Paper Shoot Camera Review: A Unique and Eco-Friendly Film Photography Experience

Paper Shoot Camera burst onto the photography scene in 2019 with a mission to reinvent film photography for the digital age. This innovative brand offers a line of screenless digital cameras designed to mimic the simplicity and unique aesthetic of old-school analog cameras.

In this in-depth Paper Shoot Camera review, we’ll take a close look at the features, image quality, pros, cons, and ideal user of this niche photography brand. Whether you’re a fan of vintage photography or just looking for a straightforward, eco-friendly point-and-shoot camera, read on to see if Paper Shoot Camera is right for you.

Overview of Paper Shoot Camera

Paper Shoot Camera was founded by Wolfgang Hoefler, an entrepreneur with a passion for photography and sustainable tech. Hoefler was inspired to create the brand after growing frustrated with the complexity of modern digital cameras. He wanted to build a digital camera that recaptured the magic and simplicity of analog film photography.

The result is a line of digital cameras built around simplicity and sustainability. Paper Shoot Camera’s products feature retro stylings and just enough technology to provide great images without any unnecessary bells and whistles. As the name suggests, the cameras are designed to emulate the look and feel of a simple paper camera.

paper shoot camera review

In this Paper Shoot Camera review, we’ll have a quick rundown of their product lineup:

  • Paper Shoot Camera – The flagship product and the brand’s claim to fame. This is a simple, screenless digital camera that produces nostalgic, film-like images.
  • Build Your Own Cameras – DIY camera kits you can assemble yourself. Choose from different case styles, lenses, and more.
  • Accessory Lens Kits – Creative add-ons like fisheye and prism lenses.
  • Paper Shoot Kids Cameras – Colorful, easy-to-use cameras designed for children.

The brand’s commitment to sustainability sets it apart from other players in the digital camera space. The cameras are crafted from eco-friendly materials like recycled plastic and paper. They also don’t require any ink, saving resources.

Simplicity and creativity are also core to the Paper Shoot Camera brand. The cameras have minimal controls and frills, allowing you to focus on the art of photography rather than getting bogged down in complex settings.

Now let’s continue this Paper Shoot Camera review with their flagship product.

Paper Shoot Camera Review: Flagship Product

The hero product of the Paper Shoot Camera line is the standard Paper Shoot Camera. This minimalist digital camera delivers film-style images because it is designed to mimic the aesthetic of film photography.


True to its name, the Paper Shoot Camera replicates the retro look of a simple paper camera. It has a square, cardboard-like body with a small centered lens.

There is no rear display screen on the camera. Instead, a tiny monochrome display shows basic settings like battery life.

The camera is incredibly lightweight and portable. It easily fits into your pocket or bag. According to big review sites, the camera’s body is described as water-resistant and highly durable.

Image Quality

The Paper Shoot Camera packs a 16MP CMOS sensor capable of capturing vibrant, high-resolution images. It’s worth noting in this Paper Shoot Camera review that photos have a noticeable film-like quality. The grain is enhanced by the lack of a sharpening filter.

paper shoot camera review

Overall image quality is outstanding in optimal lighting. But there is no flash. The fixed-focus lens also means that close-ups and macro photography are out of the question.

There are four built-in photo filters to add artistic effects in-camera:

  • Normal
  • Black and white
  • Sepia
  • Cool tone

You can additionally edit the. JPG photos after the fact to further hone the retro look.

Ease of Use

It’s worth emphasizing in this Paper Shoot Camera review that one of the biggest selling points is its sheer simplicity. There are no manual controls to fiddle with. Just point, shoot, and let the camera handle the exposure automatically with the help of its automatic exposure and auto white balance algorithms.

Focusing is fixed, so you don’t need to worry about tapping the shutter at the right time to lock focus.

It’s worth considering in this Paper Shoot Camera review that the camera gives audio feedback as you shoot. Some users may find the loud sound annoying, but thankfully there’s no way to disable it.

Battery Life

Powered by two AAA batteries, battery life is mediocre at best. The number of shots per set of batteries may vary. Having spare batteries on hand is a must.

Limited internal storage is another drawback. The camera has no built-in memory, so you’ll need to supply your own microSD card. Cards up to 32GB are supported.


There is a micro USB port that allows you to charge and transfer images to your computer.

Price and Availability

The Paper Shoot Camera retails from $99. You can purchase it via the official Paper Shoot Camera website or from select online retailers. It comes in a choice of five case colors.

paper shoot camera review

With its incredibly simple operation, retro stylings, and nostalgic imaging, the Paper Shoot Camera provides a uniquely enjoyable film-like shooting experience, albeit with some sacrifices in image quality and durability.

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Paper Shoot Camera Review: What Are The Benefits?

