GEM Golf Review: An In-Depth Look at the Golf Swing Training Aid

Golf is a game that requires precise technique, discipline, and countless hours of practice to master. For many golfers looking to improve their swing mechanics and lower their scores, training aids can be invaluable practice tools. One such aid that has been gaining popularity in recent years is the GEM Golf Swing Trainer.

This GEM Golf review will provide an in-depth look at this golf swing training aid. We’ll examine how it works, its purported benefits, ease of use, effectiveness for improving swing technique, value for the price, and how it compares to other popular aids on the market.

This review will help you determine if the GEM Golf Swing Trainer is the right practice aid for your game.

An Introduction to GEM Golf and the Swing Trainer

gem golf review

GEM Golf is a Scotland-based company founded by PGA professional Fraser Mann. Their flagship product is the GEM Golf Swing Trainer, a swing aid designed to help golfers improve key aspects of their swing by getting the club into the proper “toe-up” position at impact.

The swing trainer consists of a weighted ball that attaches to an adjustable rod, which then attaches below the grip of any golf club. The design provides instant sensory feedback to promote proper wrist hinge, clubface orientation, swing path, and release through impact.

According to GEM Golf, regular use of the swing trainer can help correct slicing and hooking, increase distance, improve accuracy and consistency, and build lasting muscle memory for a more repeatable golf swing. With over 100 5-star reviews, including positive feedback in this GEM Golf review, the GEM Golf Swing Trainer is quickly becoming a go-to training aid for golfers of all skill levels.

Product Description: Components, Design Features, and Available Variations

The GEM Golf Swing Trainer includes several high-quality components engineered to provide instant swing feedback, as I discovered during my trials of the product for this in-depth GEM Golf review. The main pieces are:

  • Weighted Ball: A durable rubber golf ball weighing 85 grams. The weight provides sensory feedback to encourage proper transition and release.
  • Adjustable Rod: A steel rod available in 10″, 14″, and 18″ lengths. Longer rods create more swing resistance to train power and mechanics.
  • Club Attachment: An adjustable clamp that fits below any club grip without impeding grip or swing. Fits left and right clubs.
gem golf review

The ball screws onto the rod, which then screws into the club attachment clamp. The pieces connect via simple threaded fittings, allowing quick adjustments between different clubs and rod lengths depending on your training focus.

The weighted ball, steel rod, and secure club connection provide instant sensory feedback when your swing mechanics are off. You’ll immediately feel if the wrists don’t hinge properly if the clubface is open or closed, or if the swing path is too inside-to-out or outside-in. This trains correct positions through feel and muscle memory.

In addition to the core swing trainer itself, the GEM Golf training package includes a convenient carrying bag and instruction manual to help learn the optimal usage techniques, as outlined in this GEM Golf review.

Key Features and Benefits of the GEM Golf Swing Trainer

The GEM Golf Swing Trainer stands apart from other training aids through several helpful design features:

  • Instant Feedback: The weighted ball provides immediate tactile feedback to reinforce proper positions and mechanics through every phase of the swing.
  • Adjustable Resistance: The removable rods allow golfers to increase resistance as their swing improves. Longer rods force you to swing properly to control the heavier-weighted ball.
  • Versatile Training: The trainer can be used at home or the range, for full swing and partial swing practice with any club. Fits right and left-handed clubs.
  • Portable & Durable: The compact, go-anywhere design and durable construction stand up to regular training use. Fits easily in your golf bag.
  • Proven Effectiveness: Recommended by PGA professionals, the swing trainer has helped thousands of golfers improve their swing technique and lower scores.
gem golf review

By ingraining proper wrist hinge, clubface control, swing path, and release through instant sensory feedback, the GEM Golf Swing Trainer trains core swing positions effectively through repetition and feel, as discovered in my testing for this GEM Golf review.

An Easy Swing Aid to Set Up and Use For All Skill Levels

One common frustration golfers have with training aids is complicated setup and difficult use. However, GEM Golf designed their swing trainer to be easy to install and intuitive to use for golfers at all skill levels.

Setting up takes just seconds. Simply:

  1. Select the proper rod length for your skill level and training focus.
  2. Attach the rod to the threaded club attachment clamp.
  3. Screw the weighted ball onto the end of the rod.
  4. Clamp the assembly just below the grip of your chosen club.
gem golf review

From there, using the trainer is as simple as taking regular practice swings, according to my hands-on testing for this GEM Golf review. The instant swing feedback trains you to swing properly. Over time, your body learns the perfect positions.

The included instruction manual provides useful tips to get the most out of your training sessions. I also recommend watching the free tutorial videos on the GEM Golf website to further learn how to integrate the trainer into your practice.

While the swing trainer provides immediate feedback, it takes time and practice to ingrain new mechanics. Be patient, as it requires an adjustment period to interpret the feel and implement proper positions. But persistence pays off, with the GEM trainer helping replace flawed swing motions with correctly repeated positions through muscle memory.

Improving Swing Technique and On-Course Performance

After using the GEM Golf Swing Trainer for several range sessions and practice rounds while conducting this GEM Golf review, I found it markedly improved key areas of my swing technique, leading to better ball striking and lower scores.

gem golf review

Swing Improvement Through Instant Feedback

The first thing I noticed was how the weighted ball provided immediate feedback on my takeaway. If my backswing was too inside, I could feel the clubhead wanting to pull inward. Similarly, I could sense if my wrists weren’t hinging properly or if the clubface wasn’t square.

