CodeMonkey Review: A Fun and Engaging Way for Kids to Learn Coding

Coding is becoming an increasingly important skill, even at a young age. With the rise of technology and automation, coding offers kids a number of benefits like critical thinking, problem-solving, and gaining a competitive edge for college and future careers. This has led to a surge in coding programs and classes for children. One such program is CodeMonkey, a leading online coding platform designed just for kids.

In this CodeMonkey review, we’ll explore what makes this program stand out, its key features, teaching methods, and course offerings. We’ll also summarize reviews from experts and parents to help you determine if it’s the right coding education for your child.

Overview of CodeMonkey

CodeMonkey is an online coding platform designed specifically for kids ages 4 to 14+. It uses game-based learning to teach children real programming languages like CoffeeScript, Python, and JavaScript through solving puzzles and building games and apps.

Founded in 2014 in Israel, CodeMonkey aims to provide an engaging way for kids to learn foundational coding concepts like loops, variables, and functions. The curriculum progresses from block-based to text-based coding using hands-on learning.

codemonkey review

Millions of students worldwide have learned introductory coding skills through CodeMonkey’s self-paced courses. The platform has reached over 300,000 students in Israel alone through annual coding competitions.

While the exact number is not specified, CodeMonkey has a significant global presence and has been used in many schools around the world to teach coding fundamentals to younger students. The interactive courses aim to make coding accessible and enjoyable rather than intimidating for kids.

Key Features of CodeMonkey

CodeMonkey teaches coding through game-based learning with courses tailored to different age groups and coding skill levels. Some of the key features that make CodeMonkey stand out include:

Game-Based Learning: CodeMonkey uses games and animated challenges to create an engaging learning environment instead of traditional classroom-based instruction. Students help monkeys collect bananas or build contraptions to solve problems.

Real Programming Languages: Kids learn real languages like JavaScript, Python, and CoffeeScript instead of only interacting with block-based drag-and-drop coding. This gives them applicable coding skills.

Self-Paced Learning: CodeMonkey offers self-guided courses that students can learn at their own pace. This encourages independent learning.

Step-by-Step Progression: Courses gradually build on each other, starting from introductory to advanced concepts. This scaffolds student learning.

Digital Literacy: Students learn digital citizenship skills like online safety, security, and ethics. This prepares them to use technology responsibly.

Teacher Support: Detailed lesson plans, curriculum, and tutorials help teachers use CodeMonkey in or out of the classroom. Students can also get help through the online community.

With these key features, it’s fair to assume in this CodeMonkey review that they aim to make coding accessible and fun for kids rather than intimidating.

CodeMonkey’s Course Offerings

codemonkey review

CodeMonkey offers coding courses tailored for students of different ages and skill levels. Their main courses for kids include:

  • CodeMonkey Junior: This introductory course uses blocks to teach 4-6-year-olds coding basics like sequencing through game-based challenges.
  • Coding Adventure: Kids 7 and up learn CoffeeScript syntax, variables, functions, and more by helping a monkey collect bananas in this game-style course.
  • Banana Tales: Designed for ages 9+, this adventure course teaches concepts like loops, conditions, and objects in Python.
  • Game Builder: Kids ages 9-14 can create their own games through coding in this builder course.

CodeMonkey also provides courses suitable for teens and older beginners to start learning coding concepts and languages.

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CodeMonkey’s Teaching Methods

CodeMonkey uses varied teaching techniques to provide an effective and engaging coding education for kids. It’s important to mention in this CodeMonkey review some of their core teaching strategies, including:

  • Learn by Doing: Students actively code as they solve puzzles and build projects rather than passively listening to lectures. This experiential learning helps coding concepts stick.
  • Scaffolding: Courses gradually build on each other to scaffold learning. Students move from block coding to text coding and tackling more complex concepts like functions and objects.
  • Self-Paced Learning: Kids can learn at their own pace instead of moving as a group. This allows them to spend more time on concepts they struggle with.
  • Motivation: Points, prizes, and rewards motivate students to progress through courses. Seeing their games come to life also helps keep kids engaged.
  • Feedback: Instant feedback after coding challenges helps students see what they did right or wrong. They can iterate to find the right solution.
  • Community: Students can post questions and help each other in the CodeMonkey community forums. This allows them to get help when stuck.

