Magicshine Reviews: Shedding Light on the Best Bike Lights in the Market

Are you an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys biking in the dark? If so, you know the importance of a good bike light to keep you safe and visible. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at Magicshine, a brand that has been making waves in the world of bike lights.

Magicshine has been gaining popularity over the years thanks to its high-quality products. They offer a variety of lights, from headlights to tail lights, all of which are designed to provide maximum visibility and safety.

In this article, we’ll be diving deep into Magicshine reviews, examining the brand’s products, pricing, and overall quality. We’ll also be taking a closer look at what sets Magicshine apart from other bike light brands, and why it might be the right choice for you. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie, read on to learn more about Magicshine bike lights.

Magicshine Product Line: An Overview

Magicshine sells a wide range of outdoor lighting products, including:

  1. Bike Lights: Magicshine offers a variety of bike lights, including front lights, rear lights, and combo sets. These lights range in brightness from 400 lumens to over 12,000 lumens, and they are designed to be lightweight and easy to install on your bike.
  2. Headlamps: Magicshine’s headlamps are perfect for camping, hiking, or running. They offer several different models, ranging from basic models with up to 200 lumens to advanced models with up to 3,000 lumens.
  3. Camping Lanterns: Magicshine offers a range of camping lanterns that are perfect for outdoor activities. These lanterns are designed to be bright, durable, and easy to use, and they are available in a variety of sizes and brightness levels.
  4. Diving Lights: Magicshine’s diving lights are designed for underwater use and are waterproof up to 100 meters. These lights are available in several different brightness levels and are ideal for scuba diving or other underwater activities.
  5. Other Accessories: In addition to lighting products, Magicshine also sells a range of accessories, including batteries, chargers, mounts, and replacement parts.
magicshine reviews

Magicshine’s product lineup is designed to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts who require high-quality, reliable lighting products for their activities. In fact, Magicshine reviews from customers often highlight the wide variety of choices so they can find one that meets individual’s needs.

Magicshine Reviews by Customers: What are The Pros and Cons?

When it comes to the quality of Magicshine products, many users agree that they are built to last, and here are the pros:


  1. Brightness: Many Magicshine bike lights are known for their high output and brightness. For example, a Magicshine MJ-906 review highlights that this light can produce up to 8000 and 4500 lumens, respectively.
  2. Price: Several Magicshine products are relatively affordable compared to competitors in the market, such as the MJ 900S bike light.
  3. Smart features: Some Magicshine bike lights, like the MJ-900B, are Bluetooth-enabled and can be controlled via a smartphone app. The MJ-900S also has USB charging and standardized mounts.
  4. Multiple LED colors: The Magicshine MTL 40 flashlight features multiple colored LEDs, including white, amber, red, and blue, making it suitable for various purposes such as traffic control, hunting, and law enforcement.
magicshine reviews

But of course, not all Magicshine reviews are glowing. Some users have reported issues with their products, including problems with the battery life or charging, and others have complained about the weight or size of certain models.


  1. Battery noise: According to a Magicshine MJ-900s review, it can make a scary battery noise when charging.
  2. Battery mounting: The battery mounting on some Magicshine products, like the Monteer 8000, could be improved.
  3. Awkward to use: Some Magicshine products, such as the MJ 900S, can be awkward to use on a helmet.
  4. Strap design: The strap design on the Magicshine Helmet Mount needs improvement, depending on the helmet used.

So, according to a lot of Magicshine reviews by customers, these products offer high brightness, affordability, and smart features, but some products may have battery noise, awkward usage, or strap design issues.

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Magicshine Benefits: Why You Should Consider Them for Your Next Bike Light Purchase

As an outdoor enthusiast, having the right gear is crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience. One of the most important pieces of gear is a bike light, and Magicshine has become a popular brand in recent years due to its high-quality products. Here are some potential benefits of using Magicshine products based on our search, including Magicshine reviews:

Brightness and reliability

magicshine reviews

Magicshine is known for producing high-performance bike lights that are bright and reliable. They are a market leader in this area and their lights are commonly spotted by night riders all over the world. With a range of brightness options from 400 to over 12,000 lumens, there is a Magicshine light for every type of rider and activity.

