Je Joue Rabbit Bullet Vibrator: Dual-Stimulation with Super Flexible Ears

Are you ready to discover an exciting addition to your intimate moments? We’re here to introduce you to a cute and petite companion that brings a whole new level of pleasure.

Indulge in a world of pleasure with the Je Joue Rabbit Bullet Vibrator. This petite and adorable vibrator boasts two stylized ears that bring tantalizing sensations to your external play. Designed to entice and excite, it targets your clitoris, nipples, testicles, or any other erogenous zone yearning for a buzz.

With its flexible ears, this sophisticated variant takes dual stimulation to new heights. They delicately adapt to your curves, delivering ecstasy with every touch.

In this article, we’ll review Je Joue Rabbit Bullet Vibrator, and uncover the captivating features and experiences that it has to offer. Get ready to explore a realm of intense pleasure as we delve into the secrets of this sensual delight. Let your desires guide you on an unforgettable journey of sensation and fulfillment.

Design and Features

je joue rabbit bullet

Compact and captivating, this vibrator stands out from the crowd with its unique design and enticing features. Let’s explore what makes this pleasure-inducing device so special.

Sensual Silhouette

The Rabbit Bullet boasts a petite and adorable form, perfectly crafted for external play. Its compact size ensures easy handling and effortless transportation, making it your ideal companion for on-the-go pleasure. Slip it discreetly into your purse or pocket, ready to unleash ecstasy whenever the mood strikes.

Flexible Ears for Dual-Stimulation

At the tip of this tantalizing vibrator, you’ll find two stylized ears, beckoning you to explore new realms of pleasure. These super flexible ears adapt to your body’s contours, providing not just pin-point vibrations, but an additional layer of stimulation. Allow them to caress your erogenous zones, from the clitoris to the nipples and beyond, delivering waves of delight wherever you desire.

Je Joue’s Signature Rumbling Vibrations

je joue rabbit bullet

Prepare to be entranced by the ohsolow rumbling vibrations that Je Joue is renowned for. The Rabbit Bullet’s motor operates at a low frequency, ensuring a deeply satisfying experience. From a gentle purr to a deep rumble, the range of 5 speeds and 7 patterns allows you to customize your pleasure journey. So you can discover the perfect rhythm that resonates with your desires, awakening every inch of your being.

Quality Craftsmanship

The vibrations of this vibrator have received numerous accolades from delighted users in review after review. Described as “incredibly deep and yet so soft,” this product has captivated pleasure-seekers with its ability to simultaneously stimulate multiple areas for an intense and pleasurable experience.

Innovative Pleasure, Anywhere

This sophisticated variant of the must-have bullet vibrator offers an enticing combination of portability and power. It’s equally suitable for solo exploration or sharing intimate moments with a partner. The Rabbit Bullet invites you to unlock a world of sensuality and pleasure, empowering you to explore your desires on your terms.

je joue rabbit bullet

So, why wait? Let its captivating design and delightful features guide you toward moments of pure ecstasy.

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Pros of the Je Joue Rabbit Bullet Vibrator

Discover why this vibrator has earned its status as a highly recommended sex toy. Let’s explore the enticing benefits that make it a favorite among pleasure-seekers:

  • Intense Clitoral Orgasms: Experience the bliss of exceptional clitoral orgasms with this vibrator. Users rave about its ability to deliver powerful stimulation that leads to mind-blowing climaxes. The quality of vibration has been praised, as it simultaneously stimulates multiple areas, igniting waves of pleasure that cascade throughout your body.
  • Dual-Stimulation Delight: Indulge in the ultimate pleasure with the Rabbit Bullet’s dual-stimulation design. It’s super flexible ears take the experience to new heights, providing an extra layer of tantalizing sensation. These soft, flexible ears delicately tease your clitoris with their mesmerizing multispeed vibrations, bringing you to the edge of ecstasy.
  • Portable Pleasure: With its compact design, the vibrator is your perfect travel companion. Slip it discreetly into your bag or purse, and embrace pleasure wherever you go. Whether you’re exploring solo or sharing intimate moments with a partner, this versatile toy is ready to satisfy your desires, anytime and anywhere.
  • Rumbling Vibrations: Prepare for a sensory journey with Je Joue’s signature oh-so-low rumbling vibrations. The Rabbit Bullet is designed with a motor set to a low frequency, ensuring a deeply satisfying experience. From gentle purrs to deep rumbles, the range of vibrations is customizable to suit your unique desires.
  • Discreet and Attractive Packaging: The vibrator understands the importance of discretion. The packaging is discreet and attractive, ensuring your privacy while adding a touch of elegance. It’s perfect for those who appreciate keeping their intimate pleasures hidden away.
je joue rabbit bullet

Its ability to provide intense clitoral orgasms, dual-stimulation delight, portability, quality vibrations, and discreet packaging make it a standout choice for those seeking unforgettable experiences of sensual pleasure.

