9 Best Icicle Christmas Lights to Illuminate Your Holiday Decor

The best icicle Christmas lights should be unique, fun, and popular to decorate your home for the holidays. The dangling rows of icicle-shaped bulbs create a magical, twinkling effect that feels like the sparkle of ice crystals.

With the huge variety of icicle Christmas lights on the market, it can be tricky to determine which option is right for your display. To save you time and effort, I extensively researched this year’s top-rated icicle Christmas light picks.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll introduce you to all the key features to consider when shopping for the best icicle Christmas lights. First, I’ll provide a breakdown of the different types of icicle lights, like LED, incandescent, and solar-powered varieties – exploring the pros and cons of each.

After covering what specifications to look for, I’ll then provide in-depth reviews of the best options available. You’ll understand exactly why these strands rise above other options thanks to glowing customer experiences and top expert recommendations.

By guide’s end, you’ll have all the information you need to pick the perfect set of icicle Christmas lights to adorn your home in winter magic! I’m excited for you to transform your space into a truly dazzling winter wonderland this holiday season!

Types of Icicle Christmas Lights

The first step to choosing the best icicle Christmas lights for your space is determining the right type of bulb. Here are the main varieties of icicle light bulbs, along with the pros and cons of each.

LED Icicle Lights

LED Icicle Lights

LED lights have risen in popularity in recent years for holiday lighting due to their reliability, longevity, and energy efficiency.

  • Longer lifespan than other options (at least 10 years)
  • Energy-efficient – up to 90% less energy use than incandescent
  • Available in a variety of colors and brightness levels
  • Most mimic the warm glow of incandescents
  • Can be more expensive upfront than incandescents

Incandescent Icicle Lights

Incandescent Icicle Lights

Incandescent lights provide a classic, nostalgic glow that many people prefer over LEDs. They continue to be popular due to their affordable pricing.

  • Inexpensive initial cost
  • Provide a “true” warm white glow
  • Shorter lifespans than LED (up to 5 years)
  • Not as energy-efficient
  • Can produce excess heat

Solar-Powered Icicle Lights

Solar-Powered Icicle Lights

For an environmentally-friendly option, solar-powered lights capture and store energy from sunlight during the daytime to illuminate at night.

  • Eco-friendly – no electricity required
  • Low long-term costs
  • Less bright in overcast or winter weather
  • Higher upfront investment for solar panels and battery

When considering what type of icicle Christmas light to purchase, weigh your priorities in terms of lifespan, operating costs, brightness, and sustainability. This can help you select the best icicle Christmas lights for your needs. I’ll go into more specifics about top picks in each category later in this article.

Light TypeProsCons
LEDLonger lifespan, energy-efficient, brightHigher cost
IncandescentWarm glow, lower costShorter lifespan
Solar-poweredEnvironmentally friendly, no electricity neededInitial cost, may be less bright in cloudy weather

Next, let’s explore the important features you should examine when choosing the best icicle Christmas lights.

Features to Look For When Buying Icicle Christmas Lights

best icicle christmas lights

To get the best icicle Christmas lights, keep an eye out for these key features:

Length and Bulb Size

Icicle light strands come in lengths ranging from 20 feet up to 200 feet. The length you need depends on the area you’re planning to cover. For example, a 20-foot strand works well for decorating an indoor window or wreath, while you may prefer 100+ feet to wrap around an entire roofline.

In addition to length, pay attention to bulb size and spacing. Larger G40 bulbs with more space between each icicle create a fuller, more impressive drape. Smaller M5 bulbs clustered closer together have a finer, more delicate effect.

Colors and Color Combinations

Clear/white icicle lights are the most popular and versatile, but you can find many other colors and combinations like:

  • Warm white (a soft yellow)
  • Cool white (a bright crisp white)
  • Multicolor
  • Blue, red, and green singular colors
  • Mixes like red and green or warm white and cool white

Consider the overall color scheme of your display. Do you want to accent your traditional green and red decor? Or create an icy winter wonderland in shades of blue and white? Getting creative with colors can take your display up a notch with the best icicle Christmas lights!

Light Modes and Special Effects

best icicle christmas lights

Basic icicle lights have a single mode: steady on. But many modern LED options come with fun special effects built-in like:

  • Fading/twinkle
  • Alternating
  • Wave
  • Multi-colored flashing
  • Color-changing

Lights with multiple modes add extra personality to your display. Kids and guests will be delighted by the dazzling light show!

Power Source

Standard plugin icicle light strands are the most common. But depending on your display setup, solar or battery power may make sense:

  • Plugin: Provides the brightest, steadiest glow. Best for easily accessed outdoor areas or indoor displays.
  • Solar: An eco-friendly choice to avoid electrical cords. Position the solar panel in full sun.
  • Battery: Convenient for remote/hard-to-reach locations if you don’t want to run extension cords.

