Presidents Day STEM Activities That Make History Exciting Again

Presidents Day is the perfect opportunity to make learning about American history fun and engaging for kids. This federal holiday celebrates the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, two monumental presidents who helped shape the course of the nation.

Beyond just honoring presidents, Presidents Day is a chance to ignite children’s curiosity and teach them important science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills. With creative Presidents Day STEM activities, parents and teachers can show kids how subjects like science, engineering and math apply to the real world.

With this article, we aim to provide engaging and educational STEM activity ideas to make Presidents Day fun and memorable for kids. You can create an unforgettable Presidents Day that inspires the next generation.

The Growing Importance of STEM Skills

Incorporating STEM into Presidents Day engages young minds and lays the foundation for future innovation. As technology transforms the world, STEM education has become crucial in building skills like:

  • Critical thinking
  • Complex problem-solving
  • Effective collaboration
  • Technical literacy
  • Creativity
presidents day stem activities

These abilities allow young learners to connect classroom concepts to real-world applications. Kids can better understand how STEM impacts the world around them.

STEM skills also prime students for the jobs of the future. The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2025, 97 million new STEM roles will emerge globally. Exposing kids to STEM on Presidents Day puts them on the cutting edge and generates excitement about growing career fields.

Hands-on Presidents Day STEM activities empower kids to link their own interests and strengths to potential careers. By sparking their curiosity early, children build the persistence and passion needed to take on future STEM challenges.

Exciting Presidents Day STEM Activity Ideas

presidents day stem activities

From building monuments to breaking secret codes, there are endless ways to integrate STEM learning into your celebrations. Here are some engaging Presidents Day STEM activities to try with kids of all ages:

Architecture and Engineering Challenges

Let kids’ creativity shine by challenging them to construct iconic presidential monuments and structures. Provide simple materials like cardboard, craft sticks, clay and glue, then step back and let their imaginations run wild!

  • Build the White House – Use cardboard boxes and tubes to design a miniature 3D White House. Discuss shapes, weight distribution and structural integrity.
  • Sculpt Mount Rushmore – Craft the monument’s four presidential faces using clay, playdough or even sliced bread! Explore sculpting and carving methods.
  • Design a Presidential Library – Build a tiny replica library dedicated to a president of their choice. Encourage inventive use of recycled items.

Science and Innovation Experiments

Introduce kids to the science and technology behind presidential history. Explore Presidents Day STEM activities like:

  • Invisible Ink – Make invisible ink from baking soda, water and grape juice. Use to write secret messages. Talk about how spies used this ink historically.
  • Morse Code Messages – Use flashlights or noisemakers to tap out messages in Morse code. Let kids experiment with this cryptic mode of communication used during the Civil War era.
  • Currency Chemistry – Dissolve dollar bills in water to reveal the paper’s hidden red and blue fibers. Discuss the chemical reactions that create the colors and textures of money.

Math and Problem-Solving Challenges

Exercise kids’ math smarts and logic skills with presidential puzzles and games.

  • Presidential Timeline – Work together to plot major events on a timeline using yarn and cardstock. Teach sequencing, chronology and data visualization.
  • Patriotic Jigsaw Puzzle – Make jigsaw puzzles featuring portraits of presidents or American symbols. Let kids first design the puzzles before solving them.
  • White House Budgeting Game – Assign hypothetical cabinet roles and a federal budget. Have kids make spending decisions and balance the budget as president. Apply math skills to civics.

Technology and Media Design

Let kids flex their creative muscles this holiday by designing presidential media and art through engaging Presidents Day STEM activities.

  • Code a Presidential Video Game – Use block coding programs to make simple games based on major events and presidents. Teach coding basics and logic.
  • Design Presidential Trading Cards – Create virtual or paper trading cards listing presidential stats, quotes and fun facts. Include things like height, career, major accomplishments.
  • Record a Presidential Podcast – Produce a podcast dramatizing key presidential speeches or events. Have kids write scripts and record themselves as presidents.
circuitmess stem box review

For an easy way to integrate technology into Presidents Day, consider trying out DIY STEM kits from CircuitMess. These all-in-one kits come with components and step-by-step guides that make it simple to build cool tech projects.

