8000Kicks Backpack Review: A Stylish and Sustainable Option

With sustainability being an increasingly important factor for consumers, brands like 8000Kicks are stepping up to offer eco-friendly products that don’t sacrifice functionality. 8000Kicks specializes in durable and waterproof hemp backpacks that aim to reduce waste while still meeting the needs of the modern adventurer.

In this 8000Kicks backpack review, we’ll take a close look at the features, pros and cons, and suitability of these urban and minimalist hemp backpacks to help you decide if they align with your needs.

Overview of 8000Kicks Backpack Products

8000kicks backpack review

8000Kicks currently offers two main hemp backpack models: the Everyday Backpack and the Mini Backpack.

The Everyday Backpack comes in three colorways – beige & green, beige & pink, and black. It’s made completely from industrial hemp and has a roll-top opening that can be secured with a buckle and zipper. This provides almost 12L of expandable storage on top of the 18L to 30L capacity.

The back panel has a wide opening for easy access to the contents. It’s waterproof, and weatherproof, and features a USB charging port so you can charge devices on the go.

The Mini Backpack is designed from hemp canvas with a recycled PET lining. Sizes are not specified but 8000Kicks states that it’s perfect for travel and everyday use.

Both backpacks are designed to be functional, and versatile and meet airline carry-on requirements. The use of hemp makes them more sustainable and vegan-friendly.

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Key Features of 8000Kicks Backpacks

Based on the available information, some of the stand-out features of the 8000Kicks backpacks include:

  • Sustainable hemp construction – The backpacks use industrial hemp canvas, making them eco-friendly and vegan. Hemp is fast-growing and requires fewer pesticides than other materials.
  • Waterproof and weatherproof – The backpacks are designed to withstand the elements making them suitable for outdoor adventures and travel.
  • Roll-top expansion – The roll-top opening with buckle and zipper provides almost 12L of extra space. Overall capacity expands from 18L to 30L.
  • Wide opening – The back panel opens wide for easy access and organization.
  • USB charging port – There’s a USB port integrated into the backpack to charge devices on the go.
  • Meets airline requirements – The compact size allows the backpacks to be taken as carry-on luggage.
  • Minimalist, urban styling – With their simple and understated design, the backpacks look great for everyday use.

Evaluating the Functionality

8000kicks backpack review

Functionality is a key consideration for any backpack purchase. Based on product details and customer feedback, 8000Kicks backpacks deliver very good functionality for daily use and travel.

The roll-top opening secured by a buckle and zipper provides expandable storage on demand. 8000Kicks backpack reviews from customers consistently praise how much they can fit into these bags. The wide back panel also opens up nice and wide for easy access and organization. Interior pockets and sleeves help keep your items secure and sorted.

For power, there is a USB charging port integrated into the backpack to keep devices juiced up on the go. No more hunting for wall outlets in airports! The straps and back panel are padded for comfort, even when loaded up. Compression straps on the sides cinch down to stabilize contents.

When it comes to weather resistance, the hemp canvas construction paired with waterproofing treatment allows these bags to withstand rain, splashes, and spills. So your gear stays protected in wet conditions.

For organization, the Mini Backpack features one exterior pocket while the Everyday Pack has two exterior pockets plus elasticized side pockets for water bottles or umbrellas. The zippered pockets are nicely sized for items you need quick access to.

Overall, 8000Kicks backpack reviews say the backpacks strike a great balance of offering useful features without going overboard. They have just what you need for daily commutes, air travel, campus life, and outdoor adventures.

Reviewing the Style

8000kicks backpack review

In addition to sustainability and functionality, style is another important factor for many backpack buyers. The 8000Kicks backpacks deliver an understated, minimalist aesthetic that works well for different environments.

The overall design of the backpacks is clean and streamlined. They are spare on exterior buckles, straps, or decorative elements. The hemp fabric has an organic, natural color and texture. Yet it looks polished and refined.

8000Kicks backpack reviews use words like “urban”, “simple” and “classic” to describe the style. They look appropriate for the office or classroom but have enough neutral versatility to blend into more casual settings as well.

The backpacks come in muted, versatile colorways like black, beige, green, and pink. While the color options are somewhat limited, customers find they pair well with outfits.

The silhouette is also slim and compact. This gives them a lighter visual footprint great for crowded subways or airline cabins. When not filled to capacity, the bags become even more low-profile.

For those seeking an under-the-radar, incognito-style backpack, the 8000Kicks offerings fit the bill nicely. They forgo bells and whistles for a clean, everyday look. Students, professionals, and travelers alike will appreciate their versatility and subtle styling.

So for shoppers wanting an eco-friendly backpack with more polish than outdoorsy flair, the 8000Kicks line provides appealing options. They are functional and sustainable with a minimalist aesthetic tailored for urban use.

Examining the Sustainability

8000kicks backpack review

Sustainability is central to the 8000Kicks brand ethos. They aim to create functional backpacks using eco-friendly materials and production methods.

