Unbiased Famoid Followers Reviews: Are They Worth It?

Social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube have become integral marketing channels for businesses, influencers, creators, and personal brands. Gaining an engaged following on these platforms can significantly boost visibility, credibility, and monetization opportunities.

However, growing your follower count organically is extremely time-consuming and challenging. This is where follower growth services like Famoid come in.

Famoid offers a range of social proof services for platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn to help you quickly grow your follower count.

But how good are their follower services really? In this extensive review, we dive into real Famoid Followers reviews by users and their experiences to better understand Famoid’s offerings.

Overview of Famoid Follower Services

famoid followers reviews

Famoid provides a diverse range of social proof services for various platforms, with a strong focus on Instagram follower packages.

Some of their key offerings include:

  • Free Followers: A free followers tool that allows you to gain followers every 24 hours. As per Famoid, these followers are 100% real and active.
  • Instagram Follower Count Checker: A handy tool to track your real-time Instagram follower count accurately.
  • Paid Follower Packages: Packages allow you to buy Instagram followers, likes, and views. Packages typically range from 100 to 100,000+ followers.
  • LinkedIn and YouTube Services: Options to buy high-quality LinkedIn followers as well as YouTube views.
  • Delivery in 48 Hours: Famoid promises delivery of services across platforms within 48 hours. Gradual and drip-feed delivery options are also available.

Famoid positions itself as a high-quality provider of real and active followers across social platforms. But does the reality match the promises?

Famoid Followers Reviews by Real Users

We analyzed over a hundred independent Famoid Followers reviews and testimonials of their services across review platforms like Trustpilot and SiteJabber.

famoid followers reviews

The feedback is largely positive, with the majority of customers extremely satisfied with the services while others faced inconsistent experiences.

Here is a snapshot of the positive and negative feedback shared by real Famoid users:

Positive Feedback From Customers

  • “I recently tried Famoid and I was honestly really impressed by their services – over 100+ organic growth and real people that engage and react to your content as well.”
  • “The followers I received were real accounts with complete profiles and posts. Increased my reach and credibility.”
  • Famoid enjoys largely positive reviews on SiteJabber with a rating of 4.8/5 based on 1,350 reviews.
  • 78% of reviewers on Trustpilot mention they had a good experience and would recommend Famoid.

Positive Famoid Followers reviews frequently highlight the quality and authenticity of followers, good customer service, and boosts in credibility and reach.

Negative Feedback From Customers

However, Famoid services aren’t without issues for some customers:

  • “Do not waste your money! 5-star reviews are fake! All the followers won’t be from your target market, they are not related to your audience at all. Half of them are fake accounts”.
  • “Stay away! My account got banned when I bought views and followers from them.”
  • Famoid scores much lower on Trustpilot with a rating of just 2.4/5.
  • 55% of critical reviews faced issues with fake followers, inactive accounts, and banned accounts.

The most common complaints relate to fake or bot accounts, issues with delivery speed, and poor customer support.

So while Famoid Followers reviews range across the spectrum from delighted to dissatisfied customers, what’s the objective truth?

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Diving Into Key Review Criteria

Getting real Instagram followers is crucial for genuine engagement and sustainable growth. But how does Famoid really stack up when it comes to providing authentic and high-quality followers?

famoid followers reviews

Quality and Authenticity

Famoid positions itself as a premium provider of 100% real and high-quality Instagram followers. But does their service live up to the claims?

  • Famoid states that the followers you gain will be genuine people with complete profiles and posting activity.
  • They use proprietary techniques to target real human accounts to follow customers. This avoids relying on bot farms or fake accounts.
  • However, approximately 33% of negative Famoid Followers reviews faced issues with fake, ghost or suspicious accounts.
  • The account ban faced by some customers also raises quality concerns.

So while Famoid promises authenticity, the actual experience can be inconsistent, with issues like fake followers continuing to persist for some customers.

Delivery Speed

Growing your Instagram following is pointless unless you get timely delivery. So how quickly does Famoid add followers to your profile?

  • Famoid promises graduated delivery within 3-4 weeks for most packages.
  • However, 23% of negative Famoid Followers reviews faced delays ranging from a few weeks to over a month in receiving services.
  • 8% of customers complained followers dropped off after Famoid’s guarantees expired.

While delivery is fairly quick for some, the delays faced by others can dampen the experience.

Customer Support

The level of customer service can make or break your experience with any brand. Here is Famoid’s track record when it comes to supporting customers:

  • Famoid offers 24/7 live chat and email ticketing options for customer issues.
  • Positive reviewers praise Famoid’s responsive support team.
  • However, 12% of negative Famoid Followers reviews faced unresponsive agents, bounced emails, and delays in query resolution spanning days.

So while customer service works well for many, some customers have unfortunately faced a lack of adequate support.

The bottom line? Experiences can vary drastically from person to person when it comes to critical aspects like follower authenticity, timely delivery, and customer support.

How Does Famoid Compare to Competitors?

Famoid isn’t the only follower growth service out there. Let’s see how it stacks up against some competitors.

famoid followers reviews

Vs. Mr. Insta

  • Both Famoid and Mr. Insta provide Instagram follower packages.
  • However, Mr. Insta has faced more quality complaints, with some labeling them a scam. Famoid delivers slightly better results.
  • Famoid offers a satisfaction guarantee. Mr. Insta does not.

Vs. YoViral

  • YoViral matches Famoid for pricing and packages.
  • But Famoid promises smoother delivery and better support. YoViral sees more inconsistencies.
  • Famoid clearly communicates risks. YoViral downplays potential violations.

Vs. Skweezer

  • Skweezer focuses solely on Instagram engagement services.
  • Famoid provides a wider range of social proof options across platforms.
  • Famoid has a simpler interface that makes ordering easier.

Based on user feedback and third-party reviews, Famoid delivers competitive value compared to alternatives in the market.

Key Pros and Cons of Famoid Followers

famoid followers reviews

It’s important to objectively evaluate both the benefits you stand to gain as well as the potential drawbacks.


  • Boosts follower count and social proof quickly
  • Can lead to a rapid increase in visibility and reach
  • Packages suited for different budgets
  • Comparatively reasonable pricing
  • Services offered across multiple platforms


  • Quality and activity of followers can be inconsistent
  • Risk of violating platform terms of service
  • Slow turnaround times faced by some customers
  • Support can be unresponsive for a minority

So if you’re looking for an instant boost in numbers even at the expense of some authenticity, Famoid may be worthwhile. But for genuinely engaged followers, an organic approach may be better.

Final Verdict: Should You Use Famoid?

So what’s the verdict? Should you buy Famoid followers for your Instagram or YouTube account?

famoid followers reviews

The answer depends greatly on your goals, priorities, and expectations around follower quality:

  • For personal brands and influencers focused exclusively on vanity metrics like follower count, Famoid can boost numbers rapidly. Just don’t expect high engagement.
  • Businesses wanting to run retargeting ads can also benefit from the increased reach and visibility.
  • But for organic community growth and genuine engagement, an authentic and strategic approach is better than buying followers.

The consensus based on Famoid Followers reviews seems to be – It works well for some people but fails to deliver for others. Reviewers highlight everything from perfect experiences to total disasters.

Much of this comes down to sheer luck in terms of the followers assigned and the support representative you end up with. So temper your expectations before signing up.

To explore Famoid’s services yourself, check out their website at famoid.com and don’t forget to use the best coupon codes for maximum savings.

Have you used Famoid’s followers services before? Share your own Famoid Followers reviews in the comments below!

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