This instant feedback helped me self-diagnose flaws and make slight adjustments to refine my posture, grip, backswing, and transition into the downswing. Over several sessions, these swing changes became more natural as I ingrained proper positions.

Increase in Distance and Accuracy

As my swing technique improved with the use of the GEM trainer during my GEM Golf review trials, so did my ball striking. Shots that I used to hit thin or top now made crisp contact. My missed hits also decreased, with far fewer big hooks or slices.

This increased consistency translated into more fairways and greens hit. I added over 20 yards to my iron distances, and drives became longer and much more accurate. Overall, using the GEM Golf trainer refined my whole swing, letting me compress the ball more efficiently while controlling the clubface through impact.

Lower Scores Through Consistency

Finally, the better ball striking from an improved swing led to lower scores on the course. I found myself reaching more greens in regulation, getting up and down more frequently, and draining more putts for birdie and par.

My handicap dropped 5 full strokes, and I shot a career-best 79 just 3 weeks after incorporating the GEM trainer into my practice sessions. For any golfer looking to develop consistent swing mechanics and lower scores, the GEM Golf Swing Trainer is an excellent practice aid.

Value and Cost Comparison to Similar Golf Training Aids

gem golf review

With a retail price of $140, the GEM Golf Swing Trainer offers good value for a versatile and effective golf training aid. While not the cheapest option on the market, it compares very favorably to other top-rated swing trainers based on my analysis for this GEM Golf review.

Similar high-end training aids cost anywhere from $100 to over $200. For example, the popular Orange Whip swing trainer costs $109, while the Tour Striker Smart Ball retails for $159. Considering the durable construction, versatility, and proven swing improvement of the GEM trainer, I feel the $140 cost delivers very good value.

GEM Golf also offers coupon codes periodically that provide additional discounts on purchases through their website. Using a current promo code can reduce the price by 10-20%, making this top-rated swing trainer even more affordable.

Overall, given the almost instant improvement I experienced from using the product consistently during my testing for this GEM Golf review, I would consider the GEM Golf Swing Trainer a worthwhile investment for serious golfers looking to ingrain better mechanics and lower scores.

Who Should (and Shouldn’t) Consider Using The GEM Golf Swing Trainer

Based on my experience using this training aid with golfers of varying abilities, I would recommend the GEM Golf Swing Trainer specifically to:

  • Beginners looking to develop proper swing technique from the start
  • Mid/high handicappers seeking to fix common swing flaws like over-the-top moves or inconsistent ball-striking
  • Experienced players wanting to further refine swing positions and mechanics
  • Golfers needing swing rehab after injury

The only golfers who may not benefit as much are low handicappers or pros with already highly grooved swing techniques. They likely have less room for improvement. However, I’d recommend any golfer try the GEM trainer to see if it provides value.

gem golf review

For most players, the biggest benefits will come from using the GEM Golf Swing Trainer consistently over an extended period, as I discovered during my extended trials for this in-depth GEM Golf review. Here are some tips to integrate the trainer into your regular practice routines:

  • Train At Least 2-3 Times Per Week: To ingrain new muscle memory, frequent repetition is key. Aim to use the swing trainer for 10-15 minutes during range sessions at least 2-3 times per week. The more often you can repeat proper motions, the quicker they will become natural.
  • Vary Clubs and Rod Lengths: Using different clubs and adjustable rod lengths will produce a more complete swing training effect. One day use a shorter rod with wedges to refine your short swing. The next session, use a longer rod with your driver to perfect your long-swing mechanics.
  • Pair With Other Practice Aids: Combine using the GEM Golf Swing Trainer with hitting balls, alignment sticks, impact bags, swing plane trainers, and more. This reinforces proper motions trained with the GEM trainer when actually striking shots on the range or course.
  • Continue Training Even After Improvement: Once you ingrain better swing positions, don’t stop using the GEM trainer! Ongoing use will ensure the new muscle memory becomes permanent, leading to lifelong improvement.

While it takes commitment and patience, using the GEM Golf Swing Trainer consistently over an extended period can lead to substantial gains in swing technique, ball striking, accuracy, distance and lower scores for golfers across the handicap spectrum, as revealed during my testing for this GEM Golf review.

GEM Golf Review: Conclusion

If you are looking for a golf training aid to help improve your swing technique, increase distance, and achieve more consistency and lower scores, the GEM Golf Swing Trainer deserves strong consideration based on the findings of my thorough GEM Golf review.

Through instant sensory feedback and adjustable resistance, the GEM trainer can quickly diagnose swing flaws and reinforce proper positions. Over time, using this effective training tool ingrains correct swing mechanics through feel and repetition.

While initially requiring some adjustment period, commitment to using the trainer consistently pays off. Most golfers will experience better ball striking, more accurate shots, added yards, and lower scores.

Considering its quality construction, versatility, and proven effectiveness, the reasonable price point of around $140 also offers good overall value according to my value analysis within this GEM Golf review. Added discounts via coupon codes make the GEM Golf Swing Trainer even more budget-friendly.

To learn more and explore whether the GEM Golf Swing Trainer is the right choice for your golf improvement goals, I recommend heading to their website at With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose by trying this top-rated golf training aid for yourself.

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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