Battling Blades Sword Review: Quality Blades for Combat and Recreation

Battling Blades is a company dedicated to creating durable, high-performance swords inspired by iconic blades throughout history. This Battling Blades sword review will examine their offerings to see if their weapons live up to both historical accuracy and modern combat standards.

Overview of Battling Blades Sword Selection

battling blades sword review

Battling Blades focuses on crafting swords centered around medieval and Renaissance European blades, as well as East Asian katana-style weapons. Their catalog includes:

  • Longswords – Their 38-inch, high-carbon steel longswords take cues from medieval bastard swords with cruciform hilts and double-edged straight blades.
  • Viking Swords – Also made of Damascus steel, these blades measure 38 inches and mirror their Migration-era forebearers.
  • Xiphos – This 24-inch Greek short sword utilizes D2 tool steel for added resilience.
  • Gladius – Echoing models used by Roman legions, this 28-inch sword comes rendered in Damascus steel.
  • Viking King Sword – A sizable 50-inch Damascus steel weapon fit for a Norse warlord.
  • Rapiers – Thin swords designed primarily for thrusting. Battling Blade’s rapiers stand at 38 inches and come crafted from 1095 high carbon steel.
  • Katana – Iconic 40.5-inch samurai swords made using Damascus steel and traditional Japanese aesthetics.
  • Cutlasses – Drawing from pirate scimitars, these single-edged, 23-inch blades make excellent close-combat weapons.

This range of swords offered by Battling Blades provides buyers with a lot of options to consider for their needs, which we will analyze in depth through this Battling Blades sword review.

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Masterful Attention to Craftsmanship and Quality

A key component that sets Battling Blades’ weapons apart is the artistry and attention to detail invested in each sword. Every blade starts as raw bars of premium 1095 high-carbon steel, chosen for its resilience and ease of sharpening.

battling blades sword review

Master smiths meticulously forge each bar into the desired shapes based on historical examples. This creates an exceptional hardness and edge geometry prized by sword enthusiasts. As one customer raved:

The beautiful work on both the blade and handle, and how wielding the sword made me feel like I could take on a group in close quarters.

It’s worth mentioning in this Battling Blades sword review that the completed blades then undergo multiple quality control checks to affirm their combat readiness before sale. As a result, enthusiasts praise Battling Blades swords as both beautiful showpieces and functional slicing weapons. For shoppers, this commitment to craft represents substantial value for their investment.

Battle-Ready Durability and Handling

battling blades review

Battling Blades understands their customers need swords able to withstand the strain of steel-on-steel collisions. As such, the company designs weapons purpose-built to endure any martial application.

Full tang construction helps distribute impact shocks across the whole sword. Reinforced crossguards and thick, textured grips give added protection for the hands. Distal tapering along the blades focuses weight closer to the hilt for enhanced maneuverability. Combined with the inherent strength of 1095 steel, this produces swords nimble and responsive enough for both novice and expert handling.

Customers regularly demonstrate these weapons’ mettle through test-cutting rolls of mats. Based on multiple Battling Blades sword reviews, Battling Blade swords effortlessly shear through these targets in single strokes. This confirms both the durability and lethality expected from premium-grade medieval armaments.

Staying True to the Styles of History

While offering durable steel weapons, Battling Blades equally emphasizes historical accuracy in their designs. Each model draws directly from noted examples across the medieval world, refined to highlight their iconic traits. This allows the company to produce swords that stay true to their cultural legacy.

battling blades sword review

The Viking sword echoes weapons found in Norse burial sites. Prominent rain guard grooves run down channels in the center of the 50-inch Damascus steel blade. An anthropomorphic hilt ending in a rounded pommel hints at ceremonial functions. Battling Blades sword reviews from owners mention display as one of its best uses.

For their Xiphos model, the company looks to ancient Greece. It retains the original’s iconic leaf-shaped blade tapering to a wicked point. The 24-inch length also matches the short swords carried by Hoplite heavy infantry. Reviewers praise its distal tapered balance and agility when swung.

Through such attention to detail, we can confidently say in our Battling Blades sword review that the company makes it easy for martial artists and reenactors to own fully functional historical swords customized to their needs.

