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Nestled in the heart of Richardson, Texas, Noorart bookstore stands as a shining jewel for seekers of Islamic and Arabic educational resources. Since its founding, Noorart has established itself as a leading provider of quality Islamic and Arabic learning materials for students of all ages.

From books and audiobooks to educational toys and interactive resources, Noorart offers an unparalleled selection of products to enrich young Muslim minds.

A Storied History Rooted in Education and Community

The journey began over two decades ago when Noorart’s founders recognized a need for engaging Islamic educational resources in the United States. Driven by the desire to nourish students’ intellectual and spiritual growth, Noorart set out on a mission to produce and distribute the finest selection of Islamic and Arabic learning materials.

Over the years, Noorart has become a staple within the local Muslim community. The Noorart bookstore has supported various Islamic schools, mosques, and nonprofit organizations through partnerships and donations. Noorart also regularly participates in local educational events, book fairs, Arabic cultural festivals, and other community initiatives.

For their dedication to providing top-notch Arabic and Islamic educational resources, Noorart has earned high praise from customers and recognition as a leading bookstore in its category. But more than awards and accolades, what truly sets Noorart apart is its commitment to enriching young Muslim minds and preserving Islamic heritage for future generations.

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Browsing Noorart’s Vast Collection of Arabic and Islamic Books

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The crown jewel of Noorart bookstore‘s offerings is its exhaustive collection of Arabic and Islamic books covering topics for readers of all ages and knowledge levels.

Building a Strong Islamic Foundation for Children

Noorart understands the importance of nurturing a strong Islamic identity right from childhood. The children’s section contains beautifully illustrated storybooks about the lives of the Prophets, the wonders of the natural world, and Islamic morals and etiquette.

Interactive books such as My Salah Mat make learning essential practices like prayer engaging and fun for young learners. Noorart also offers activity books, coloring books, pop-up books, and more to spark children’s interest in Islamic teachings.

Arabic Language Learning Made Easy

From beginner-level picture books to fluency-focused chapter books, Noorart stocks Arabic readers for elementary students onwards. The Learn Arabic with Asala series features over 25 books using simple vocabulary and grammar to ease non-native speakers into the language.

For more advanced students, there are Arabic literature books as well as bilingual books with side-by-side English translations. Noorart bookstore also provides textbooks focused specifically on teaching native Arabic speakers to read and write formal Arabic.

In-Depth Islamic Knowledge for All

Adults and teens can expand their Islamic knowledge with Noorart’s collection of books on Quranic commentary, Islamic history, Hadith studies, biographies of Prophets, and contemporary issues. Renowned scholars like Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud and Sheikh Al-Sharawi are well-represented.

Patrons can also find resources for learning Arabic as a second language. The As-Asas books use a scaffolded curriculum that takes non-native speakers from beginner to advanced proficiency. For those interested in the art of handwriting, Noorart stocks calligraphy manuals for mastering different Arabic scripts.

Beyond Books: Noorart’s Multimedia Selection

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In today’s digital age, Noorart understands the need to engage young minds through diverse media. Alongside books, Noorart bookstore stocks a rich variety of audiobooks, educational DVDs, and interactive CD-ROMs.

Audiobooks Bring Islamic Stories to Life

Children can listen to beloved stories vividly brought to life through audiobooks like the ICO Arabic Stories Box collection. Featuring colorful illustrations and dialogue-rich narrations, these classic tales entertain while imparting important lessons.

For non-fiction, Noorart offers lecture series by distinguished Islamic scholars on topics like Quranic interpretation, ethics, and Islamic history. The convenience of audiobooks allows learning to continue on the go.

Interactive CDs and DVDs for Hands-On Learning

Noorart’s selection of CD-ROMs and DVDs adds an interactive element to studying Arabic and Islam. The Garden of Colors CD, for instance, helps kids identify Arabic colors and vocabulary words through matching games and puzzles.

Noorart bookstore also carries educational programming covering topics like Islamic etiquette, stories of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and basic Quran recitation. The visual and auditory stimuli of these resources boost engagement and retention.

Enriching Young Minds with Noorart’s Educational Toys

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Going beyond books and media, Noorart also offers engaging educational toys carefully designed to nurture Islamic values and identity in children.

My Salah Mat: A Fun Companion for Prayer

Learning the postures of ritual Muslim prayer can be difficult for young children. My Salah Mat provides a lively solution through an illustrated play mat depicting each prayer stance in a step-by-step manner. Kids stay engaged by hopping between the mat’s rows while memorizing this essential ritual.

Puzzle Cubes Reinforce Islamic Knowledge

Noorart’s Arabic and Islamic puzzle cubes offer an entertaining way for children to cement their religious knowledge. Kids test their memory of Quran stories, Prophets, prayers, and more by assembling these 3D puzzles. With each play session, the central facts become more deeply ingrained.

Building Arabic Vocabulary with Flashcards

Flashcard sets help children boost their Arabic vocabulary in areas like everyday phrases, nature, emotions, manners, and more. The interactive process of flipping through the cards, matching words to pictures, and self-testing imprints new words into kids’ memories. Parents can purchase multiple sets to build fluency over time.

No matter the age or interests of your child, Noorart bookstore carries toys that nurture both Islamic and Arabic literacy in a fun and engaging manner.

Noorart’s Online Platform Provides Instant Access to its Curation of Resources

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Busy parents and teachers can avoid long drives and crowded stores by turning to Noorart’s user-friendly online platform, Here shoppers can browse, purchase, and even gift products without leaving home. Take advantage of these updated Noorart coupons for cost savings.

Convenient Browsing by Age, Topic, and Product Type

Noorart’s website allows easy exploration of its product inventory through filters for age group, topic, and product type. Search for toddler books about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), middle school Fiqh workbooks, or Arabic language media for teens. Shoppers can even view sample pages before purchasing.

User Reviews Guide Purchase Decisions

Each product page displays average customer ratings along with individual reviews. Discover which Quran study guides have helped most students succeed or which children’s books keep young readers turning pages. Read about other users’ experiences to ensure you select the best resources for your needs.

Safe Online Payments and Hassle-Free Returns

Noorart accepts all major credit cards through secure checkout. Payments can also be made via PayPal for added consumer protection. If any product fails to satisfy, returns and exchanges are accepted within 30 days of purchase.

Take advantage of 24/7 access to Noorart’s educational wares by shopping online today.

Embarking on Your Islamic Learning Journey with Noorart Bookstore

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For over two decades, Noorart bookstore has curated the finest Arabic and Islamic educational offerings for Muslim communities across America. While the world has changed much since its founding, Noorart’s commitment to enriching young minds and preserving cultural heritage has remained constant.

Today, students of all ages and backgrounds still gather at Noorart to uncover new gems to inspire and enlighten them. Build your religious knowledge through Noorart’s vast collection of books penned by esteemed contemporary scholars and historic Islamic thinkers. Delight and teach your children through Noorart’s engaging stories, activities, and toys infused with timeless values.

Noorart continues to be a vital resource for accessing the richness of Islamic thought and the Arabic language. By supporting this homegrown institution, parents, learners, and educators collectively help the Muslim community’s future generations stay connected to their roots and identity.

So come explore Noorart’s treasure trove of Arabic and Islamic wisdom. Let their exceptional customer service guide you to resources tailored to your family or institutional needs. Spend an afternoon getting lost in Noorart bookstore, or go on a quick shopping spree online. However you choose to visit Noorart, you are certain to leave enriched with new sources of knowledge, faith, and community.

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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