These methods make learning coding accessible and rewarding for children instead of frustrating. The interactive courses keep kids motivated to gain coding skills.

Quality of CodeMonkey’s Teaching

With its game-based courses and calibrated teaching methods, how does CodeMonkey stack up in terms of teaching quality?

  • CodeMonkey’s courses emphasize learning by doing practical coding projects and challenges instead of dry theory or lectures.
  • Their step-by-step curriculum and scaffolded courses allow students to build coding skills from the ground up.
  • Detailed lesson plans, instructional videos, and an active teacher community provide educator support.
  • Adaptive courses fit different learning paces and age groups from 4 years old to adult.
  • CodeMonkey has won several awards including the Parents’ Choice Gold Award and Accredited Learning Environment.
  • It’s used by thousands of teachers globally with positive CodeMonkey reviews of engagement and coding skill development.

Overall, hands-on application, calibrated difficulty levels, educator resources, and awards make CodeMonkey a high-quality coding education platform for youth.

Benefits of Learning Coding with CodeMonkey

codemonkey review

Beyond just teaching kids how to code, CodeMonkey aims to impart broader skills through its programming courses. It’s worth considering in this CodeMonkey review some of the benefits of learning coding, including:

  • Critical Thinking: Coding requires logical thinking through problems and designing step-by-step solutions.
  • Creativity: Coding allows kids to design games and bring their own unique ideas to life.
  • Collaboration: Students share feedback and help each other in the CodeMonkey community forums.
  • Confidence: Mastering coding gives kids confidence in their abilities to learn technical skills.
  • Communication: Coding uses precise syntax and instructions, developing written communication abilities.
  • STEM readiness: CodeMonkey builds early interest and skills in science, technology, engineering, and math fields.
  • Real-world skills: Kids gain tech literacy and programming skills applicable to future careers.

Grasping coding fundamentals goes beyond programming knowledge. CodeMonkey courses teach critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, and communication skills that benefit kids in any field.

CodeMonkey Reviews from Experts

How does CodeMonkey measure up to coding education? Here are excerpts from expert CodeMonkey reviews:

“CodeMonkey offers a friendly but challenging introduction to computer programming, with a bit more rigor and knowledge transfer than can be found in the elementary coding tools that don’t engage with actual scripting.” – Common Sense Education

“We’ve been using CodeMonkey for the last 3 years. The students love it and learn so much from it. It teaches students computational thinking, problem solving, perseverance, critical thinking, and analytical skills.” – Brandon, 5th-grade computer science teacher

“My kids love CodeMonkey! It makes coding accessible and fun for them. I also appreciate that it incorporates math, reading, and writing skills.” – Julie, parent

codemonkey review

“Students are highly engaged and motivated to progress through the CodeMonkey challenges. It promotes collaborative learning through the student forums too.” – Cara, 8th grade computer science teacher

These CodeMonkey review opinions highlight how CodeMonkey creates an accessible introduction to coding for kids using games to actively engage students. The courses teach broader computational thinking and problem-solving skills as well.

Applications After CodeMonkey Courses

Once kids have completed CodeMonkey courses, what can they do with their new-found coding abilities? Here are some of the main applications we need to point out in this CodeMonkey review:

  • Make games and apps: Students can use coding languages like CoffeeScript to develop their own games, quizzes, and utility apps.
  • Build websites: With languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript under their belt, kids can start developing their own websites.
  • Pursue coding jobs: Those interested can pursue coding careers like software engineering, app development, and web design.
  • Jumpstart coding projects: Kids can more easily tackle coding projects for science fairs, maker clubs, robotics teams, and hackathons.
  • Get a headstart in computer science: CodeMonkey builds a foundation for more advanced CS courses in middle school, high school, and college.
  • Participate in coding contests: Students can enter coding contests and challenges to test their skills.

