eXtremeRate Review: Custom Gaming Accessories Worth Exploring

eXtremeRate is a company dedicated to innovating and enhancing the gaming experience through custom accessories and mods. In this eXtremeRate review, we’ll explore their product lines, reputation, key features, ideal users, and overall value to help you determine if their kits are worth exploring for your gaming needs.

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Introduction to eXtremeRate

extremerate review

Founded in 2010, eXtremeRate sells professional gaming accessories across various platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and more. Their slogan “Play Different” encapsulates their mission to push boundaries and offer new ways for gamers to customize and upgrade their gear.

eXtremeRate’s main product lines include custom controller shells, button kits, LED lighting kits, remapping kits and more. For example, their custom bottom shell case designs for Xbox Elite let you tailor colors, materials and layouts. The PS5 LED kits add flair with lights that react to in-game actions. Overall, eXtremeRate aims to give gamers limitless customization to enhance their experience.

Reputation and Customer Reviews

In this eXtremeRate review, we analyzed over 238 customer reviews to gauge overall reputation. On Trustpilot, reviews praise the quality and reasonable prices, though some users had issues with delivery times depending on location.

Specific pros from reviews highlight customization options, helpful customer service, and innovation in the space. One gamer using the VICTOR-X remapping kit shares that “Adding back buttons took my gameplay to the next level.”

However, some downsides emerged around installation challenges and plastic tools wearing down over time. Per a recent Amazon buyer, “The pry tool for opening the controller broke easily.”

extremerate review

Summary of Pros and Cons


  • Innovative, customizable products
  • Good quality for the price
  • Helpful customer service


  • Shipping/delivery times vary
  • Installation can be difficult
  • Some included tools may wear easily

While eXtremeRate reviews show mostly positive feedback, they indicate users should factor in a learning curve when installing these advanced kits. Those less handy with tech may want to weigh risks vs. rewards.

Overview of Key Products and Feature Sets

extremerate review

eXtremeRate offers kits for most major gaming platforms. Some popular options include:

Xbox Elite Series 2 Custom Case

  • Limitless customization of colors, materials, layouts
  • Add or remove buttons, paddles to preference
  • Compatible with Xbox Elite Series 2 and Xbox One Elite

PS5 Edge Controller Shells & Buttons

  • Personalize with full shells and button sets
  • Match your style with color and material options
  • Designed for PS5 Edge Controller

PS5 BDM-030 LED Kit

  • LEDs react to explosions, combos, etc.
  • Adjustable brightness and light speed
  • Adds flair to your PS5 gameplay

VICTOR-X & S Remap Kit

  • Get pro-level gaming with 4 back buttons
  • Fully programmable control mapping
  • Built for VICTOR X and VICTOR S Gamepads

It’s worth mentioning in this eXtremeRate review that other offerings like pro controller buttons for Nintendo Switch round out compatibility across platforms. Assembly isn’t too complex but does require careful attention to instructions for best results.

“Handy users can transform stock controllers into custom powerhouses.” – Tom’s Guide

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How eXtremeRate Compares to Other Brands

extremerate review

We evaluated eXtremeRate’s capabilities in areas like customization, innovation and price against competitors known for quality mods.


eXtremeRate has among the most breadth of custom options from colors to paddles to lights. Competitors trail with less range, especially for lighting effects.


eXtremeRate keeps pace with rivals when rolling out inventive mods that add bonus functionality missing even on pro controllers


All brands maintain standards for durable materials able to withstand hardcore gaming. eXtremeRate incorporates high testing tolerances as added peace of mind.


Pricing runs very affordable with eXtremeRate given economies of scale. Less variety means some rivals beat on entry-level basics though.

So, it is safe to say in this eXtremeRate review that the brand excels especially for gamers who value extreme personalization without breaking the bank. Competitive pricing also makes it easier to test mods before going all-in.

Who Stands to Benefit Most from eXtremeRate?

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Based on eXtremeRate’s specialties, a few user groups are best suited to explore these kits for enhancing their gaming pursuits:

Gamers Seeking Customization

Those wanting to tailor everything to individual tastes will bask in the options for colors, textures and components.

Competitive eSports Players

Remapping buttons and adding paddles/triggers can unlock skill ceilings beyond standard controllers

Casual Gamers on a Budget

eXtremeRate lets anyone elevate their gaming gear without paying premiums for fully custom controllers.

Users of PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch

With broad platform support, we can confidently say in our eXtremeRate review that the company has kits compatible with popular console and mobile offerings.

For tinkerers who don’t mind getting hands-on, eXtremeRate can enable the ultimate personalized setup without the costly investments required from elite brands.

Core Benefits of eXtremeRate Kits and Mods

extremerate review

While benefits range by-product, the most compelling strengths consistently reported by customers include:

Extreme Levels of Customization

eXtremeRate opens up countless combinations for colors, button layouts, textures and other options far exceeding off-the-shelf controllers. Gamers can fine-tune the ergonomics and aesthetics to best support their playstyles.

Leading-Edge Innovation

Instead of just replicating standard functionality in new skins, eXtremeRate delivers forward-thinking mod kits with bonus features like remappable paddles and reactive lighting. This inventiveness keeps them at the forefront of advancing the controller mod scene.

Durable, High-Quality Materials

eXtremeRate reviews confirm products stand up well over time thanks to reliable construction from durable, non-toxic ABS plastics able to take a beating through intense gaming sessions.

Affordability and Value

For the level of personalization and innovation added, eXtremeRate maintains very wallet-friendly pricing that brings custom mods to casual gamers. Even just upgrading an old controller often costs less than one replacement.

“This kit made my regular controller feel premium. The options to customize buttons and sticks take performance and comfort to new levels” – Jake M., Amazon buyer

Potential Downsides and Risks to Consider

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While feedback skews positive overall, some eXtremeRate reviews mention a few areas to keep in mind:

  • Difficulty installing advanced kits if less tech-savvy
  • Learning curve adapting play to new button mappings
  • Voided controller warranties after opening up devices

Installing these modifications requires care and some patience. Those less comfortable tinkering inside expensive electronics may wish to practice first or opt for professional installation.

As with any device customization, tweaking default hardware also commonly voids manufacturer warranties. So risks apply should anything stop working down the line after altering controllers.

“I damaged a paddle working inside my Xbox Elite controller. No warranty protection after adding the kit.” – Frank C., Amazon reviewer

However, eXtremeRate provides detailed instructions plus responsive customer assistance that most users rate as helpful for getting through tricky spots. Just be ready to troubleshoot issues on your own, tradeoffs permitting deeper gear personalization.

eXtremeRate Review – Conclusion

extremerate review

After fully reviewing eXtremeRate’s offerings, they deliver an impressive range of controller customization at reasonable price points. The variety caters well to different gamer profiles from the hardcore eSports enthusiast to the casual player on a budget.

Abundant personalization options, durable construction and leading-edge mods make eXtremeRate kits worthy of consideration for upgrading your existing gamepads. Just account for installation challenges and voided warranties during evaluation.

So, why not browse eXtremeRate’s inventory at extremerate.com for your platform of choice? Utilize these updated eXtremeRate discount codes to enjoy the best pricing on your custom mods!

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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