Bulldog PLUS Target: The Ultimate Archery Target for All Skill Levels

If you’re an archery enthusiast in search of a top-notch target that combines durability, efficiency, and exceptional stopping power, your quest ends here with the Bulldog PLUS target. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the features, advantages, disadvantages, customer feedback, and target audience of this remarkable archery target.

The Bulldog PLUS target is expertly crafted to meet the needs of archers of all skill levels. Its primary goal is to provide a convenient and effective solution for honing your archery skills. With a host of impressive features, this target promises to elevate your practice sessions to new heights.

Throughout this article, we’ll thoroughly examine the Bulldog PLUS target‘s performance, construction quality, and suitability for different shooting scenarios. We’ll delve into its standout features and highlight how they contribute to its overall appeal. Additionally, we’ll explore feedback from existing customers to gain valuable insights into their experiences with the product.

Whether you’re a novice archer looking to improve your accuracy or an experienced marksman seeking a reliable and long-lasting target, our in-depth analysis of the target will equip you with the knowledge you need to make an informed purchasing decision. So, let’s dive in and explore all that this target has to offer!


The Bulldog PLUS target is a high-quality archery target that has several unique features that make it stand out from other targets. Let’s take a closer look:

Revolutionary Internal System for Easy Arrow Removal and Improved Stopping Power

The target boasts a revolutionary internal system that sets it apart from other archery targets on the market. This cutting-edge system ensures ridiculously easy arrow removal and enhanced stopping power.

bulldog plus target

Bulldog Targets takes pride in offering archers two key benefits with this innovation: seamless arrow extraction and superior stopping capability. Customers have lauded the target for its arrow-pulling convenience, making it a go-to choice for archers seeking a hassle-free and efficient shooting experience.

Lifetime Warranty for Unmatched Peace of Mind

Investing in the Bulldog PLUS target comes with the added assurance of a lifetime warranty. This generous warranty coverage guarantees your target’s longevity and safeguards your investment. With this protection in place, you can practice with confidence, knowing that any potential defects or issues will be promptly addressed.

The target’s durability and long-lasting performance, coupled with its comprehensive warranty, make it an enticing option for archers who prioritize quality and peace of mind.

Heavy-Duty XP Version for Fast Bows and Crossbows

Archers wielding fast bows and crossbows will find the heavy-duty XP version of the Bulldog PLUS target particularly appealing. Designed to withstand powerful shots, this version offers an impressive 12″ of penetration.

bulldog plus target
Doghouse XP Archery Target

Its robust construction and enhanced stopping power make it the perfect choice for archers seeking a target that can handle the intensity of high-speed projectiles. Whether you’re a competitive archer or a passionate enthusiast, the heavy-duty XP version ensures optimal performance and durability for your fast-flying arrows.

Shootable from Both Sides for Extended Use

The Bulldog PLUS target‘s versatility shines through its shootable-from-both-sides feature. This attribute not only prolongs the target’s lifespan but also provides archers with expanded shooting opportunities.

By allowing shooting from both sides, this target ensures that you can maximize its usage before considering replacements. This convenience-oriented design enables archers to focus on honing their skills without the need for frequent target rotations or replacements.

Available Face Replacements for Prolonged Use

To further extend the lifespan of the Bulldog PLUS target, face replacements are readily available. When the face of the target wears out from consistent use, archers can conveniently replace it using Bulldog target replacement kits, eliminating the need to invest in an entirely new target.

This cost-effective feature ensures that you can continue practicing with the same target for prolonged periods, optimizing both your shooting experience and your budget.

Portable, Lightweight, and Self-Standing Design for On-the-Go Archery

The Bulldog PLUS target‘s portability, lightweight build, and self-standing design make it an archer’s companion wherever they go. Its convenient features allow you to take your archery skills to various locations without hassle.

Whether you’re heading to the range, a friend’s backyard, or an outdoor adventure, this target ensures that you can set up and shoot with ease. The combination of portability, lightweight construction, and self-standing capability makes the Bulldog PLUS target a reliable choice for archers seeking flexibility and convenience.

bulldog plus target
Doghouse Pug Archery Target

In fact, customers who have experienced the product have shared positive feedback regarding its performance. A YouTube review highlighted the target’s durability, effortless arrow extraction, and excellent stopping ability.

Another review on Upgraded Reviews praised the target for its remarkable capacity to stop arrows fired from any bow or crossbow. These testimonials underscore the target’s efficacy and further support its reputation as a high-quality, durable, and efficient option for archers of all skill levels.

If you are searching for Bulldog Targets broadheads, unfortunately, Bulldog Targets are not designed for broadheads. According to their FAQ page, the archery targets that they currently offer are not meant for broadheads. However, they will be releasing a broadhead model in the future.

All in all, the Bulldog PLUS target combines innovative features, superior durability, and exceptional performance to cater to the needs of archers seeking a top-tier target. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned marksman, this target offers convenience, reliability, and versatility to enhance your archery practice.

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Pros and Cons

Like any product, this target has its pros and cons. Here are some of the pros and cons of the Bulldog PLUS target to consider before buying:

  • A revolutionary new internal system that provides easy arrow removal
  • Improved stopping power
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Heavy-duty XP version with 12″ of penetration, making it ideal for fast bows and crossbows
  • Shootable from both sides
  • Available face replacements
  • Portable, lightweight, and self-standing
  • It is a foam target, so the foam will eventually wear out if you continuously hit the same spot, and there is no core to replace

Who is it for?

The Bulldog PLUS target caters to a wide range of archers, regardless of their skill level. Here are the groups of individuals who can benefit from using this high-quality, durable, and efficient target:

  • Beginner archers seeking user-friendly targets with excellent stopping power.
  • Experienced archers in need of a target that can handle the velocity of fast bows and crossbows.
  • Archers desire a portable, lightweight, and self-standing target, enabling shooting flexibility in various locations.
  • Archers who value peace of mind and want their investment protected by a lifetime warranty.
  • Archers who prioritize durability and appreciate how easily arrows come out of the Bulldog PLUS target while ensuring optimal stopping performance.
  • Archers prefer the convenience of available face replacements, allowing them to replace worn-out target faces without replacing the entire target.
bulldog plus target

Regardless of your experience level, the Bulldog PLUS target offers a compelling solution for your archery needs. Its versatility, durability, and user-friendly features make it an ideal choice for a diverse range of archers, ensuring an enjoyable and productive practice session every time.


The Bulldog PLUS target emerges as a top-tier option for archers of all skill levels who seek a high-quality, durable, and efficient target for their practice sessions. Its standout features, including the revolutionary internal system that ensures easy arrow removal and improved stopping power, set it apart from its competitors.

Although it is important to note that, like any foam target, continuous hits in the same spot may cause wear over time, the absence of a core to replace simplifies maintenance.

For archers who value convenience, longevity, and superior performance, the Bulldog PLUS target delivers on all fronts. Its exceptional build quality and user-friendly attributes make it a worthy investment for those dedicated to refining their archery skills.

To get the best prices and make your purchase, we recommend visiting the official Bulldog Targets website. Keep an eye out for exclusive coupon codes and promotions that can further enhance your buying experience.

The Bulldog Targets free shipping is occasionally offered as part of their exclusive deals. For example, they have an offer where you can buy two Doghouse FP PLUS targets and get free shipping. So, take advantage of these opportunities to obtain the Bulldog PLUS target at an even more competitive price.

With its unrivaled combination of quality, durability, and efficiency, the product proves itself an excellent choice for archers committed to honing their skills and enjoying a rewarding shooting experience. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your archery practice with this exceptional target from Bulldog Targets.

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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