CodeMonkey prepares kids to apply coding across projects, future classes, careers, and just for fun! The programming languages and concepts open up new opportunities.

Is CodeMonkey Right for Your Child?

CodeMonkey offers an engaging coding education starting as young as 4 years old. But is it the right program for your child? Here are a few key considerations:

  • Age: CodeMonkey has courses tailored to specific age groups and coding abilities. Select the right level based on your child’s age and skills.
  • Learning style: Kids who like hands-on, interactive games tend to thrive with CodeMonkey. Make sure your child likes to learn by doing.
  • Self-motivation: CodeMonkey uses self-paced courses so your child needs focus and discipline to progress independently.
  • Reading level: Early courses use graphics but later ones require reading comprehension to follow text coding. Make sure your child has age-appropriate reading skills.
  • Time commitment: Budget 2-5 hours per week for your child to have enough time to complete coding projects and challenges.
  • Your involvement: Younger kids may need some supervision and guidance though teens can self-direct. Decide how involved you want to be.

Look at these factors in this CodeMonkey review to determine if CodeMonkey aligns with your child’s abilities and learning preferences. A free trial lets them try it out before committing.

CodeMonkey Review: What Are The Pros and Cons?

codemonkey review

Let’s summarize the key advantages and limitations of using CodeMonkey based on expert and user reviews:


  • Engaging, game-based learning environment
  • Self-paced courses tailored to different age groups
  • Teaches real-world coding languages and marketable skills
  • Develops problem-solving, critical thinking, and computational skills
  • Detailed lesson plans and tutorials for teacher guidance
  • Nurtures creativity by allowing kids to build games and worlds
  • Affordable subscription plans


  • Advanced students may find courses move too slowly
  • Parental supervision required for younger kids
  • More structure needed for some learning styles

The game-based courses, structured curriculum, and coding skill development are clear strengths of CodeMonkey. But it may not be the right fit for every child. Try out the options to see if it aligns with your kid’s abilities and interests.

Our Take: Excellent Coding Foundation for Kids

After reviewing its features, teaching quality, and expert evaluations, our take for this CodeMonkey review is that the platform provides an excellent coding education specifically tailored to kids.

The interactive, game-based courses teach real coding languages like Python and JavaScript in an engaging way. Kids have fun solving puzzles and creating games while absorbing programming fundamentals.

Structured lessons, instant feedback, and self-paced options allow customized learning. Kids build real coding skills while gaining confidence, creativity, and problem-solving abilities.

While advanced students may want more challenges, CodeMonkey gives beginners an accessible introduction to coding. We recommend trying the free demo lessons to see if it’s a good fit for your child’s abilities and learning needs.

The affordable subscriptions and implementation support also make CodeMonkey easy to adopt for schools and districts. Teaching kids coding fundamentals from an early age prepares them to thrive in our digital world.

CodeMonkey Review: Conclusion

In our CodeMonkey review, the platform hits the mark for teaching coding to kids in an entertaining, skills-focused way. The game format and scaffolding of courses make coding concepts graspable for young learners rather than intimidating.

Beyond programming knowledge, CodeMonkey builds up problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and persistence. These skills benefit kids in any career path.

Through this CodeMonkey review, we suggest parents and educators give CodeMonkey a test run with their free trials. See which courses spark your child’s interest and get them excited about coding.

To get started with CodeMonkey at the best pricing, take advantage of these updated Code Monkey coupon codes. Investing in early coding education pays dividends in developing capable young coders.

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Couponclans is a completely free site that offers discounts through coupons and offers from leading national and international online stores. Every time you make a purchase over the internet, we help you save money.

As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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