It’s worth emphasizing in this 8000Kicks backpack review that the primary material used across their backpacks is industrial hemp. Hemp is praised by environmental advocates for several reasons. It’s fast-growing and requires minimal pesticides or water compared to cotton and other textiles.

Hemp is also durable and naturally resistant to mold and mildew. This means less need for synthetic treatments that contain harmful chemicals. It’s also compostable at the end of life to complete the sustainability lifecycle.

In addition to hemp, the Mini Backpack features a lining made from recycled PET material. This diverts plastic bottles from landfills and gives them renewed purpose. However, 8000Kicks does not claim to be fully carbon neutral or use 100% renewable energy.

By focusing on hemp and recycled materials, 8000Kicks reduces dependency on synthetic fabrics derived from fossil fuels. Customers clearly appreciate these efforts towards sustainability.

However, there is still room for 8000Kicks to improve by further reducing emissions and waste. Committing to carbon neutrality would also strengthen their eco credentials.

It is safe to say in this 8000Kicks backpack review that these products make tangible strides towards more sustainable production compared to conventional backpacks. For the eco-conscious shopper, this is an important part of their appeal and value proposition.

Pros of 8000Kicks Backpacks

8000kicks backpack review

Based on customer feedback and product details, here are some of the key advantages of the 8000Kicks backpack range:

  • Eco-friendly materials – The use of industrial hemp makes them sustainable and vegan, reducing environmental impact.
  • Durable and waterproof – The hemp canvas construction means they can withstand daily use and outdoor adventures.
  • Functional design – Features like the wide opening, charging port, and expansion provide excellent usability.
  • Stylish minimalist look – The backpacks have an urban design suited for everyday use. Customers describe them as both stylish and practical.
  • Good value – When compared to similar backpacks from other brands, 8000Kicks products are competitively priced.

Cons to Consider

While 8000Kicks backpack reviews are generally positive, there are some potential downsides to consider:

  • Limited product range – There are only 2 main models currently available, which means less choice.
  • No carbon neutral status – The brand does not claim to be carbon neutral or run on renewable energy.
  • Occasional quality concerns – Some customers reported minor issues with construction quality or tear resistance.
  • Slow delivery times – A number of 8000Kicks backpack reviews cited slower-than-average delivery times.

So while the backpacks have eco-friendly materials and good functionality, there are some areas 8000Kicks could improve. However, when compared to competitors, they still offer good value for money.

Who Are 8000Kicks Backpacks Good For?

8000kicks backpack review

With their blend of sustainability, functionality, and style, 8000Kicks backpacks are well suited for:

  • Students – The waterproofing and durability make these good laptops and book bags for campus life. There are plenty of pockets for organization.
  • Adventurers – The weatherproofing and roll-top expansion make these suitable for hiking trips and outdoor activities.
  • Travelers – The compact sizing and USB charging give these bags utility for air travel and weekend getaways.
  • Professionals – The minimalist styling gives the backpacks a polished look for commuting and the office.
  • Eco-conscious consumers – Those looking for sustainable and vegan-friendly backpacks will appreciate the hemp construction.

We can confidently say in our 8000Kicks backpack review that the products are best suited for minimalist packers who value versatility. Students, adventure seekers, and professionals can all find these backpacks fitting for their lifestyles.

Customer Reviews: Mostly Positive Feedback

8000Kicks backpacks have received largely positive feedback across various customer review platforms. Here is a sampling of what customers are saying:

“I love the simple yet functional design of this backpack. It holds everything I need for school and looks stylish too.”

“This is my new go-to for weekend trips and hikes. The A+ waterproofing gives me peace of mind in rainy weather.”

“While the quality isn’t the absolute best, it’s very good value for a sustainable backpack. I would recommend.”

“Fits my 15 in laptop perfectly and has great organization options. Also very comfortable to wear.”

“Shipping was slower than expected but the backpack itself looks amazing and works great. The hemp material is so durable.”

While a few of the 8000Kicks backpack reviews experienced issues with construction quality or delivery times, most describe themselves as highly satisfied with the 8000Kicks backpacks. They consistently highlight the functionality, eco-friendly materials, and stylish minimalist design as winning features.

8000Kicks Backpack Review: The Bottom Line

For shoppers seeking a sustainable and functional backpack, the 8000Kicks hemp offerings make excellent options. The weatherproofing and expandable storage provide utility for travel and outdoor activities. Meanwhile, the minimalist styling gives them crossover appeal for everyday use.

That said, the limited product range may not work for everyone. And there are some minor quality concerns raised in 8000Kicks backpack reviews. However, overall feedback remains overwhelmingly positive.

For those looking to make an eco-conscious choice, 8000Kicks backpacks deliver on sustainability, functionality, and aesthetics. We recommend exploring the full range on 8000kicks.com and taking advantage of these coupon codes for the best pricing.

So it’s fair to assume in this 8000Kicks backpack review that this line makes for a great stylish and eco-friendly backpack option suitable for students, travelers, commuters, adventurers, and beyond.

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As well? We deal with the best e-commerce companies and search the internet to find and offer exclusive coupons and special discounts at your favorite online stores.

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