PlexiCam Review: The Webcam Mount That Takes Your Video Calls to the Next Level

Video calls have become an indispensable part of our work and personal lives. But hunching over a laptop to stare at a screen for hours can get uncomfortable fast. Enter PlexiCam—an innovative webcam mount designed to give you flexibility, scalability, and eye contact like never before.

In this in-depth PlexiCam review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about these webcam mounts that aim to take your video call experience to the next level.

Overview of PlexiCam Products

PlexiCam offers a variety of products to meet different users’ needs and setups. Their main goal with all PlexiCam products is to enhance the video call experience by allowing users to maintain eye contact while still being able to view their audience, notes, presentations, etc.

plexicam review

Some of PlexiCam’s most popular products include:

  • PlexiCam Pro ($85) – The bestseller product designed specifically for desktop users. It’s lightweight, portable, and gets the job done.
  • PlexiCam Pro+ ($95) – Made for larger screens, this upgraded version allows you to mount your own light for enhanced lighting.
  • PlexiCam Road Warrior Mini ($105) – Tailor-made for laptop users who need to stay mobile.
  • PlexiCam® Road Warrior Pro ($125) – The premium desktop version with maximum adjustability.
  • PlexiCam MAX ($185) – Specifically designed for DSLR and mirrorless camera setups.

In addition, PlexiCam offers various accessories like smartphone holders, monitor clamps, extensions, and adapters to make their mounts compatible with virtually any device. The prices listed are directly from the PlexiCam website.

PlexiCam aims to meet any user’s needs and budget for enhancing their video call setup.

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Key Features of PlexiCam Products

plexicam review

All PlexiCam products share a few vital features that set them apart:

  • Flexibility – PlexiCam’s patented mechanism lets you position your webcam precisely where you want. No more settling for mounts stuck to the top or bottom of your screen.
  • Scalability – It doesn’t matter what camera or computer you use, PlexiCam products effortlessly scale to fit everything from laptop webcams to high-end mirrorless cameras.
  • Eye to EyeTM Technology – PlexiCam’s signature tech allows you to move your camera anywhere, enabling real eye contact with video call participants.
  • Professional Lighting – Every PlexiCam purchase includes the option to add pro-grade LED lighting for a studio-quality look.
  • Teleprompter Capability – PlexiCam pulls double duty as a teleprompter for reading off a screen during podcasts, presentations and more.

As you can see, versatility is at the core of PlexiCam’s design. Next, let’s look at why these features make such a difference.

Benefits of Using PlexiCam

PlexiCam aims to enhance personal connection and engagement in every video call. Based on PlexiCam reviews, here are some of the biggest benefits users are seeing:

1. Significantly Better Eye Contact

Without question, PlexiCam’s strongest advantage is the Eye to EyeTM technology that finally allows true eye contact in video meetings. Users consistently report more personal, vulnerable conversations and increased feelings of connection when the camera is positioned at eye level.

plexicam review

As software professional, John S. shared in his PlexiCam review, “Every call had more engaged conversation, more vulnerability, and more connection.”

For individuals and teams working remotely, this sense of togetherness can be invaluable. And in fields like sales and teaching where engagement is key, the difference is game-changing.

2. Total Flexibility in Webcam Positioning

Another common pain point PlexiCam solves is rigid webcam placement. Laptops force you to look down at the camera, causing neck strain over time. Large external monitors make you stare right past the screen.

PlexiCam’s adjustable arm gives control back to the user. Mount it wherever feels most natural for maintaining eye contact and proper posture. Less strain equals longer, more productive video calls.

3. High-Quality Lighting Included

It’s worth mentioning in this PlexiCam review that grainy, poorly lit video calls are another barrier to connection. Without seeing someone’s face clearly, it’s impossible not to feel distant.

To combat this, PlexiCam offers professional ring lights that integrate directly with the mount. The result is a brightly lit, evenly exposed image that looks fantastic and feels personal.

4. Use As a Teleprompter for Speeches and Presentations

PlexiCam pulls double duty as a teleprompter, a major bonus for speakers, lecturers and anyone who makes frequent video calls.

The eyeline camera positioning lets presenters maintain eye contact with the audience while discreetly reading notes from a monitor. It’s a seamless way to deliver confident, personalized presentations.

5. Universal Device Compatibility

plexicam review

Finally, PlexiCam earns top marks for seamless integration across devices. The mounting arm adjusts to fit laptops, desktop monitors, tablets, smartphones and high-end full-frame cameras alike.

No matter your camera equipment or video call software, PlexiCam has you covered. For maximum scalability at a reasonable price point, PlexiCam is hard to beat.

