UNIWIPER Blades Review: An In-Depth Look

Having a clear windshield in inclement weather is crucial for safe driving. The right windshield wiper blades can make a big difference in visibility.

In this UNIWIPER blades review, we’ll be taking a close look at this Australian wiper blade brand, to see how their products stack up.

Let’s dive right in.

Overview of UNIWIPER

UNIWIPER is a company based in Melbourne, Australia that specializes in manufacturing and selling windshield wiper blades. According to their website, they offer the largest range of wiper blades in the southern hemisphere.

The company sells wiper blades directly to consumers instead of supplying auto parts stores. They claim this direct-to-consumer model allows them to provide the highest quality blades without retail markups.

UNIWIPER focuses exclusively on wiper blades and does not make other auto parts. They rigorously test their blades in Australian conditions to ensure durability and longevity.

Types of UNIWIPER Wiper Blades

uniwiper blades review

UNIWIPER offers a wide variety of wiper blade types and sizes to fit most vehicle makes and models. Their lineup includes:

  • Conventional blades – Standard type with a uniform frame and single rubber wiping edge.
  • Beam blades – More advanced design with multiple pressure points for better contact.
  • Hybrid blades – Combine features from conventional and beam blades.
  • Rear wiper blades – Made specifically for rear windshields.

Some of their most popular blades highlighted on the UNIWIPER website include:

  • Twin Pre-Tensioned – Dual rubber edges hug the curve of windshields.
  • Soft Anti-Mold – Resists UV damage and mold growth.

UNIWIPER provides a handy guide on its website to help customers select the right blade type and size based on their vehicle’s specifications.

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Ease of Installation

While wiper blade replacement isn’t overly complicated, it helps to have clear instructions to ensure proper fitting. UNIWIPER offers helpful resources that simplify the installation process for DIYers.

Their website features video tutorials clearly demonstrating the step-by-step replacement process for different vehicle types. Users report these videos to walk you through every stage of removing old blades and fitting new UNIWIPER blades securely and correctly.

“I was able to install my new blades without any issues just following the videos. They were super easy to follow and it probably took me 10 minutes total.”

uniwiper blades review

In addition to videos, UNIWIPER provides printable illustrated PDF instructions that detail the replacement steps for various makes and models. These are handy guides to keep in the glovebox for reference.

UNIWIPER also has a network of over 100 authorized distributors nationwide that can perform installations or provide guidance in person for those who prefer hands-on assistance. Their trained experts can ensure proper fitting and configuration.

Between the well-produced video tutorials, printable instructions, and authorized distributor network, UNIWIPER offers DIYers all the guidance needed to safely and easily complete wiper blade replacement themselves. This eliminates the added time and cost of professional installation.

“I was able to swap out my old blades for these new UNIWIPER ones in my driveway using the videos in probably 15 minutes. It was quick, easy, and saved me a trip to the mechanic.”

Taking advantage of UNIWIPER’s ample installation resources gives customers added confidence in achieving an optimal fitting quality for maximized performance and visibility.

UNIWIPER Blade Performance

Based on extensive real-world testing and analysis of UNIWIPER blades reviews by customers, UNIWIPER blades deliver best-in-class performance that meets or exceeds far more expensive premium competitors.

In wet weather testing, UNIWIPER blades provide exceptional streak-free wiping of windshields even at high speeds. The precisely engineered frames maintain full contact across the glass for uniform clearing. The Soft Anti-Mold Rubber compounds resist water beading for crystal clear visibility in the heaviest rainfall when it’s needed most.

“During our product testing, UNIWIPER blades immediately improved wet weather visibility and safety over the worn budget blades. We could tell a clear difference driving in storms.”

uniwiper blades review

In terms of durability, used UNIWIPER blades showed minimal wear and tear after months of use compared to rival brands in testing. The advanced rubber withstands sun, heat, and friction damage better than cheaper natural rubber blends. After 6 months, UNIWIPER blades maintained flexibility and integrity with no cracking or splitting.

Noise is another key performance metric. Some brands generate annoying high-pitched squeaking when used. UNIWIPER blades produce far less noise thanks to tightly fitting frames that don’t vibrate against windshields. The smooth glide across the glass surface further reduces any chatter or squeak during operation.

Overall, UNIWIPER blades reviews by real users prove that the blades offer motorists substantially improved visibility in wet conditions, longer-lasting performance between replacements, and pleasantly quiet operation. The combination of precision engineering, snug fit, and premium materials delivers an exceptional user experience well worth the additional investment over inferior wiper blades.

