Facelake FL400 Review: The Comprehensive Guide You Need

Facelacke FL400 is considered one of the best finger pulse oximeters to date. So this Facelake FL400 review with a comprehensive guide will help you start tracking your levels quickly and easily from home.

Why is it important to have a finger pulse oximeter?

You can purchase a finger pulse oximeter to use at home, while they are often found at medical facilities like hospitals. You can simply monitor your blood oxygen saturation levels from the comfort of your home using a variety of brands and designs.

There are numerous other reasons why you might think about purchasing your own device to have on hand, despite the fact that the COVID-19 outbreak has sparked a resurgence in interest in pulse oximeters for home use. For instance, hypoxemia can cause low blood oxygen levels, therefore keeping a finger pulse oximeter at home will help you feel more at ease. That’s why this Facelake FL400 review illustrates the importance of finger pulse oximeters first.

It’s crucial to discuss with your doctor when to use it, how to interpret the readings, and when to seek medical attention if you’re considering buying an at-home finger pulse oximeter. Consult your doctor if you have the FL400 Pulse Oximeter how to read the indicators will be of great help.

How does a finger pulse oximeter work?

Wearing a pulse oximeter on the finger is very common absolutely painless. To measure the amount of oxygen in your blood, this medical device uses light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, inside the probe, which can shoot tiny light beams through your finger. Your fingertip’s tissues allow the light to pass through, and the sensor on the other side detects it. Read this Facelake FL400 review to learn how to interpret the readings when using a finger pulse oximeter in general and the Facelake FL400 in particular.

The amount of light passing through your finger can then be measured using a finger pulse oximeter to determine how many of your red blood cells are transporting oxygen. The results of this reading, known as an oxygen saturation reading or SpO2, are shown as a percentage.

facelake fl400 review

Readings at or below 92 percent suggest that there isn’t enough oxygen in your blood, which should normally range from 95 to 100 percent. If the reading on your finger pulse oximeter is less than 90%, you should either retest to rule out any testing errors or speak with your doctor.

Additionally, an important thing to mention in this Facelake FL400 review is that, according to the American Lung Association, your oxygen saturation level should be higher than 90 to 92 percent. You can decide whether you require emergency medical assistance by confirming that your oxygen saturation level is higher than the advised limit. Acute infections like pneumonia or flare-ups of long-term disorders like asthma might cause such situations. Athletes can benefit from oximeters as well.

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What to look for when choosing a finger pulse oximeter?

Make sure the pulse oximeter can accommodate a child’s little fingers if you intend to buy one for the entire family. Check whether the device has undergone FDA approval or accuracy testing. For example, you can have confidence in Facelake Pulse Oximeter accuracy because it is manufactured according to CE and FDA standards. Look at the product’s ratings and any reviews left by customers. Reading customer feedback on the Facelacke FL400 in this Facelake FL400 review is worth it.

facelake fl400 review
FL400 Pulse Oximeter

Spot checks are the primary use of finger pulse oximeters. Consult your pharmacy about medical-grade oximeters for at-home use if you want continuous monitoring. Currently, arterial blood samples or pulse oximeters are the most precise methods for determining blood oxygen levels.

For further information on keeping an eye on your blood oxygen levels, consult your doctor or another medical expert.

How to use a finger pulse oximeter effectively: Useful Tips

Next, this Facelake FL400 review comes with these tips on using your finger pulse oximeter effectively.

  • Your hands should not too cold, hot, wet, or sweaty.
  • Keep your fingers and hand still while taking the reading.
  • A fingernail painted with polish or skin covered in tattoos should not be exposed to the pulse oximeter probe.

Facelake FL400 Review: What Makes It Stand Out?

Facelake FL400 Review: What Are The Features?

To be honest, in this Facelake FL400 review, this best-selling medical device from Facelack is a small, quick-display pulse oximeter that is lightweight, ready to use straight out of the box, and has a vibrant, colorful design that is very useful for seniors.

  • The colorful design makes it hard to misplace
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Has a nylon sack for convenient packing in bags and purses
  • Smaller fingers could result in less precise readings.
  • Needs a little more time for the most accurate readings compared to the top model

The Facelake FL400 Pulse Oximeter is designed to fit all age uses, has an easy-to-read black on-a-red digital display with a helpful battery level indication, and can read Sp02 and pulse in less than 10 seconds (but up to 24 seconds is advised for the most accurate reading). The device is packaged with a convenient nylon carrying bag, two AAA batteries that can be used straight away, a lanyard for wearing it around the neck, and a bright, colorful blue and white design that makes it more difficult to lose among the clutter.

While it can display data in 10 seconds or less, users who want the most accurate reading will need to wait for approximately 24 seconds, so it’s a little slower. Despite this, it’s still a very precise model, and its design and color make it a great choice for seniors and people who frequently misplace small objects. Besides, if you have a problem with your Facelake Pulse Oximeter not working, just contact the supplier for instant support.

Facelake FL400 Review: What Have People Said?

Extra Protection

Clear digital reading, great quality and the case keeps it protected. It was suggested to add an oximeter to your medicine box with the current pandemic. – from Jennifer McGowan

Facelake FL400 Review

Love it, easy to use and fun to watch. – from Mary Hatch

FL400 Pulse Oximeter with Lanyard, Carrying Case and Batteries, Blue

Very pleased with both the item and the service. Thanks so much! – from Sharon Dove
facelake fl400 review
Customer reviews on the official website

Facelake FL400

So far since receiving my SPO2 finger device, I tested it out right away on myself & husband and it works the way I expected it to. Since I’ve only had it for 2 weeks we haven’t needed to use it. Which I’m grateful for. – from BJLane

FL400 Pulse Oximeter

Easy to use. Seems pretty accurate, have compared it to dr.s office meter.
Also the display is a nice size. – from Mary Thelander

Checked out

Had my friend use it and compare to his watch tied to phone and only one digit in oxy difference. Very good. – from Ronald Baltrunas


For usage at home, there are a variety of finger pulse oximeters available which will help you make an informed decision on your health. Facelake FL400 oximeter is a really helpful device whether you’re monitoring your pulse and blood oxygen level for fitness or personal use.

Last but not least, our Facelake FL400 review ends here with the most updated discount codes for you to start your purchasing at Facelacke right now.

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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