Big Jeff Car Audio: Everything You Need for a Killer Car Sound System

For car audio enthusiasts looking to upgrade their rides with high-quality sound systems, Big Jeff Audio is a one-stop shop worth exploring. As a leading retailer of car stereo equipment from top brands, the company offers a wide selection of products to create custom audio systems for any car.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore Big Jeff car audio product range, services, reputation and more to help you decide if their offerings are right for your needs.

An Overview of Big Jeff Audio

Big Jeff Audio provides car audio systems, speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and installation accessories from trusted brands. In addition to Big Jeff car audio products, they also offer installation services to professionally fit your new equipment.

Founded in 2005 in Florida, Big Jeff Audio sells online to customers across the U.S. and also operates a brick-and-mortar showroom. The company has earned a reputation for excellent customer service, fast shipping and competitive pricing.

big jeff car audio

Big Jeff Audio stands out with their:

  • Wide Product Selection: Car stereos, speakers, subs, amps, wiring kits and more from leading brands.
  • Installation Services: Pro installation available.
  • Top-Notch Support: Helpful staff and responsive customer service team.
  • Fast Shipping: Quick delivery so you can upgrade your ride ASAP.

Now let’s explore the Big Jeff car audio product line-up and services in more detail.

Diverse Big Jeff Car Audio Products from Leading Brands

From complete car stereo systems to individual components like subwoofers and amps, Big Jeff Audio carries a wide variety of gear to build your perfect car audio system.

Big Jeff car audio products can be categorized as follows:

Car Stereo Head Units

big jeff car audio

The centerpiece of your new car audio system will likely be a head unit or car stereo receiver. Big Jeff stocks head units from respected brands like Kenwood and Pioneer.

Kenwood is known for manufacturing high-quality, reliable car stereos that provide excellent functionality. Pioneer is recognized for car stereos that deliver top-notch sound quality and thoughtful features optimized for the best audio experience.

With Big Jeff car audio head units from these leading brands, you can be assured that Big Jeff Audio provides high-performing stereos to meet your needs.

Coaxial and Component Speakers

big jeff car audio

To amplify your music, upgrading your car’s factory speakers is a must. Big Jeff Audio supplies coaxial and component speakers from trusted brands like Kicker to significantly improve sound quality.

Coaxial speakers feature a tweeter inside the woofer cone for straightforward installation. Component speakers have separate woofers and tweeters for more customizable audio.

Kicker is respected for making durable, great-sounding car speakers across multiple price points. With speakers from Kicker, you can get superior sound quality with Big Jeff car audio products built to last.


big jeff car audio

Adding a subwoofer takes your audio system to another level with earth-shaking bass. Big Jeff Audio provides subwoofers from respected brands like Kicker to add powerful, deep bass.

You’ll find options like shallow mount subs for tight spaces and powered subwoofers for simplified setup. With the right subwoofer from Big Jeff’s selection, you can experience bass that resonates throughout your entire vehicle.


big jeff car audio

An amplifier gives your speakers and subwoofer the extra power needed for loud, dynamic music. Big Jeff stocks both mono amps ideal for subwoofers and multi-channel amps for entire systems.

Brands carried include Rockford Fosgate and Kicker, both known for making quality amplifiers that deliver on performance. With abundant power from a rugged amp, you’ll have headroom to crank up the volume.

Installation Accessories

big jeff car audio

Along with the above Big Jeff car audio products, quality installation accessories are vital for a seamless setup. Big Jeff stocks wiring kits and other installation products from leading brands like Kicker.

Kicker installation kits include all the necessary wiring, terminals, fuses and hardware for a professional-grade install. With a top-notch wiring kit and accessories from Big Jeff, you’ll have everything needed for a smooth installation.

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Professional Installation Services

For those looking for a smooth, seamless installation of their new gear, Big Jeff Audio provides professional installation services. Their experienced technicians can handle the following:

  • Custom subwoofer enclosures to optimize bass response.
  • Sound-deadening products to reduce road noise for clearer music.
  • Adding handy accessories like backup cameras for ease of use.

Big Jeff Audio will work with you to create the perfect audio setup for your vehicle and budget. For DIY installations, they also offer remote support via their contact number to answer questions.

Excellent Customer Service and Support

Big Jeff Audio receives positive reviews for their helpful customer service and support. Customers mention their responsive staff that promptly answers questions and resolves any issues.

Specific highlights of their customer service include:

  • Order verification before shipment to prevent errors.
  • Quick resolution of problems – Big Jeff rapidly handles any defective items or shipping issues.
  • Fast shipping with most in-stock orders delivered within 1 business day.

Considering the complex world of car audio, quality customer service is a must. Big Jeff Audio’s excellent support gives customers confidence throughout the purchase and ownership process.

Fast, Affordable Nationwide Shipping

Getting your hands on new car audio gear quickly is a total thrill. Luckily, Big Jeff Audio has got you covered with fast shipping that won’t break the bank.

Big Jeff Audio sends your order out the door in 2-4 days using trusted carriers like FedEx or USPS. Customers consistently give them props for fast fulfillment.

“I was rocking my new speakers just a few days after ordering from Big Jeff’s site. Their shipping speed is awesome!” said one happy customer.

You’ll enjoy competitive rates, and they offer free shipping on orders too. Overall, Big Jeff makes upgrading your rides sound super easy and affordable thanks to their speedy delivery across the country.

What Customers Are Saying About Big Jeff Car Audio Products

big jeff car audio

With years in the car audio game, Big Jeff has won some serious fans. Overall, customers dig the quality of Big Jeff car audio products, reasonable prices and helpful service.

Folks who’ve bought from Big Jeff say things like:

“The Kicker subs I got sound absolutely amazing. The bass pounds – couldn’t be happier!”

“Big Jeff’s staff helped me pick the perfect amp at a great price. Stand-up service.”

“Got my speakers in two days with free shipping! Big Jeff Audio comes through on quick delivery.”

When issues occasionally pop up, Big Jeff is quick to make things right based on the feedback. Their long history and legions of stoked customers are proof this company delivers the goods.

Why Choose Big Jeff Car Audio Products?

big jeff car audio

If you’re looking to upgrade your whips sound system, the Big Jeff car audio product range deserves a serious look. Here’s why they should be on your shortlist:

  • Huge selection of stereos, speakers, subs – you name it. All from awesome brands.
  • Pro installation services so you know it’s done right.
  • Customer support has your back from purchase to installation.
  • Quick shipping that brings the jams to your door ASAP.
  • Reasonable prices, especially with these best Big Jeff Audio coupon codes.

For killer car audio gear at fair prices backed by great service, we highly recommend Big Jeff. Check them out at and you’ll be rockin’ in no time.

The Final Word

With quality car audio gear, pro installation services and superb customer support, Big Jeff car audio products have rightfully earned their excellent reputation. For an audio upgrade you can feel confident about, Big Jeff Audio delivers the products and services to create your ideal sound system.

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      Couponclans is a completely free site that offers discounts through coupons and offers from leading national and international online stores. Every time you make a purchase over the internet, we help you save money.

      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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