Range of products

Magicshine offers a full line of products including bike lights, batteries, and accessories. They have multiple product lines and continue to update and improve upon their products with each new series. With Magicshine, you can find all the lighting products you need for your next adventure in one place.

Smart features

Magicshine is one of the few companies that do major overhauls with each new series, such as the Magicshine Ray 2600, which has smart features. These features include things like a battery level indicator, power bank function, and customizable brightness settings. With Magicshine, you can enjoy the latest technology in your bike light.

Adjustable beam and mounting options

magicshine reviews

The Magicshine RN 3500 is an ultra-bright handlebar or helmet-mounted bicycle light that can be used for road biking or mountain biking thanks to its adjustable beam, brightness, and mounting options. With Magicshine, you have the flexibility to customize your light to fit your needs.

Customer service and warranty

Magicshine USA offers a limited warranty on all its products and is excited to keep riders in the saddle 24/7/365. They have an official website and Facebook page to stay in touch with customers and showcase new products. While some users on a forum have reported high defective/return percentage rates of lights and batteries, Magicshine’s customer service team is always willing to help and ensure customer satisfaction.

It is important to research and read Magicshine reviews before making a purchase. However, based on our research, Magicshine’s range of products and smart features, combined with its reputation for brightness and reliability, make them a brand to consider for your next bike light purchase.

Your Magicshine Questions Answered: A Comprehensive FAQ

Is Magicshine a good brand?

Magicshine has become a well-established brand in the biking and outdoor industry in recent years. According to Magicshine reviews by users and our research, their products have been positively rated for their brightness, reliability, and range of features. Additionally, Magicshine has received recognition and awards from various biking and outdoor communities, solidifying its reputation as a top brand. Despite a few reported issues with defective products and returns, overall, Magicshine appears to be a reputable and reliable brand for those in need of high-performance bike lights and related accessories.

Are Magicshine lights any good?

magicshine reviews

Magicshine lights are known for their quality and performance, as they offer bright and reliable illumination for outdoor activities. The brand’s products are designed to be lightweight and easy to install on bikes, and the adjustable beam and mounting options allow users to customize their lighting needs. Magicshine is one of the few companies that offers smart features and innovative designs, such as the Magicshine Ray 2600. Additionally, Magicshine reviews have reported benefits such as increased safety, better visibility, and longer battery life when using Magicshine lights. Overall, Magicshine has established a reputation as a reliable brand that offers high-quality lighting products for outdoor enthusiasts.

Are OLight and Magicshine the same company?

Olight and Magicshine are affiliated companies or partners that both offer bike lights, but they are not the same company. Magicshine specializes in bike lights, particularly for road and mountain biking, and also offers rear red lights. On the other hand, Olight has a wider range of lighting options, including flashlights and other used lights. Additionally, Olight has a mission to be at the forefront of illumination technology globally, and they produce the latest generation of portable flashlights with unique designs. Although Olight and Magicshine offer similar products, they are distinct companies with separate goals and visions.

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What is the difference between Magicshine Monteer 6500 and 8000?

the primary difference between the Magicshine Monteer 6500 and 8000 bike lights is their output. The Monteer 8000 boasts a maximum output of 8,000 lumens from five Cree LEDs, while the Monteer 6500 has a maximum output of 6,500 lumens from four spot LEDs.

The Monteer 8000 also has a wider beam spread, with 32 degrees from the top three flood lights and 21 degrees from the bottom two spotlights, compared to the Monteer 6500’s spot LEDs.

In terms of pricing, the Monteer 8000 is currently one of the most expensive lights offered by Magicshine at $399, while the Monteer 6500 has a retail price of $349.

It’s worth noting that there are variations within each model line, such as the Magicshine Monteer 8000S Galaxy V2, which has the same output as the Monteer 8000 but features an updated design with improved battery life and remote control.

