to land. The drone can then drop the line into the area right beneath where it is hovering. Or you can scout the water in front of you with a drone before your boat approaches and disturbs any fish.

It is important to note that only drones that won’t be damaged by water are safe for your fishing, and Urban Drones is the right place to sell such quality drones. This Urban Drones review introduces the top 3 waterproof drones for fishing and a simple guide to choosing the right one for you.

Urban Drones Review: About The Brand

Located in South Florida, Urban Drones was established in 2011 as the official distributor and service center of the Splash Drone, the only waterproof drone that can float on water and fly through snow and rain. Since then, they have been serving the global community of drone enthusiasts.

Urban Drones customers vary from the drone racing community, and drone photography enthusiasts to video creators. They exclusively sell high-quality equipment in its class.

Our Urban Drones review will now come to the top 3 waterproof drones for fishing.

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Urban Drones Review: Best Waterproof Drones for Fishing

SwellPro Splash Drone 3 Plus

The Splash Drone 3 Plus, with 100% waterproof acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic in its main body, is ideal for fishing. Its entire design is also corrosion-resistant, so it can totally endure saltwater environments.

SwellPro Splash Drone 3 Plus

Plus, this drone has built-in bait release mechanisms for various types of cameras you attach to it, allowing it to hold and drop quantities of bait. These camera modules were specifically created by SwellPro with fishing in mind.

SwellPro Spry Plus

The SwellPro Spry Plus is smaller than the Splash Drone 3 Plus, making it a great drone for those who prefer a more portable and nimble drone than the Splash Drone.

SwellPro Spry Plus

You might find it appealing because the controller, in addition to the drone itself, is waterproof for an extra level of protection.

Although bait release is not originally included, you can add the necessary things to have that feature.

PowerVision PowerEgg X

The PowerVision PowerEgg X prioritizes its camera the most so that it can fly over the water and bring you wider vision when fishing. You can also transform it into a handheld camera, and the images you capture from it are free of shaking thanks to the camera stabilizer.

PowerVision PowerEgg X

This drone is a wonderful option for people who enjoy documenting their fishing journeys. It can float thanks to the Wizard package and is waterproof like the others, allowing it to land and take off there. However, because it lacks the load drop ability, you cannot use it to release bait or your fishing line.

Now we move to the most expected part of this Urban Drones review: How to choose a good waterproof drone for fishing.

Urban Drones Review: How To Choose a Waterproof Drone?

Check Its IP Rating

The word “IP” stands for “Ingress Protection,” and it describes how effectively water and other elements that could harm an electronic device’s internal components are kept out. Customers can rely on the IP Code, an international standard, to more precisely describe the level of waterproofing for drones.

A rating often begins with the initials IP, then has two consecutive digits. The drone’s level of defense against solid objects and electrical hazards is indicated by the first number. It ranges from 0 to 6; the higher the number, the stronger the fortification.

However, you need to pay close attention to the second number if you want to understand how to pick a waterproof drone. You can learn how much water a drone can withstand from this.

The resistance to general water exposure increases from zero to six. The numbers one and two indicate resistance to drips, three and four show resistance to splashes, and five and six may withstand water jets. Beyond this, numbers seven and eight states that the drone can withstand submersion, although this does not guarantee that it won’t be damaged by water jets.

If you see two IP ratings separated by a slash, that drone can withstand submersion, leaking, splashing, jetting, and other hazards. For example, IPX6/IPX8 means the drone can survive strong water jets and complete submersion.

Decide How You’ll Use It

Different waterproof drones have their own strengths that make them more suitable for some uses than others.

Fishing is a typical use for waterproof drones. Drones are used to examine neighboring waters up close without disturbing them as well as to drop bait and fishing lines. Find a waterproof drone that you can easily modify with a load-bearing and release mechanism for this activity.

urban drones review

Or you might like to use your drone primarily to take moving footage and images. You should choose an underwater drone in this case. These have strong cameras to capture stunning photos and videos and can move safely in a submerged environment.

Urban Drones Review: What Have People Said?

This is common customer feedback on Urban Drones products.

urban drones review
Urban Drones review from Gregory T.

I’m surprised is this good

I didn’t think it was going to be this god, but I’m very happy with my drone. It’s almost perfect, the only thing is that it can only carry 2 pounds, but it’s good enough.
urban drones review
Urban Drones review from FishingChamp

Love it! Caught a 6 foot shark at the beach you guys are awesome

Thanks for the great service the guys at the office know their stuff.
urban drones review
Urban Drones review from Armando P.

It’s perfect 🙂

My wife gave me this for my birthday and I was a little scared to fly it because it’s my first drone, but is a lot easier to fly than I thought. Having the extra batteries is a must.
urban drones review
Urban Drones review from J. Hall


Working in the river towboat industry, sometimes it can be a pain to try and get a diver to inspect a barge hull after an accident, and the cost is typically $2500 per dive. This unit has the same visibility and pays for itself after the second dive, not to mention seeing everything in real-time and keeping a human out of harm’s way. The slim profile gives it the ability do dive under a vessel safely in shallow water and in case of an accident, the tether can be used to retrieve the device. An excellent investment for any company who works in marine maintenance!
urban drones review
Urban Drones review from John Lieby

Awesome Machine!!!

Easy to fly, very well built. Flies large baits with no problems.


Drones are already impressive machines due to how they can maneuver through the air and show you a normally unreachable view of your surroundings with their cameras. When you add waterproof qualities on top of this, the ways you can use them expand even more.

Through our Urban Drones review, we hope to provide some helpful knowledge about waterproof drones for you, a drone enthusiast. Make your fishing more enjoyable with Urban Drones products and their latest discount codes here.

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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