Best Friend Christmas Sayings To Share Some Holiday Love With Your Ride Or Die

The holiday season is a magical time to celebrate joy, gratitude, and togetherness with our most cherished people. And for many of us, our best friends top that list.

After all, best friends are by our side through life’s ups and downs – they light up even our darkest days with laughter, motivational talks, hugs, and happy tears. Come Christmas, it’s time to let these special people know just how much their friendship means.

That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive collection of best friend Christmas sayings that perfectly capture the spirit of the season and friendship. Below, discover a trove of thoughtful, funny, sentimental, and personalized holiday messages and wishes for your number-one pal.

Soulful Christmas Messages for Dear Best Friends

The best kinds of friends – the forever friends – are our soulmates. Their unwavering support uplifts us, and their very presence fills our hearts with comfort and joy. This Christmas, let your BFF know just how precious they are with these deeply meaningful best friend Christmas sayings:

For a Best Friend Who’s Stuck by Your Side Through Thick and Thin

“They say friends are the family we choose for ourselves. But you haven’t just been a friend – you’ve been a soul sister to me. Merry Christmas to my ride or die!”

Beautiful best friend Christmas sayings like this message acknowledge the profound bond you share – one that goes way beyond regular friendship. Your BFF has proven themselves as your biggest cheerleader and crisis manager, celebrating your wins as their own and fighting your battles with you, side by side.

best friend christmas sayings

For a Bestie Who Brings Out the Best in You

“They say your vibe attracts your tribe. Thanks for being the yin to my yang, the peanut butter to my jelly. You just ‘get me’ and inspire me to grow in all the best ways! Merry Christmas, twin flame!”

Some friends just seem to be cut from the same cloth as us. You likely share interests, outlooks, senses of humor, and goals with this bestie. So thank them for being your perfect complement and motivating you to keep bettering yourself!

For the Friend Who Feels Like Home

“Home isn’t always four walls and a roof – sometimes, it’s two eyes, a beating heart, and a soul that just clicks with yours. To my home away from home – wishing you all the Christmas cuddles!”

Is there anyone who offers comfort like your BFF does? Not having to pretend around them is so freeing. You can snuggle up and be your raw, authentic self, knowing you’re wholly accepted. Express your appreciation for this cherished safe space.

Playful Christmas Quotes for Cheering Up Your BFF

Laughter truly is the best medicine. It lifts spirits, diffuses tension, and brings even old friends closer. Sprinkle some cheerful chuckles into your bestie’s holiday with these funny best friend Christmas sayings:

Poke Fun at Years of History Together

“We’ve been friends so long, scientists could carbon date our inside jokes. But we’re just getting funnier with age! Have a hilarious Christmas, friend.”

Reminisce over all the wacky memories you two have racked up over the years. How you survive the annual awkward family photo together, epic Halloween party shenanigans from college that live on in infamy…the list goes on.

Bring on the Holiday Cheer – and Wine!

“Dear Santa, I’ve changed my Christmas list. All I want for Christmas is wine…to drink with my best friend! Bottoms up, buddy!”

If you and your BFF are true whisky connoisseurs, you may know nothing beats the smooth, complex flavors of Japanese single malts and blends. This Christmas, why not try something new and extraordinary together?

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Poke Fun at Your Own Inside Jokes

“Thick as thieves, nuts as squirrels…we may be certifiably crazy but that’s why we vibe so well! Wishing us both a straightjacket Christmas.”

Every set of best friends has their own weird language peppered with inside jokes only they understand. But that’s what makes your bond so special! Lean into your silliness and use it as sweet fodder for holiday funny business.

Heartfelt Christmas Wishes for Extra Special Best Friends

Yes, the funny quips and cheeky little jests have their place. But sometimes, what we really want is to convey just how deeply we care for our nearest and dearest BFFs. These sentimental best friend Christmas sayings for that extra special bestie get straight to the heart of the matter:

For the Incredible Friend Who Lifts You Up

“They say a friend is someone who lifts you up when life gets you down. But you’ve lifted me higher than I ever thought I could go. Here’s to reaching new heights together in 2023! Merry Christmas!”

When tough times strike, this best friend springs into action. Offering pep talks, perspective, and care packages – they always know how to turn your frown upside down. Show your appreciation for their knack for pulling you out of even the darkest of places with best friend Christmas sayings like this.

best friend christmas sayings

For the Loyal Friend by Your Side Through Life’s Ups and Downs

“My idea of a perfect Christmas is simple – laughing with you under a mistletoe, crying on your shoulder when I’m down, and making the most of life’s ups and downs together. Thanks for sticking with me no matter what!”

Having a loyal best friend who shows up for you during celebrations and hard times alike is truly priceless. We all need that ride-or-die who joins in the fun during life’s highs yet offers a soft place to land when things get rocky. Best friend Christmas sayings like this one show them what a gift their steadfastness is!

For the One Who Feels Like a Soulmate

“They say when you meet your soulmate, you just know. From the moment we met, something clicked and I knew our souls were cosmically intertwined. Lucky to have found my person! Merry Christmas to my soul sis/bro!”

That serendipitous moment when you fall into easy conversation with someone and a million social walls melt away? When you think ‘I’ve known you forever’ within minutes? That’s how it felt upon meeting your BFF! Reminisce over your magical meet-cute moment.

Unique Christmas Greetings for Extra Special Best Friends

When you want to mix up the usual “Season’s Greetings” and “Happy Holidays” with something more distinctive, get inspired by these creative best friend Christmas sayings for one-of-a-kind BFFs:

For the Travel Junkie Friend

“Wishing us two more passport stamps worth of adventures together in 2023! Merry Christmas to my gallivanter bestie!”

Maybe you two bonded over your shared desire to vagabond around the world, or perhaps your BFF just has that irresistible lust for life and a wanderlust spirit. Either way, feed their passion for globetrotting with this unique sentiment.

best friend christmas sayings

For the Pop Culture Fanatic Friend

“Mariah Carey is already belting out Christmas tunes, Die Hard is on repeat, and we just bought matching ugly sweaters. ‘Tis the season for holiday magic with my pop culture soulmate!”

Nothing bonds a friendship quite like shared obsessions – especially with things like seasonal movies, music, fashion, and so on. Cement your bestie status as the Kris Kringle to your Buddy the Elf or the Hall to their Oates with best friend Christmas sayings like this pop culture-approved message.

For the Kindred Spirit Friend

“Our stars must be aligned because everything just seems to click between us. So glad the universe brought us together. Merry Christmas to my cosmic BFF soulmate!”

When you discover someone who shares all the same passions, pet peeves, spiritual beliefs and creative pursuits like you, hold that kindred spirit close! Show your cosmic connection with a sentiment laced with astrological appreciation.

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Spread These Best Friend Christmas Sayings to Make the Season Bright

As the classic Christmas carol goes, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” And what makes it truly wonderful is celebrating with our nearest and dearest friends.

Keep that festive flame alive by sharing these heartfelt best friend Christmas sayings with your BFF! Our round-up includes funny quips, thoughtful reflections, personalized greetings, and so much more.

best friend christmas sayings

Remember to share the Christmas cheer far and wide across social media by posting with popular holiday hashtags like:

  • #BFFChristmas
  • #BestieXmas
  • #FriendshipGoals
  • #TistheSeason

However you choose to celebrate, may your days be merry and bright with that most special Christmas gift of all – your best friend’s companionship.

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