Why is my Magicshine battery not charging?

There could be several reasons why a Magicshine battery may not be charging. Here are some possible explanations:

  1. Check if the charging cable is properly connected to the battery and the power source. This may prevent the light from turning on.
  2. The battery may be over-discharged or damaged, causing it to not charge properly. The battery should have a voltage of around 8.4V when fully charged and around 6V when fully discharged. If the voltage is lower than this, the battery may be damaged and need to be replaced.
  3. It is possible that the battery may have a manufacturing defect. In this case, it may be necessary to contact the manufacturer directly and order a replacement charger or battery.

However, there may be other reasons why the battery is not charging, and it may be necessary to contact a professional or the manufacturer for assistance.

What waterproof rating does the Magicshine Monteer 8000s have?

The Magicshine Monteer 8000S has an IP65 waterproof rating, according to multiple sources. This rating indicates that the light is protected against dust and low-pressure water jets from any direction, making it suitable for use in wet conditions. The light is also mentioned to be durable and able to withstand challenging weather conditions.

What is the difference between Magicshine RN1200 and RN1500?

The primary difference between these two lights is the maximum output of lumens.

The Magicshine RN1200 is a commuter bike headlight that provides an affordable option for a high-lumen and compact bike light. It has a maximum output of 1200 lumens and is designed around an integrated 21700 Lithium battery. With a retail price of $74.99, the RN1200 is more affordable than the Allty 1000 light.

On the other hand, the Magicshine RN1500 is a lightweight rechargeable bike light that is capable of a maximum output of 1500 lumens. It has a distinct anodized finish that sets it apart from standard black headlights on the market. The RN1500 is designed for mountain biking, urban commuting, or road cycling and features an anti-glare lens that produces a uniform soft beam that doesn’t dazzle oncoming pedestrians or vehicles, making it safer to cycle at night.

It is worth noting that some users have reported that the RN1200 has a brighter hotspot than the Olight RN1200, and the Magicshine RN1500 is capable of producing a brighter output compared to its advertised maximum lumens.

Overall, the primary difference between the Magicshine RN1200 and RN1500 is the maximum output of lumens. The RN1500 has a higher maximum output than the RN1200, making it better suited for more challenging cycling conditions, such as mountain biking.

What is the difference between Magicshine 3500 and 6500?

These are two different models of bike lights from Magicshine, with the former being an entry-level model and the latter being a higher-end option. Here are the key differences between the two models:

  1. Light output: The 3500 model has a max verified output of 3500 lumens, while the Magicshine 6500 has a measured 6500-lumen max output.
  2. Optic angles: According to a Magicshine Monteer 3500 review, the optic angles listed for all the Monteer series lights, including the 3500 and 6500, are identical, but the 3500 has a fairly narrow beam compared to the very floody 6500/8000 lights.
  3. Price: The 3500S model has a retail price of $199.99, while the Magicshine 6500S has a retail price of $349.
  4. Battery: Both models have a USB rechargeable battery, but the Magicshine 6500S comes with a 10,000mAh super high capacity battery pack, while the exact capacity of the battery in the 3500 model is not specified.

Overall, the Magicshine 6500 is a higher-end model with a brighter output and a higher price point compared to the 3500 model, which is an entry-level model with a more narrow beam and a lower price point.


So, there you have it folks, a thorough overview of Magicshine products and what they have to offer. According to the Magicshine reviews and product specifications, it’s clear that this brand offers quality and innovative lighting products that can make a big difference in outdoor activities.

magicshine reviews

Whether you’re an avid mountain biker, an explorer, or someone who just loves being outside at night, a high-quality bike light is a must-have. With a wide range of brightness levels, mounting options, and smart features, Magicshine lights can provide users with a safe and enjoyable experience, even in the darkest of environments.

If you’re in the market for a bike light, don’t hesitate to check out what Magicshine has to offer. Just make sure to do your research and read Magicshine reviews to ensure you find the right product for your needs. Now you can make all the difference in your outdoor experience with Magicshine using the best coupon code and buying at the best price.

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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