Glamermaid Reviews: Do They Have The Best Press-On Nails?

Unlike previous press-on nail offers, today’s options include interesting patterns and trendy styles and are way simple to apply. You simply take them off and switch them out for your daily clothing and always look fashionable.

According to Glamermaid reviews by customers, press-on nails by Glamermaid are a popular choice for ladies who want to glam up their hands for a special event, don’t have time to go to the salon, or aren’t adept at painting their own nails.

So can you find the best press-on nails at Glamermaid? It’s time to share what we discovered.

What is Glamermaid?

glamermaid reviews

Glamermaid is a brand of press-on nails with the most fashionable and distinctive designs. It was established with the goal of reducing the time and money spent on professional manicures while still allowing you to enjoy gorgeous manicures. What sets Glamermaid’s nails apart from others is their durability and reusability, as stated in Glamermaid reviews by users.

So where does Glamermaid ship from? GLAMERMAID Nails are now only available through their website.

What are Glamermaid’s features?

Glamermaid press-on nails come in a set of 24 nails with 12 different nail sizes.

You’ll also get two sheets of nail adhesives, each with 24 pieces of varying sizes, an orange stick for applying and removing nails, one manicure buff, and one alcohol-based prep wipe. That’s pretty much it for getting the gorgeous nail appearance you want in no time.

The best features that make Glamermaid stand out are its lightweight and flexible plastic material, which is somewhat thicker than real nails. These nails are simple to apply and remove.

glamermaid reviews

The nails are also waterproof, based on Glamermaid reviews by customers, whether you take a shower, wash your hands, or do your dishes. There is no need to worry about losing your manicure in a sewage pipe.

Stick-on adhesives leave little to no residue on either natural or press-on nails, meaning you can reuse them again and again. You can see how people enjoy the reusability feature in their Glamermaid reviews.

How to apply Glamermaid press-on nails?

  • #1. To begin, choose the nail size that best suits the size of your nail bed. Each pair of Glamermaid nails comes with 12 distinct sizes to select from, making it easy to pick the ideal one.
  • #2. Along with the press-on nails, you’ll get a stick and a manicure nail file. Use them to gently press the cuticle edges, eliminating dead skin. Also, use the buff to smooth the surface of your nails to improve adhesion. The buff is useful for the initial smoothing, but you’ll need to follow up with a finer buff to make the surface of your nail smoother.
  • #3. Next, clean any excess moisture and oil from the nail surface. Wipe away your natural nails using the Prep Pad, which is also included in the kit. This is highly rated in Glamermaid reviews by users. Use it for 10-15 seconds on each of your nails to fully remove any oil and dust.
  • #4. After the nail preparation is complete, let’s move on to the sticky’ phase – adhesive stickers. You’ll need to try them on first because there are different sizes. Remove the stickers from the plastic and place them on the inside of the press-on nails.
  • #5. Apply the press-on nail to your natural nail with the applied adhesive, stay tight, and hold for 15 seconds. To prolong the durability of your freshly obtained nail look, don’t let your hands be exposed to water for 2 hours after application.
  • #6. Finally, use the stick to carefully pull the nails off from the sides when you want to take them off. To make it easier, soak your fingernails in warm water. Ladies write in their Glamermaid reviews that after the press-on nails are removed, there is little to no residue on their natural nails. The remaining adhesive will be removed with nail polish remover.

How to choose the right press-on nails at Glamermaid?


Glamermaid Press-on nails are available in a variety of shapes, ranging from square, almond, coffin, ballerina, oval and squoval. Especially, Glamermaid Instagram will bombard you with a whole lot of beautiful choices. It all depends on individual preferences, and if the shape or length isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, you can always file it down.

Adhesive Type

Common press-on nails can be applied in two ways: with nail glue or with a peel-and-stick adhesive. While there are rare exceptions, glue is more resilient and allows you to rejoin the nails again. However, stick nails by Glamermaid are not only more convenient but also well-reusable. This is clearly shown in Glamermaid reviews by customers.


There’s always a perfect design by Glamermaid for everyone, every mood, and every outfit, with everything from, flowers, leaves, the moon, cats, and virtual art to French tips. Additionally, the decals are of high quality, resulting in durable press-on nails.

glamermaid reviews

Glamermaid press-on nails truly allow you to experiment with new colors and designs, changing them out as frequently as every day. With this in mind, selecting a set with sophisticated nail art or a modern design at Glamermaid is enjoyable, as written in Glamermaid reviews by customers.

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Glamermaid reviews: What have people said?

Look as good as the salon

Take your time so you do not get the bubble look from the glue underneath and they will look as good as the salon ! Almost 3 weeks without popping off.


Bought these for my daughter and see loves them! They’re so cute and sturdy. I also love that they came with glue sticker adhesives. Will definitely order more of this brand.


Compliments galore!! I mixed this Alice in wonderland theme with Kiss brands gimme some love because I wanted a sparkly glitter accent nail and this is what I came up with! These nails are thicker and more stiff than Kiss brand which makes them sturdy and hard which is great. But it makes them harder to adhere. I used Kiss brands nail glue and they stuck! If you used their glue, no way! People trip out so hard on my nails. I use different brands to come up with a unique look. I love weird nails. They last for weeks and I only have to glue one nail back every so often.

Here are some of the most common Glamermaid reviews by users.

Another Glamermaid Win!

Exactly as pictured. Will never order any other brand of nails. Fit is great and always receive many compliments when I wear these or any Glamermaid nails. I use Krazy Glue brush on glue and they stay on without lifting for 3-4 weeks. Love Glamermaid nails!

So we’ll made!

I get tons of compliments on these nails! It’s so hard to find medium square press on sets! I’m glad that these can also be reused if cared for properly.

The majority of Glamermaid reviews are good customer feedback.


Ok ladies, I’ve been wearing press on nails for about 20 years after bring introduced to them by a friend. The only good brand I’ve been able to find until now is Kiss.

This is my second purchase of these and I am extremely pleased. They are very study. I type at work every day and they didn’t fail me. I did change one thing though. I used nail glues vs the sticky tabs. I was able to wear the first pair for almost 2 weeks. I did have to file them a little for the purpose of shaping after the 1st week.
Be sure to buff your natural nails before putting these on with the gritty side of a nail file.

I love that they have reasonable lengths with tons of color options. Not everyone wants those super long nails.
It would be great if they added a little bling.


With the Glamermaid reviews above, everyone appears to have a positive experience with the Glamermaid online shop, with their orders coming fast and without problems. The general consensus is unequivocal: purchasing Glamermaid’s sticky nail tabs is a fantastic life decision.

So will you try some press-on nails at Glamermaid? These updated discount codes will help.

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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