Weatherproof Rating

When seeking the best icicle Christmas lights, it’s critical that you choose an option clearly rated for outdoor and wet conditions. Look for lights advertised as weatherproof, waterproof, snowproof, outdoor-safe, or IP44-rated. Strands not specifically made to withstand the elements likely won’t last long once freezing temperatures, rain, snow, and wind hit them.

Ease of Installation

Hanging icicle lights takes some time and patience. So choose strands with features to make installation faster, like:

  • Attachment clips – Clips designed specifically for gutters make hanging a breeze
  • Connectable strands – Connect multiple strands together instead of trying to hang one huge heavy strand
  • Reinforced hanging holes – Prevent ripping when hanging

While professional installers use staple guns, as a homeowner you can damage your roofline, gutters or exterior finishing. The safest DIY mounting options are removable plastic clips or hooks.

Now that you know what features are most important to get the best icicle Christmas lights, let’s review this year’s top-rated options to inspire your purchasing decision!

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The 9 Best Icicle Christmas Lights

After extensive research comparing professional reviews and customer ratings across retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Home Depot and more – these are my picks for the very best icicle Christmas lights to buy this year:

1. GE Colorite LED Miniature Lights

The GE Colorite LED Icicle Lights top my list because they strike the perfect balance of quality, energy efficiency, great reviews and reasonable pricing.

Over 2,500 Amazon reviewers give these lights a 4.6/5 star overall rating. Professional testers and consumers consistently rank them as a leading LED option.

best icicle christmas lights

Key Features

  • Available in warm white or multicolor
  • Miniature LED bulbs on tidy wire strands
  • Indoor/Outdoor rated
  • Last over 10 years (44,000 hours)

Reviewers praise the GE Colorite lights for their even spacing, balanced light brightness, and how the plastic bulb shape mimics real icicles. The LED bulbs closely match the warm radiant glow of classic incandescents – but with a much longer lifespan and lower electricity usage.

2. Wintergreen Lighting C9 Opticore Heavy Duty Lights

Want old-fashioned incandescent icicle lights with exceptional longevity? The Wintergreen Lighting Opticore Heavy Duty light strands are the way to go.

These lights earn a 4.5/5 average rating thanks to durable construction that keeps them glowing season after season. In fact, Wintergreen’s “Forever Guarantee” promises the lights will work for one entire year of use after your purchase or they’ll replace them.

best icicle christmas lights

Key Features

  • Incandescent C9 bulbs (G40 size)
  • Green PVC wire remains flexible in cold weather
  • Can leave up year-round

Multiple reviewers mention having these icicle lights for 3, 5, or even 10 years without issues. While the optic or bulbs may eventually burn out, Wintergreen provides excellent customer service for replacing defective strands.

Considering most cheap incandescent light sets burn out after just one to two seasons, the exceptional longevity makes these reasonably priced lights an outstanding value.

3. Twinkle Star 200 LED Icicle Lights

If you want icicle lights with color personalization, the Twinkle Star 200 LED Icicle Light Strand allows you to shift between multiple modes including:

  • Warm white steady glow
  • Multicolor fade/twinkle
  • 4 solid color choices

These lights earn positive reviews for the ample 66-foot length which provides extensive coverage for decorating large spaces.

best icicle christmas lights 3 Coupon codes

Key Features:

  • 66-foot strand
  • Color-changing ability with remote
  • Waterproof silver wiring
  • Warm to cool white color temperatures

The included wireless remote makes switching between settings easy. Reviewers love using these lights both indoors and outside thanks to the durable waterproof silver wiring, lengthy cord, and variety of lighting effects. The 200 LED bulbs emit a brighter glow than many cheaper icicle strands.

4. Outylts Waterproof String Lights

Don’t want to stress about winter storms damaging your display? Outylts Waterproof String Lights withstand all kinds of wet weather thanks to their PE copper wiring and water-sealed end connector.

The 33-meter (108-foot) length enables you to cover even larger areas like rooflines, fences, or trees. Widely praised for performance and value, these lights earn a 4.5/5 overall customer rating.

best icicle christmas lights

Key Features

  • 100% waterproof
  • Flexible PVC & PE copper wire
  • 108-foot strand length
  • Warm white incandescents

Between the waterproofing, extralong design, and cool price point – Outylts String Lights enable gorgeous displays on a budget.

5. Yulettime Christmas Icicle Lights

The Yulettime Christmas Icicle Lights come in a 20-foot strand and offer a variety of color choices like warm white, cool white, and multicolor. This makes them versatile for both indoor and outdoor holiday decorating needs.

best icicle christmas lights 5 Coupon codes

Key Features:

  • 20-foot length
  • Energy-efficient LED lights
  • Flexible and bendable strand
  • Multiple color options
  • Durable construction

The Yulettime Christmas Icicle Lights earn praise for versatility, flexibility, efficiency, and durability. But a few downsides are they may not glow the brightest or be the most affordable.