It’s clear this brand offers some unique benefits:


It is safe to say in this Paper Shoot Camera review that their products are sustainably designed and produced with customers in mind. The cardboard-style casing is crafted from recycled materials. Furthermore, the cameras don’t require any ink so there’s no waste. This makes them an eco-friendly alternative to disposable film cameras.

Simple and Easy to Use

These cameras provide a wonderfully simple photography experience. There are minimal controls to adjust. Just toggle between the four art filters, frame your shot and press the shutter button. The fixed-focus lens and auto exposure produce pleasing images without any settings tweaking needed. It’s hassle-free point-and-shoot photography perfect for beginners or casual shooting.

Highly Portable

Weighing just 4 ounces, the Paper Shoot Camera is easy to take anywhere. It will fit into your jacket pocket or bag. The lightweight design also makes it ideal for travel when you want a capable camera without extra weight.

Nostalgic Film-Style Photos

paper shoot camera review

The images produced by the Paper Shoot Camera have a recognizable retro film aesthetic. The combination of the fixed-focus lens, lack of sharpening, and art filters results in low-fi, dreamy photos reminiscent of old analog prints. If you want to produce arty-looking vintage-style pics, this camera delivers.

Encourages Mindfulness

By removing the rear screen, Paper Shoot Camera avoids the common tendency to chimp pictures after every shot. You’re forced to stay in the moment and mindful of your photography rather than obsessing over every image. For some users, this can provide a refreshing, almost meditative shooting experience.

So, Paper Shoot Cameras provide a refreshing point-and-shoot experience perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of nostalgia to their digital photography.

Who Is the Paper Shoot Camera Good For?

It’s worth mentioning in this Paper Shoot Camera review that the products cater to a few specific demographics of photographers:

  • Vintage Photography Lovers: The nostalgic, lo-fi imaging style is perfect for retro photography fans who want to mimic the vintage film look. Light leak and chromatic aberration digital filters can only go so far. The real film-like qualities come straight out of the Paper Shoot Camera.
  • Eco-Conscious Photographers: Thanks to the recycled materials and lack of wasted ink, the camera is a great fit for environmentally-minded shooters. The low-fi visuals also lend themselves well to nature and outdoor photography where you often want a softer, more organic look.
  • Beginner Photographers: With fixed focus, auto exposure, and just four art filter settings, this simplified camera is ideal for photography novices. It removes most manual controls that beginners find intimidating yet still produces pleasing images.
  • Children and Teens: The Paper Shoot Camera encourages creativity and experimentation without being overwhelming. The Paper Shoot Kids Cameras provide durable, fun options tailored specifically for young photographers.
  • Casual Photographers: The camera delivers excellent grab-and-go functionality for casual shooting. It’s easy to carry in your pocket on a day out. The retro style also adds artistic flair to everyday snapshots.

Drawbacks to Consider

paper shoot camera review

While the minimalist charm and eco-friendly design of the cameras are undeniable, the brand isn’t perfect. Here are a few drawbacks we need to point out in this Paper Shoot Camera review:

  • Image Quality Suffers in Low Light: The lack of a flash combined with a small fixed aperture means low light and indoor photography can be challenging. Images get quite grainy and washed out when the light isn’t optimal.
  • Limited Durability: The cardboard-like body keeps the camera lightweight but also means it’s susceptible to scratches and water damage. You need to take extra care to avoid crushing or wetting the camera.
  • Spotty Quality Control: There are some customer reports of defective units that don’t function properly. QA and testing don’t seem to be one of Paper Shoot’s strong suits. Be prepared to exchange defective units if you get unlucky.
  • Overpriced: Given the limitations and niche appeal, some customers argue the $99 price tag is simply too high. For only $50 more you can purchase an entry-level Canon, Nikon, or Sony digital camera without the durability and image quality concerns.

Paper Shoot Camera Review: Conclusion

It’s reasonable to conclude in this Paper Shoot Camera review that the company carves out an intriguing niche between analog film cameras and digital cameras. The brand revives the experimental spirit and aesthetic of film photography in an easy-to-use digital form factor.

paper shoot camera review

The signature Paper Shoot Camera delivers great film-like images in good lighting. And the operation couldn’t be simpler with its fixed focus and auto exposure. The recycled materials and lack of ink also set it apart as an eco-friendly product.

However, the niche appeal and high price limit its broader mainstream potential. Image quality and durability issues further prevent it from competing with more versatile entry-level DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

For vintage photography lovers, casual shooters, and eco-conscious photographers, however, Paper Shoot Camera hits a lot of the right notes. At the end of the day, no other digital camera looks or feels quite like the Paper Shoot.

If the lo-fi film aesthetic and sustainable design speak to you, Paper Shoot Camera is worth a look. Be sure to browse the full collection at and use one of these best coupon codes to snag the best price on your new favorite film-inspired digital camera.

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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