Hi Tech Diamond Reviews: The Complete Lapidary Saw Guide

Rock cutting is a type of art that takes both patience and a high level of talent. Although it might be challenging to cut through the toughest stones, when done properly, it can yield remarkable results. By learning the different kinds of the best lapidary saws available, their uses, and reading the most common Hi Tech Diamond reviews of their finest lapidary saws, you will be able to take on rock cutting with confidence.

What Is A Lapidary Saw

Before coming to honest Hi Tech Diamond reviews from users, this is fundamental knowledge of lapidary saws.

For polishing, stones are cut into flat pieces using a lapidary saw, also known as a cutting saw. Steel or diamond dust impregnated with resin can be used to make the saw blade. In comparison to steel blades, which, depending on usage and the type of stone being cut, need to be replaced every few months, diamond blades are more expensive but last much longer. To complete the polished product, they use a variety of sandpaper and buffing equipment as well as grinders like pedestal grinders.

What Are The Types of Lapidary Saws?

Today, a wide variety of lapidary saws, from small hobbyist models to huge industrial ones, are available. Although their sizes and the kinds of stones they are made to deal with differ, their purposes are the same.

Lapidary Band Saw

The most popular type of lapidary saws is band saws. They can be used to make shapes and patterns in addition to cutting straight lines. You can select the band saw that is suitable for your projects from a range of sizes.

Lapidary Ring Saw

Ring saws specialize in cutting curves and circles. They come in a range of sizes, allowing you to pick the one that is ideal for your project.

Lapidary Diamond Saw

hi tech diamond reviews

Hard materials, such as diamonds and other gemstones, are cut by diamond saws. The brand name Hi Tech Diamond itself implies that all of their lapidary saws are diamond saws using diamond tech, which are among the top quality of their kind on the market, according to Hi Tech Diamond reviews from users.

Lapidary Wet Saw

Lapidary wet saws are another option for cutting wet or challenging-to-cut materials. Shapes and patterns can be made using wet saws, which come in a range of sizes.

Hobbyist Lapidary Saw

These are smaller saws that beginners can use for simple tasks or clean jewelry stones. Compared to professional ones, they will have significantly shorter blade lengths, giving you more control over your cuts. Additionally, they only weigh about ten pounds, making them convenient to carry to workshops or classes. Hi Tech Diamond saws can also be used by newbies as there are Hi Tech Diamond reviews stating that their products are easy to use for beginners.

Professional Lapidary Saw

The large industrial version fits into this category since it has longer blades that can reach a length of 36 inches and can handle larger pieces of stone that can weigh up to 200 pounds. With all those advantages, they can be applied in more commercial environments, such as when cutting stone slabs for tile or flooring.

How To Know Which Lapidary Saw Is Best For Me?

To get the most out of a lapidary saw, it relies on the type of stones you are using and your budget. A professional lapidary saw can cut through a lot of materials considerably faster than a hobbyist lapidary saw, so they are much better suited for big projects. If you travel regularly, think about buying a smaller, lighter version that will be easier to pack and carry around. In several Hi Tech Diamond reviews, we see that people choose their lapidary saws because they are lightweight and do great jobs.

How To Use A Lapidary Saw

hi tech diamond reviews

Using a lapidary saw requires several steps, including feeding material into it, holding the stone as it is being cut, and finally finishing the stone with a grinder. Especially, people who are new to this area write Hi Tech Diamond reviews about how great the customer service is.

Feeding Material Into It

To do this, raise and lower your arm while cutting to make sure there are never any clumps in the blade. It can be challenging, so we advise using gloves or some kind of hand protection when doing this because it could get your hands pinched if you’re not careful!

Holding The Stone While Cutting

When holding stones as they are being sawed, wrap one hand around the top edge (on either side) facing away from you about an inch below where you would start cutting. Then, using the same edge as leverage, push against your fingers to achieve the desired outcome. The other hand should be pressing against your first hand while being on the other side of the stone.

Finish The Stone With A Grinder

The next step is using a grinder or a buffing machine, such as an orbital sander, sandpaper, polisher, or buffer, to give the finished object a high-polish appearance. Hi-tech buffer equipment also gets glowing Hi Tech Diamond reviews from customers.

What Are Common Mistakes When Using A Lapidary Saw

When operating a lapidary saw, one frequent mistake is failing to feed material into the blade, which can result in clumps in the blades throughout the cutting process and lower-quality cuts. Another mistake that could be made is clamping down too firmly with either hand while holding a rock. This makes it impossible to manage the cut lines, leading to frustrating patterns that will ruin the material. Finally, if the stone is not polished after cutting with a grinder or another sort of buffing machine, the outcome may be a rough, unfinished product that is too difficult to use. When used properly, the final fruit is amazing, as demonstrated in many Hi Tech Diamond reviews.

Hi Tech Diamond Reviews: Why People Choose It?

About Hi Tech Diamond

In the lapidary and jewelry industry since 1984, Hi-Tech Diamond has been a leading provider of high-quality cutting, grinding, carving, and polishing tools. They have improved their products, such as Hi-Tech grinding machines and Hi-Tech diamond discs, to their highest quality, which results in constantly increasing positive Hi Tech Diamond reviews from customers.

Hi Tech Diamond Reviews: What Have People Said?

hi tech diamond reviews
Review picture from Darren Cort

Simple to set up & use

I received the saw as a Christmas gift. Easy set up & instructions. My 11 and 15-year-old grandkids loved it!
hi tech diamond reviews
Hi-Tech 10” saw review from Jeff H

Very satisfied with purchase.

Ordered saw directly from Hi-Tech. Received it in a couple days and they didn’t ad any sales tax to the order. Saw does what it’s supposed to and it does it well.

You’ll find that the majority of Hi Tech Diamond reviews are positive.

I don’t regret the purchase, but a few things I’d change

Overall, a good saw! It doesn’t spray too much water and makes pretty clean cuts. At first, it was a little tricky to get the saw blade to line up with the opening in the saw table. One of the saw blades that came with the saw had a few patches of rust on it like it had been sitting in a warehouse for a long time. I also wish it came with a wrench for the bolt you need to switch out the blade. Have only owned the saw for a couple weeks, so I can’t speak to its durability yet.

These Hi Tech Diamond reviews on Amazon should give you confidence in the brand.

hi tech diamond reviews


If you’re looking for a lapidary diamond saw, Hi Tech Diamond has great options to choose from. This article of an essential guide on lapidary saws with glowing Hi Tech Diamond reviews and these best discount codes will help you get one that fits your needs. Check out Hi Tech Diamond website for detailed information!

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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