Artistry and Aesthetics in Weapon Design

Alongside combat performance, Battling Blades gives equal weight to creating swords as artistic showpieces. Their pattern-welded Damascus steel blades feature the distinctive rippling patterns many collectors covet. Razor honing and stone polishing bring out a mirror-like shine in the metal. Etched surfaces and engraved blades further enhance visual flair.

battling blades sword review

The hilts and scabbards equally emphasize ornate tooling in leather and brass. Swept quillons, solid metal pommels, and Cord-wrapped grips echo the embellished arms of medieval nobility. For customers seeking to outfit authentic period costumes, the swords act as fully functional status symbols. Even as wall hangers, the weapons make striking decorative elements.

Reviewers regularly highlight the affordability of Battling Blades’ offerings compared to custom showpieces. Yet none of the weapons surrender historicity or hard-use potential at the cost of aesthetics. The company thus hits an appealing balance between form and function with their catalog.

Ideal for Martial Arts, Reenactment, and Everything In Between

A key advantage of the catalog worth emphasizing in this Battling Blades sword review is its flexibility across countless martial applications. The historical accuracy and battle-ready construction prove perfect for reenactors seeking proper period armaments. Stage performers likewise utilize the swords in theatrical combat without fear of breakage.

battling blades sword review

The responsive handling and durable blades work ideally for sword-fighting revivalists practicing Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). Students wanting to train in the techniques of medieval Masters at Arms can study the same weapons as their counterparts. Enthusiasts equally praise the katana models for Japanese swordsmanship styles requiring resilient, razor-sharp cuts.

Live-action role players and cosplayers also flock to the company’s offerings. The range of European and Asian weaponry helps complete looks from Game of Thrones, The Witcher, Final Fantasy, and other popular works. At the same time, their combat capabilities allow safe sparring at LARP gatherings.

It is safe to say in this Battling Blades sword review that for all these groups, the company delivers fully functional and ruggedly authentic arms tailored to their training regimen. Shoppers thus get ideal value investing in swords aptly catering to their special interests.

Quality and Value Holding an Edge Over Competition

Throughout online sword communities, enthusiasts commonly ask for reputable brands that balance affordability and reliability. Battling Blades earns consistent praise delivering exceptional weapons just shy of full custom price ranges. Their robust construction frequently matches or exceeds that of far more expensive boutique blades.

battling blades sword review

The company notably includes free shipping for all qualifying orders over $100. Bulk discounts give additional savings in bundling multiple swords, with tiered rewards of up to 15% off. Special coupons and holiday sales further reduce costs while keeping Battling Blades’ offerings competitive against fuller-priced alternatives.

For sword collectors and martial artists, few other mid-range companies quite equal the combination of quality components, durable build, and sheer variety as Battling Blades swords. Shoppers looking for specialized armaments bridging display and live combat thus get prime value from this brand.

Battling Blades Sword Reviews by Customers: Stellar Across the Board

Combing through Battling Blades’ official website and online forums, user feedback skews overwhelmingly positive. Historical European martial arts students in particular validate the performance seen in destructive cutting tests. One enthusiast’s friend ordered multiple swords from the company, claiming to “love their stuff” after putting several models through combat drills.

battling blades sword review

The biggest complaints come not from materials or construction, but aesthetics. A few owners feel certain swords like the Viking models don’t fully match their in-period forebearers visually. This may impact hardcore reenactors but proves a minor issue for most recreational users.

Overall though, Battling Blades earns consistent 4-5 star ratings across review sites. Happy repeat customers praise them as a “hidden gem” source keeping pace with far more expensive custom sword makers. For shoppers wanting reliable steel at modest prices, they continue setting a high bar.

Battling Blades Sword Review – Conclusion

Our Battling Blades sword review showcases a company delivering exceptionally crafted yet affordable weapons. Their swords utilize premium materials honed for both beauty and rugged durability by master artisans. Owners repeatedly prove the blades’ mettle by slicing tatami mats and practice dummies in destructive tests.

Yet the company equally emphasizes historical authenticity with iconic weapons carefully recreated across cultures. This provides perfect armaments for recreational martial artists, theatrical performers, or dedicated reenactors. No matter the customer’s needs, Battling Blades lives up to producing quality blades bridging display and combat.

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      As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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