“PlexiCam is simple, elegantly designed, and it does what it’s supposed to do.” – PlexiCam website reviewer

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

For all its advantages, PlexiCam may not be the right choice for every user. Based on PlexiCam reviews from customers, here are a few potential drawbacks to keep in mind:

  • Partial Screen Obstruction – Larger webcams can obstruct part of the screen, which some users find distracting. Careful positioning adjustments can usually resolve this.
  • Price – PlexiCam carries a relatively premium price tag. For budget shoppers used to ultra-low-cost products, the $100+ investment may seem excessive compared to basic options.
  • Adjustment Period – Getting used to the new camera angle takes some users longer than others. Be prepared to retrain yourself to look straight ahead rather than up/down at the edges of your screen.

Experiences with these negatives vary widely, and most reviewers feel the overall benefits make PlexiCam well worth the purchase. But weigh your needs carefully, especially if price and screen space are major limiting factors.

PlexiCam Reviews: What Real Users Are Saying

Curious what actual customers think? PlexiCam reviews largely skew positive, but with some noteworthy caveats.

plexicam review

Positive PlexiCam Reviews

The vast majority of buyers agree that PlexiCam makes a tangible difference in video call quality and enjoyment. Two of the most common sentiments:

  • “PlexiCam is terrific for online meetings. It makes interacting during an online meeting much easier.”
  • “This setup is much more comfortable…and it feels more natural when I’m in web meetings, moderating webinars or participating in podcasts.”

Reviewers praise the improved eye contact, flexibility in camera positioning, reduced neck/eye strain, and increased feelings of connection. For these core functions, PlexiCam delivers exceptionally well.

Mixed PlexiCam Reviews

Not all reviews are 100% rosy. The most mixed opinions stem from the potential drawbacks noted earlier:

  • “Larger camera does block some of the monitor screens.”
  • “I had to retrain myself to not look at the top of my monitor when speaking.”
  • Some noted the price seemed excessive for such a simple accessory.

While a few useability concerns exist, the vast majority of users rate the product very highly for its ability to drive greater connection and effectiveness in video calls. Most agree the benefits far outweigh any drawbacks, making PlexiCam a smart buy for the right audience.

Best Use Cases and Target Users

plexicam review

Given the specific advantages PlexiCam provides, it is worth highlighting in this PlexiCam review that certain users stand to benefit more than others:

Remote Professionals

For work-from-homers who live on video calls, PlexiCam is a potential game-changer. Maintaining eye contact makes virtual meetings feel staggeringly more personal and helps remote teams stay connected. The teleprompter functionality also helps professionals look polished and persuasive during client pitches and presentations.

Online Educators

Teachers report monumental improvements in student engagement using the eyeline camera angle. When learners feel their teacher is talking right to them, rather than to a screen, levels of focus and retention noticeably improve. PlexiCam lets educators make virtual classes more dynamic and collaborative.

Content Creators

YouTubers, streamers, podcasters and influencers who appear on camera daily have flocked to PlexiCam for instant improvements to their production value. The customizable camera positioning and pro lighting filters make it easy to cultivate a polished, professional look that viewers love.

Meeting Heavy Industries

For project managers, sales teams, HR groups and anyone who spends whole days in back-to-back video meetings, PlexiCam alleviates major pain points. Employees can stay energized and engaged for longer periods. They’re also free to stand and move as needed, improving health.

When people realize increased vulnerability, engagement, sales, and retention from simple camera repositioning, it quickly becomes an indispensable tool.

In general, PlexiCam empowers people across sectors who rely heavily on video communication by restoring authentic human connections to virtual work. So, be sure to explore for the full range of products and utilize these PlexiCam coupons available for the best pricing.

Conclusion: Who Should Buy PlexiCam?

plexicam review

After analyzing dozens of PlexiCam reviews, a few users stand out as prime candidates:

  • Remote employees suffering from neck/back pain or eye discomfort in video calls
  • Teams that want to improve psychological safety, engagement and connection between dispersed team members
  • Public speakers, lecturers, teachers and presenters wanting to deliver more dynamic and confident video presentations
  • Extroverted personalities who get energy and creative ideas from highly interactive communication
  • Salespeople, coaches and consultants seeking to establish trust and rapport crucial for winning new business

For these users especially, PlexiCam’s ability to return authentic eye contact and connection to video conversations delivers incredible value.

Conversely, buyers prizing low cost, simplicity and desk space above all may under-appreciate PlexiCam’s capabilities relative to its price tag.

But from remote teams struggling to stay collaborative to individual professionals wanting to level up their video presence, PlexiCam remains a purpose-built solution for restoring the missing emotional link to virtual work.

Have you tried PlexiCam’s eyeline mounts? Share your PlexiCam review in the comments below!

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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