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HappyMath Multiplication Rhymes FREE by Stovepipe LLC

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“HappyMath Multiplication Rhymes” is an application built and used on ios operating system. This application was created by the company Stovepipe based in Richmond, Virginia.

HappyMath Multiplication Rhymes was created specifically for the purpose of remembering multiplication facts. (or Stovepipe calls it “Time Table”).
This application supports visual learners, auditory learners, students gifted or challenged with dyslexia.

The following are details about the product:
Your problems with the Multiplication Facts are over!

The only tool specifically designed to support cognitive memorization of the Multiplication Facts! (also known as the Times Tables)

HappyMath Multiplication Facts is unlike any standard Math Basics application in its approach. Based on a proven educational principle ~ memorization by association ~ the HappyMath Multiplication Rhymes work for all children.

Visual learners, auditory learners, students gifted or challenged with dyslexia – everyone LOVES learning with HappyMath Multiplication Rhymes!

Inspired by a veteran teacher and professional tutor, the methods employed in HappyMath Multiplication Rhymes have proven successful for over thirty years.

Memorizing numerical facts requires unique methods and here they are all rolled into one!

“If your child can memorize Humpty Dumpty your child can memorize the multiplication facts!”

”Since using HappyMath Rhymes my child has become the best math student in his class.”

— Mother of child with dyslexia

“My daughter had so much trouble memorizing the multiplication facts before I found HappyMath. She is a new person since using HappyMath Rhymes. “

— Dad of fourth grade student

“This is the best teaching tool I have found to teach memorization of the multiplication facts.”

— Third grade teacher

My students love the Happymath Rhymes! They all know the multiplication facts now and still want to play it! Thank you for a great teaching tool!”

— Special Education teacher

Features Include:

  • Professional full color illustration and rhythmic instrumentation support a delightful rhyme designed to plant a vivid memory for each multiplication fact.
  • Ten skillfully planned lessons allow your child to progress at his own pace.
  • Review sessions follow each lesson. These offer optional audio and visual clues built to ensure that knowledge is properly retained.
  • Beat-the-Clock Quiz games give your child a fun gaming activity which increases speed-of-recall.
  • Kids love to break their own records and win the bronze, silver, and gold medals! Repeatedly playing this game they find that the multiplication facts are effortlessly are popping into their heads!
  • 25 User Accounts allow group instructors to track progress individually. Ideal for use with students in a school setting!

Equip your child with a TOOL for success in math… AND HAVE FUN!

Here’s a tool that guarantees success!

Try a free lesson! See for yourself!



What’s New

Version History


Jan 10, 2014
Facebook SDK support.
Changing timings on reminder events and local notifications.


Aug 5, 2013
Owners of all lessons will have the option of FREE LEARN, a mode which allows users to preview and play any rhyme outside of lesson progression.
Ability to give the Full Version to someone as an App Store gift.
Special offers can be given to users in exchange for App Reviews.
Local Notification Reminders.
Popup Reminder support.
Analytics Support.


Feb 23, 2013
Fixed crash happening after second completed Review Session during a single instance of play.
Fixed graphical issue with Switch User button on Title Page.
Removed Rhymes from audio if the user clicks I KNOW IT during a question.
Minor tweaks to search keywords.


Jan 18, 2013 Fixing bad font characters overlooked from engine upgrade.
Minor changes to search terms.


Jan 11, 2013
Required update for Lesson SYNC functionality when moving lessons between multiple devices.
Update to Search Keywords.


Dec 20, 2012
Universal Support for iOS Handheld Devices, iPhone, iPod, etc.
– Lesson Syncing between devices for previously purchased lessons.
– Faster access to Quiz Mode right from beginning of play.
– Ability to skip Intro Sequences.
– Ability to replay current lesson’s question set when progression is at Review.
– Change text on credits lead-in.
– Change Principles audio for better wording.
– Fixed Audio bug when replaying Principles and Basics through Extras option.
– Fixed bug with loss of functionality in Add User module.
– Added Rate the App Feature.
– Early Review Sessions are more forgiving.
– Added an option to cancel out of Add User module.
– Added pixel ratio support for tall, thin devices, such as iPhone 5.
– Better timing on Credits Back button.
– Fixed issue with being able to click the stopwatch too many times in a row when answering a question.
– Fixed bug with storing of present lesson when revisiting old questions, and having the correct value in save data for the next boot of the game.


Oct 13, 2012


SellerStovepipe LLC
Size79.5 MB
CompatibilityRequires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating4+
Copyright© 2013 Stovepipe LLC

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Lessons 2 through 10$14.99
Lesson 2$0.99
Lesson Pack 3 through 10$6.99
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Lesson 3$0.99
Lesson 4$0.99
Lesson Pack 4 through 10$5.99
Lesson 5$0.99
Lesson 6$0.99
Lesson Pack 5 through 10$4.99

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