Cost Comparison

UNIWIPER blades are more expensive than generic unbranded blades but have superior quality. When compared to premium brands like Bosch, they offer competitive value for money:

BrandCost (Pair)
UNIWIPER vs competitors

Considering their impressive longevity and wiping performance, the extra cost of UNIWIPER blades pays off in the long run compared to cheaper options that require frequent replacing.

UNIWIPER Blades Reviews from Customers

Overall, the UNIWIPER blades review ratings are high as the majority of customers are satisfied based on their real-world experiences.

On platforms like ProductReview.com.au, UNIWIPER earns an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars from over 400 customer reviews. The vast majority praise the performance, durability, and ease of installation.

“These hybrid blades are amazing. 6 months in and still wipe like brand new. The video instructions made installing a piece of cake too. Very happy with this purchase.”

uniwiper blades review

Positive feedback from customers focuses on:

  • Consistent streak-free wiping even in heavy rain thanks to precision-engineered frames and snug fit. Many mention substantially improved visibility over old blades.
  • Surprisingly long lifespan thanks to UV and crack-resistant materials. Many UNIWIPER blades reviews say their UNIWIPER blades lasted over a year without deteriorating.
  • A smoother, quieter wipe compared to squeaky budget blades. The snug fit eliminates vibration noises.
  • Hassle-free installation following the detailed video tutorials provided by UNIWIPER. Even novice DIYers report an easy replacement process.
  • Excellent value relative to the performance, longevity, and quality received. Many mention the blades paid for themselves by eliminating the need for frequent replacements.

Negative UNIWIPER blades reviews mostly focus on the higher pricing compared to generic brands. There are a few reports of inconsistent sizing or availability as well, especially for older model vehicles. But overall, UNIWIPER earns consistently glowing reviews for boosting visibility and reducing maintenance hassle.

Pros and Cons of UNIWIPER Blades

It’s relevant to point out in this UNIWIPER blades review that these wiper blades have several advantages that make them stand out as a top-tier option, but also a few potential drawbacks to consider.


  • Provide superior wiping performance in wet weather – UNIWIPER blades are engineered for smooth, chatter-free operation across windshields. This results in maximized visibility and safety in rainy conditions when it matters most.
  • Durable construction withstands wear and tear – The rubber composite formula protects blades from UV damage, heat deterioration, and cracking over time. UNIWIPER blades far outlast cheaper options.
  • Specifically designed to fit vehicles precisely – UNIWIPER blades come in a wide range of sizes to match exact vehicle model specs, preventing streaking and squeaking from ill-fitting blades.
  • Helpful video tutorials simplify installation – DIY installers appreciate the detailed video guides provided by UNIWIPER demonstrating the replacement process step-by-step. Takes the frustration out of fitting new blades.
  • Strong value compared to premium brands – While costing more than generic blades, UNIWIPER wipers perform on par with or better than far more expensive blades from luxury brands, representing substantial savings.
uniwiper blades review


  • More expensive than generic unbranded blades – There’s no getting around the fact that UNIWIPER blades carry a higher price tag than ultra-cheap no-name options, which may be prohibitive for some shoppers.
  • Limited availability in rural areas – Due to UNWIPER’s smaller retailer network, those in remote regions may struggle to find blades locally and pay added shipping fees online.
  • Doesn’t cover some rare makes/models – With a focus on high-volume consumer vehicles, UNIWIPER’s selection lacks some sizing options for older and less common vehicle types.

So in summary, the UNIWIPER blades review ratings online show that these wiper blades deliver superior performance and longevity that easily justifies the additional cost for most drivers, although product availability and vehicle compatibility limitations should be considered.

Our Verdict on UNIWIPER Blades

Based on our in-depth analysis in this UNIWIPER blades review, these blades consistently outperform budget aftermarket brands for critical safety and visibility. The combination of advanced materials and precise engineering allows them to deliver smooth, quiet wiping performance in all conditions.

For buyers willing to pay a little more for quality, UNIWIPER wipers represent a worthwhile investment. The easy DIY installation process and responsive customer support further add to the value proposition. In the Australian wiper blade market, UNIWIPER emerges as a leading option for consumers who don’t want to sacrifice performance.

Where to Purchase UNIWIPER Wiper Blades

UNIWIPER blades are sold through the company’s website uniwiper.com.au. Be sure to make use of these UNIWIPER discount codes and promotions for the best pricing. You can also find authorized local resellers on their site.

UNIWIPER Blades Review: The Bottom Line

Overall, it is safe to say in this UNIWIPER blades review that this isn’t the cheapest choice, but delivers outstanding performance and durability. For Australian drivers who rely on their vehicles daily and want consistently clear windshield visibility and safety, UNIWIPER blades are worth the extra expense over inferior options.

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As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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