Ugritone Reviews: Quality Source of Drum Samples

At Ugritone, you can find drum samples that are unprocessed and natural-sounding. They are likely to have a kit that lives up to your expectations, according to several Ugritone reviews from producers.

If you are wondering whether you can find a drum sample suitable for your needs, let’s dive right into this article.

What is Ugritone?

Ugritone was established by Ron D. Rock and Toni Kauko, the 2 music producers who create audio tools for the business. Their products include virtual instruments, plug-ins, and bundles.

They believe that high-quality musical instruments should be affordable to anyone, which is why their products are at affordable prices. What makes them stand out is the unique plug-ins that you can’t find anywhere else, as stated in several Ugritone reviews from buyers.

ugritone reviews

Ugritone specializes in realistic-sounding drum tracks that are purposely raw and ready for further processing. These aren’t super high-end, but they’ve been meticulously recorded using a range of mic settings and hits for a natural sound. In addition, each set features MIDI groove files performed by a skilled drummer (also sold separately).

What are Ugritone Best Sellers?

These samples have been contributing to lots of good Ugritone reviews.

Anarchy Drums

With Anarchy Drums, what you get is a wonderfully snappy, crunchy kit that complements the bass sound but can be shaped into rock and metal tunes, inspired by 90s California Skate Punk, based on different Ugritone reviews from users.

With over 2800 different samples, you could play incredibly rapid beats without ever producing a machine gun sound in a cheap computer game.

Moreover, they are totally raw recordings, with dynamics and saturation baked in via the real microphone, as well as the tape is applied to collect them with no additional processing. This allows you complete control over their eventual tonal destination.

Riot Drums

This is another DIY-recorded punk kit with all of the same features as the Anarchy plugin. It’s a different kit that gives you the feeling the player smashed this one with an amazing vibe. This sounds just like a live drum set and would be ideal for hard, nasty punk tracks. You can see how producers love this in their Ugritone reviews.

As mentioned before, the samples are raw and numerous, allowing you to fine-tune the mix as needed. When it comes to tones, all you need has been caught; all that remains is to slice and strengthen as needed. Plus, this drum set has a choice of near and room mics that could be used to make the room sound exactly how you want it to.

Djenthugga Drums

Last but not least, we need to mention Djenthugga Drums. To the uber-hench Anarchy and Riot twins, this is like a hefty, cheeky, slightly violent little bro. This kit has no cymbals, only a kick, snare, and toms. There are also no sophisticated mixers or routing choices. In the single screen that appears, you can alter the EQ for each piece.

Despite its simplicity, Djenthugga presents a strong combination of sounds that can easily back a tight, powerful metal composition. The cheaper price reflects the lower functionality and sample count, but the quality remains excellent, which is clearly shown in Ugritone reviews from users.

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Ugritone reviews: What have people said?

ugritone reviews
Reviews of the KVLT Ugritone Drums II

5 stars recommend this plug

For years I would find individual drums samples and program drum beats, but the fills always sounded unnatural. Not with Ugritone. Programming drum fills is a breeze, and sound just like I had a live drummer playing on my tracks. 5 stars recommend this plug-in. – from Chase P

Awesome kit

Awesome kit with a lot of potential in the hands of the right folks, you get the raw and non overly produced sound of any genre in extreme metal. – from Ronnie O.
ugritone reviews
Reviews of the Riots Drums 2

Killer sounds!

Great Sample Drum! Killer sounds! Raw, Brutal, Insane!! – from Bruno A.

There’s something for everyone

There’s something for everyone at the Ugritone camp, capturing the raw power of your songs has never been easier than this! – from Ronnie O.

Most Ugritone reviews show good customer feedback.

ugritone reviews
Reviews of the Djentastic Drum Midi Pack

It’s inspirational.

Love it. It’s inspirational.
It helped me a lot to working faster on new Songs. – from Andreas H.

Pretty good.

Still trying to figure out the right time signature but it’s pretty good. – from Jeffery S.

How To Choose The Right Samples?

It is crucial to choose the right sample. The better the recording, the better the final mix. High-quality samples will make your music stand out. Without the need to overproduce each song. As a result, gathering quality drum samples is critical for every producer! So besides reading Ugritone reviews, picking the right sample is important.

However, quality isn’t the only factor to consider. Evaluate what the sample adds to the track. Drum samples generally add at least one of the following to the song:

  • Boom: Booming drums include a lot of low-frequency material. 808s and sub-heavy kicks are two excellent examples.
  • Body: You can add body by using a drum sound that emphasizes the low mids.
  • Snap: These sounds often concentrate on a few frequencies in the 2-10K range.
  • Crack: Sounds like crack has a lot of power. Typically, these are tuned snares with a tight, forceful tone.
  • Sizzle/Ring: These are typically put on top of other samples to add interest. Ringing sounds often have a delayed assault and a gradual release.

You should also consider the texture of the sample. These add to the song’s emotional impact. Some of the most typical textures for drum sounds are as follows:

  • Deep: Deep sounds feature a lot of low frequencies and rolled-off highs. The attack isn’t particularly powerful. Sidechained reverb might help to lengthen the tail. Without obscuring the original transitory.
  • In Your Face: This kind of sound has a strong attack and a lot of presence. They’re up front in the mix, so they’re near to the listener.
  • Gritty: Gritty sounds are typically subjected to many levels of saturation. They might also be low-passed.
  • Polished: Sounds that have been polished are ready for a pop track. All of the muck has been removed. And the dynamics are tightly regulated.

In addition to Ugritone reviews, when selecting samples, keep these features in mind. Concentrate on choosing samples that are appropriate for your song. If you like, you can fundamentally change a sample. Your samples do not have to be flawless straight immediately. Mixing, editing, and synthesis are all tools that can help you change them.


In summary, the drum samples from Ugritone are not used by world-renowned drummers in world-renowned studios, but they provide uniqueness to your music. The Ugritone reviews above should make you feel more confident in their products.

So, are you looking for some fresh sounds? Ugritone always has something helpful for you. don’t forget to use the best coupon code to buy at the best price.

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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