Cons of the Je Joue Rabbit Bullet Vibrator

While the vibrator offers an array of enticing features, it’s important to consider a few drawbacks before making your purchase. Let’s explore the cons to provide a balanced perspective:

  • Limited Internal Stimulation: The primary focus of the toy is external play, and some users may find it less effective when it comes to internal stimulation. If you crave a more intense internal experience, you might want to explore the Je Joue GSpot Bullet Vibrator. Specifically designed to access the G-spot while also providing external pleasure, it offers a specialized solution for those seeking powerful internal and clitoral orgasms.
  • Vibrations May Lack Intensity for Some: While many users appreciate the quality of the Rabbit Bullet’s vibrations, it’s worth noting that some individuals may find them not powerful enough to meet their specific preferences. If you’re someone who requires a higher level of intensity in your vibrator, it might be beneficial to explore alternative options that provide the strength and power you desire.

Remember, personal preferences vary, and what works for one person may not work for another. It’s essential to consider your individual needs and desires when selecting a sex toy to ensure the most satisfying experience.

How to Use

Unlock the world of pleasure with the this vibrator, an easy and straightforward delight. Here’s an easy guide on how to use this enticing toy:

  1. Apply water-based lube to the ears of the vibrator: Indulge in sensuous preparation by applying a touch of water-based lube to the soft ears of the Rabbit Bullet. This silky-smooth glide enhances your experience, ensuring effortless sensations as the vibrator caresses your skin.
  2. Place the ears on either side of your clitoris: Embrace the tantalizing power of the Rabbit Bullet as you position its flexible ears on either side of your clitoris. Feel the gentle vibration enveloping your most sensitive area, creating a symphony of arousal. Explore different angles and positions to find the sweet spot that ignites your desire.
  3. Experiment with different speeds and patterns: Unleash your desires and unleash the full potential of the Rabbit Bullet’s 5 speeds and 7 patterns. Start with a gentle purr, teasing yourself with delicate vibrations that build anticipation. Gradually increase the intensity, feeling the waves of pleasure intensify as you explore each speed. Dive into the depths of ecstasy with deep rumbling vibrations that resonate through your body, transporting you to new heights of pleasure. Alternatively, tantalize your senses by cycling through the various patterns, each one offering a unique symphony of pulsations, waves, and escalations that will leave you breathless.
je joue rabbit bullet

Let your body be your guide as you discover the sensations that make your heart race and your senses tingle. With this vibrator, pleasure is at your fingertips, ready to sweep you away on an unforgettable journey of bliss and satisfaction.


The Je Joue Rabbit Bullet Vibrator embodies a world of pleasure with its petite and charming design. With its dual-stimulation capabilities and super flexible ears, it knows just how to awaken your senses and leave you craving more. Experience the seductive allure of Je Joue’s signature oh-so-low rumbling vibrations, caressing your erogenous zones with a tantalizing touch.

While it excels in providing sensational clitoral orgasms, it may not be the ideal choice for those seeking intense internal stimulation. Nevertheless, its compact size makes it a perfect travel companion, discreetly hidden away until the moment calls for indulgence. This vibrator is a sophisticated variant of the must-have bullet, ensuring your pleasure wherever your desires may lead.

If you’re ready to embark on a journey of pleasure and explore the heights of your sensuality, we highly recommend the vibrator. Delve into the realm of delightful vibrations and unlock the secrets of your pleasure zones.

For the best price and an exquisite shopping experience, we suggest visiting JOUJOU’s official website. There, you can find this enticing vibrator and discover the best coupon codes to enhance your pleasure while staying within your budget. Allow yourself to indulge in the pleasure you deserve with this vibrator from JOUJOU.

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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