Power Pong Reviews And How To Choose The Best Table Tennis Robot

Not everyone likes table tennis robots, but if you use them the right way, they can help you a lot in improving your skills and techniques and consequently, you’ll become a better table tennis player. This is how Power Pong has helped many ping pong lovers become more professional players. This article will help you choose the right table tennis robot as well as authentic Power Pong reviews from customers.

Power Pong is a prominent brand providing good table tennis robots. But before reading Power Pong reviews, this is an essential guide to buying a suitable ping pong robot.

What a table tennis robot can do

Let’s first examine the abilities of a table tennis robot. Others are as advanced as computer systems with many speed and spin variations and programmable training programs, while some only have a few basic features.

A table tennis robot is capable of the following:

  • Ball frequency: The robot’s frequency of shooting the ball toward you can be adjusted. The majority of robots can shoot 80 balls per minute. Some robots have an impressive 100+ per minute. All of those balls are a lot!
  • Placement: Where the robot shoots the ball can be modified. Some simple robots might only have two shooting positions. Better robots have the ability to shoot balls to various positions while switching between them for each ball. Power Pong table tennis robots can do this really well, based on Power Pong reviews from customers.
  • Speed: The speed at which the robot shoots the ball is adjustable. The speed of the ball can be changed with some robots. As a result, you can receive one slower ball and one faster ball.
  • Spin variation: The robot can shoot with backspin, topspin, sidespin, or float depending on your preference. All of these may not be possible for entry-level robots. The single-spin robots in the middle range, however, will be able to. Plus, the most advanced multi-spin robots can change the spin of each ball, making the game of table tennis more realistic.
  • Random play: Your robot can be programmed to shoot balls in random order. This might be fully random, with random placement, random speed, random spin, etc. Once again, entry-level robots will have fewer possibilities for randomization. Top-of-the-range robots, however, will be able to perform far more randomization. You can read Power Pong reviews to see this feature.
  • Service: You can simulate a table tennis serve by tilting the robot’s head downward such that the ball gets on the opposing side of the table first.
  • Pre-set training drills: Some robots will include pre-programmed training drills in which the robot will shoot the balls in a predetermined order. A random feature will be included in some pre-planned training exercises.
  • Programmable training drills: You can program your own training drills with some robots. The robot can shoot balls at you in whatever order you want. Many Power Pong reviews show that their Omega robot has the best programmable training drills.
  • Ball recycling: A ball recycling facility, which is essentially a collection net that feeds the ball back into the robot, is available on some robots (mostly mid-range or top-of-the-range models). This eliminates the need for frequent stops to reload the robot. The game can go on continuously.
power pong reviews

Obviously, not every table tennis robot can perform all of the aforementioned tasks. Therefore, before making a purchase, you must choose which features are crucial to you. Although it’s not necessary to have a robot that can perform every task, you will get the most use out of a robot if you (at the very least) vary its speed, spin, and placement, and participate in random play.

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Entry-level table tennis robots

Beginner players are better suited for entry-level robots. They typically have a few fundamental features, such as the ability to adjust ball frequency, placement, and spin, but lack pre-programmed training drills and may not be capable of random play.

In comparison to mid-range and top-of-the-range robots, they are often significantly smaller. Pros and cons exist for this. They require less storage space and are easier to set up. However, they can’t carry as many balls due to their smaller size. Consequently, reloading your robot will take extra time.

An entry-level robot will work well for you if all you want to do is hit a few balls without doing anything difficult.

Power Pong has all kinds of table tennis robots. However, the most glowing Power Pong reviews are for mid-range and top-of-the-range robots.

Mid-range table tennis robots

There are many features on mid-range robots that will challenge both intermediate and experienced players. They have options to adjust ball placement, speed, and frequency. They can also shoot the ball in a random order. Some robots, like Robo-Pong 2050, allow you to program your own training drills and come with pre-set training drills.

These robots are more expensive than entry-level robots yet offer more features. People also confirm that in their Power Pong reviews. These robots also have a ball recycling system, which is a major advantage. Simply put, this implies that when you hit balls, they are caught in a net and then recycled into the robot. As a result, you can play longer and take less time to reload the robot or collect dropped balls.

One sort of spin can only be made at a time by some robots in this price range. Therefore, every exercise you perform will have the same spin type, such as always topspin or always backspin. This is a drawback that should be taken into account before buying. Some mid-range robots, like Power Pong Alpha, can create several spins with each ball, though. You’ll know more about it when reading the Power Pong reviews below.

Top-of-the-range multi-spin robots

These robots are fantastic, as you’d expect given their high price. They can perform all the tasks that a robot of a mid-range level can, but more of them:  more variety in speed more changes in position. More training drills. Everything more!

The capability of these robots to create a new spin with each ball in a sequence is, of course, one of their greatest advantages. In order to shoot a backspin ball that you loop, the robot can. Then it shoots a topspin ball for you to topspin, drive, or hit (whatever your preferences). This is a more accurate representation replication of an actual table tennis game.

Some of the robots created in the last two years can be controlled by apps. This enables more functions and drills. You can build a drill database using the Power Pong Omega app, for instance. Your drills can be given names, and you can even categorize them using tags like “regular,” “irregular,” “service,” etc. This is what people love the most, based on various Power Pong reviews.

Any level of player can use a top-of-the-range multi-spin robot, but experienced players will likely gain the most from all the extra features.

Honest Power Pong reviews from customers

These are the most common Power Pong reviews from customers.

power pong reviews
Power Pong Omega review

Thank you Malek (creator) for the awesome product

I recently brought the power pong robo, the robo is simply the best. I have tried couple of them earlier but nothing can beat this robo with its perfection, type of drills, ability to define the drills as per players need, the top spin both types, the speed, balls per minute, etc.

Next I want to highlight on support, as it was new robo, was not able to setup it correctly so none of the ball were landing on table but the support from Malek was in deed great, he called up and we had working session to resolve my all issues and questions.

Thank you for making such great robo. – from Pawan kedia

These are Power Pong reviews of the Alpha robot.

power pong reviews

Top of class in quality and post sales support

I bought the robo pong a year and half ago, I really enjoyed the features. And when I had issues or encountered questions, I will contact Coach Attila who respond really quickly. Recently I had some parts issue and he also provided quick replies and prompt service to fix the affected part. One can’t beat that support easily! – from Asher
power pong reviews
Power Pong Alpha review

Excellent Service

I bought the PowerPong robot for my dad and he loves it. The customer service provided by Coach Attila is excellent. I will highly recommend PowerPong!from Vicky Liu

As you can see, Power Pong reviews are mostly positive.


We hope this article along with authentic Power Pong reviews has helped you make a decision on buying the right table tennis for you. We always have the most updated discount codes so you can enjoy your shopping at Power Pong.

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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