6. JMEXSUSS Icicle Lights for Outside 400 LED

Searching for an extra-long icicle light strand specifically designed for outdoor use? The JMEXSUSS Icicle Lights (38.8 foot long) definitely fit the bill thanks to durable waterproof construction.

The included remote allows you to not only turn the lights on/off conveniently from a distance, but also control multiple effects like steady glow, sequential twinkle, fade, and more. Choose your desired mood!

best icicle christmas lights 6 Coupon codes

Key Features

  • 38.8-foot length
  • Waterproof
  • Remote control with 8 modes
  • Non-removable LEDs

If you’re covering a large outdoor area, many reviewers praise the value offered by the 400 LED bulbs and nearly 40-foot reach. This affordable option enables gorgeous curb appeal transformations.

7. Nielfoi Christmas Icicle Lights Outdoor Decoration

The Nielfoi Christmas Icicle Lights Outdoor Decoration stands out for its versatility both indoors and outside. The cool white 66ft strand with 640 LED bulbs provides ample length for decorating eaves, yards, patios, as well as bedroom windows and fireplace mantels.

best icicle christmas lights 7 Coupon codes

Key Features

  • 66-foot length
  • 640 LED cool white bulbs
  • 8 lighting effect modes
  • Timer memory function
  • Waterproof and connectable

The variety of modes, programmable timer, expansive length, and waterproofing allows creativity in embellishing both intimate living spaces and expansive outdoor squares for parties.

Reviewers praise the decorating flexibility while noting potential durability issues holding up in harsh winter precipitation and storms.

8. BEEWIN 200 Christmas Icicle Lights

The BEEWIN 200 Christmas Icicle Lights are professional-grade white wire lights with warm white clear bulbs suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Some ideal applications are decorating:

  • Patios
  • Courtyards
  • Windows
  • Fences
  • Trees
  • Parties
best icicle christmas lights 8 Coupon codes

Key Features

  • 23-foot length
  • 200 LED warm white bulbs
  • Easy installation
  • Inviting, cozy glow

The simple classic ambiance makes these one of the best icicle Christmas lights for enhancing both intimate family occasions and large-scale events. The convenience and versatility explain their positive reviews.

Potential drawbacks are limited bulb color options beyond basic warm white and insufficient brightness for some preferences. But their holiday atmosphere contribution still makes these lights a solid value.

9. Lepro’s LE Fairy Lights with Switch

Lepro’s LE Fairy Lights with Switch are versatile 200 LED strand lights that make decorating for the holidays, parties, and special occasions easy.

best icicle christmas lights 9 Coupon codes

Key Features

  • 66ft length with 200 warm white LEDs
  • Durable waterproof copper wire construction
  • Plug-in switch for convenient control
  • Widely usable for indoor and outdoor spaces

These affordable lights boast convenience, energy efficiency, and flexibility for embellishing bedrooms, patios, Christmas trees, venue events, and more thanks to:


  • Ample 66ft coverage and 200 LED bulbs
  • Emit a warm 2700-3000K white glow
  • Built-in switch for on/off ease
  • Waterproof wiring suits any location
  • Made of corrosion-resistant copper
  • Low 3W power consumption
  • Safety assured by UL transformer


  • The switch itself isn’t waterproof

With decorator-friendly features like the 66ft length, warm light, plug-in switch, and durable waterproof build, the LE Fairy Lights with Switch from Lepro suits all kinds of holiday and special event embellishing needs, making it one of the best icicle Christmas lights. You can even enjoy the best prices with these updated Lepro coupon codes.

The top 9 icicle Christmas lights reviewed all offer outstanding quality, glowing reviews from actual buyers, and good value. By picking among the best icicle Christmas lights and top-rated options above, you’re guaranteed to find decorative lights to help you create a magical frost-glittered Christmas display this year!

Best Icicle Christmas Lights: Conclusion

I hope this comprehensive guide to the best icicle Christmas lights has provided all the insightful tips you need to pick the perfect lights for your holiday display. We covered the advantages of different icicle bulb varieties like LED, incandescent, and solar-powered.

You now know all the key features to examine to select lights tailored to your exact needs and home architecture – including weatherproofing, durability, coloring, lighting modes, length and more.

The top icicle light recommendations promise to deliver joyful, gorgeous illumination all season long with options like the GE Colorite LED Miniatures, Wintergreen Opticore Heavy Duty strand, and Lepro’s LE Fairy Lights with Switch.

With all this information in hand, you can now deck your halls with delightful twinkling icicles sure to impress and delight friends, family, and even casual passerby. Here’s wishing you a warm, bright, cozy and merry holiday season surrounded by the magical glow of the best icicle Christmas lights!

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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