Kits like the Bit Game Console, Sprite Voice Assistant, and Synthia Music Sampler enable kids to program their own video games, virtual assistants, and digital music with presidential and historical themes. The kits snap together quickly with no soldering required.

CircuitMess also offers STEM lesson plans and project ideas to inspire kids this Presidents Day. And be sure to use these CircuitMess coupons to get the best discounts on these great STEM learning kits!

With CircuitMess, kids can readily blend technology and creativity to unlock the fun in STEM this Presidents Day. The hands-on DIY approach makes learning technical skills approachable and engaging.

Additional Topic Ideas

Here are more ideas for Presidents Day STEM activities:

  • Study astronomy by tracking the sun like ancient cultures did to design structures like Stonehenge.
  • Extract strawberry DNA using dish soap, salt and alcohol. Talk about the building blocks of life.
  • Make ice cream in a bag to explore endothermic chemical reactions. Discuss the science behind coldness.
  • Build simple circuits to learn how electricity powers lights, appliances and electronics.

The opportunities to blend science and history are endless on Presidents Day!

Making Learning Playful and Interactive

presidents day stem activities

The key to engagement is making Presidents Day STEM activities participatory, hands-on and fun. Here are some tips:

  • Incorporate games and friendly competition – From timed challenges to presidential quiz bowls, injecting games makes learning irresistible.
  • Use art, music and drama – Draw presidential caricatures, act out famous speeches, sing songs about history. Creativity sticks!
  • Research and share discoveries – Set aside time for kids to read books and make presentations on presidents that interest them.
  • Connect across generations – Invite grandparents to share memories and stories from past presidents they experienced.
  • Tie it to kids’ interests – If they love building, focus more on engineering activities. Tailor projects based on age groups and attention spans.
  • Let kids take charge – While providing guidance, allow kids the freedom to take the lead and direct projects sometimes. Enable them to get hands-on experience in problem-solving.

Making learning active and driven by kids’ interests ensures STEM engages their hearts and minds on Presidents Day.

Easy Ways to Build Excitement on Presidents Day

presidents day stem activities

With a little creativity, you can transform Presidents Day into the most engaging day on the school calendar. Some quick Presidents Day STEM activities to excite kids:

  • Decorate the classroom with red, white and blue banners, flags and portraits. Have students help design the decor.
  • Watch a relevant movie like Lincoln or National Treasure. Discuss the historical accuracy afterward.
  • Host a Presidents Day costume parade and vote for the best-dressed president. Consider judging on creativity or accuracy.
  • Add some tasty treats like apple pie, edible Lincoln Logs made of icing, or Uncle Sam fruit hats. Make it a fun food fest!
  • Send activity packets home with craft supplies, worksheets and reading lists so families can extend the learning.
  • Display student creations like timelines, trading cards or memorial models to celebrate their work. Let them admire each other’s projects.

Building anticipation and joy around Presidents Day sets kids up for a memorable day filled with fascinating discoveries about American leaders.

Sustain STEM Learning All Year Long

presidents day stem activities

Don’t limit presidential discoveries to just Presidents Day! Consider incorporating these Presidents Day STEM activities into your social studies curriculum all year long:

  • Learn about revolutionary agriculture by planting crops grown on Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello estate.
  • Harness solar energy to cook hot dogs or s’mores, like Jimmy Carter’s solar panels did on the White House roof.
  • Design water filtration systems to learn how clean drinking water is supplied to communities.
  • Build kites like Ben Franklin’s to recreate his electrical experiments with lightning.

Look for creative ways to fuse science and history through hands-on projects. Let Presidents Day be a springboard to year-round STEM learning and exploration.

Make a Memorable Learning Experience through Presidents Day STEM activities

Presidents Day is so much more than just another day off from school. It’s a chance to get kids fired up about American history and science by honoring the leaders who defined eras.

Making Presidents Day STEM activities hands-on, challenging and playful builds critical thinking for the future. Guide kids as they design monuments, unravel secret codes, build bots and make unique creations.

Foster curiosity on Presidents Day to inspire our next generation of leaders and innovators. By making STEM learning active and irresistibly engaging, children will carry the innovative spark lit on Presidents Day throughout their lives.

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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